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Bless Mrs Tippytoes, she must have been a child bride!! It won't be long before she's parading them round the house, teaching them to climb the curtains (and trouserlegs if their are anything like Dougal was as a kitten) They are very very sweet!

Cherry Tree Lane

I think the names are just perfect and your monkey is too---that tutorial made my eyes bleed!!!

Ana Lilia

congratulations to mrs. tippytoes! and your monkey is way cuter than the one in the book! you have a real knack for making cute things!

Caroline B

Thank you so much for passing on the info for Japanese craft books - I've been struggling over my nuigurumi books for months, usually it's been trial & error, but this will make it so much easier. That crochet pattern look incomprehensible in any language - yours ended up cuter I think. Congratulations to Mrs. Tippytoes, what fun for you all!

amy (sew~amy)

I love the monkey, and Japanese craft books are just the bomb.


I've made a number of amigurumi and I still can't quite figure out what's going on in that diagram. I think you worked out a very reasonable substitute--he's adorable! I love the little buttons on his pants.


Sounds like Little miss Tippytoes has been "tiptoeing" out of the house at night meeting up with some Tom, Dick and/or Harry.

Good for her!!!

Sally McEntire

Your monkey is very cute!


I adore the little Tippytoeses and your little monkey too.

lily boot

Great names - who wouldn't want to be called after borlotti beans and sweet corn! - and even greater monkey! Sometimes I'm so bemused by those magazines, I can't even work out what the object is let alone what it's made out of! But they have such gorgeous ideas and so whimsical that it's worth perservering! :-)


oh my! first of all. you didn't give up! you made a monkey, and a very cute one too. i don't have enough crocheting skills to "make it up as i go" if i don't understand a pattern. in fact patterns in english still confuse me and stress me out. ^^; and ms. tippytoes has an adorable litter of kittens. any nicknames in case you need to get their attention real quick? like, "scorn stop scratching the chair! it is not a scratching post!" or, "stinkbean! that is NOT a chew toy! that's my sewing machine!"


Does that make you a Grandma?

Love the names- very Gwenyth-like... and your monkey is adorable. Who could tell you didn't use the other pattern, looks almost identical.


what? no apples? heeheehee...

love the monkeys and the kitties are tooooooooooo cute.


well done mommy kitty!!
babies look so cute. dont you love the way they smell??
your monkey is much cuter!


AHH so cute! Love the monkey too!


Congratulations and well done, Mrs Tippytoes! And welcome to this wonderful world lil' Beans, Tom, and Sweetie.
Will you be knitting them mittens?


Aw, I think your monkey is way cuter than the one in the book!

Way to go, Mommy - such adorable babies!! I played doula to my kitty when she had SEVEN babies, omg!


Oh how cute... the monkey and the kittens. My pony was called Tippytoes - great name!

Angel Jem

Your monkey looks cuter... and I suspect that nobody makes the monkey pattern anyway.
Or it really is in Japanese, and you need to read it backwards.
Or it's a test of patience and determination and you (and me in your position) would fail it.
Love the cat names..... any cat born in our house would be called Basics!

Angel Jem

Your monkey looks cuter... and I suspect that nobody makes the monkey pattern anyway.
Or it really is in Japanese, and you need to read it backwards.
Or it's a test of patience and determination and you (and me in your position) would fail it.
Love the cat names..... any cat born in our house would be called Basics!

Wonders Never Cease

The kitties are so sweet, and the monkey is just perfect! I'm so impressed!
I enjoyed the names!


Hurray for baby kitties!!!


Que chulo el mono!

Y los gatitos! Preciosos! Que lindo! Y la mama, La Senora Tippytoes, que encantada.

(Sorry, Just had the urge to praise the monkey and the kitty-kins and their mum in Spanish. Not sure why, but well done, one and all!)


Beautiful kittens! Great names too, especially Borlotti Beans, reminds me of the rats in Terry Pratchett's "Maurice and his Amazing Rodents", one of those is called Dangerous Beans.
I think your monkey came out really well. I discovered the world of Japanese craft books from reading your blog, and I have to admit I mostly just use the pictures as a jumping off point and ignore the instructions. But then, maybe, thats just me, ignoring instructions is pretty much my thing ;D


For once there is something sweeter in your post than something you actually made! Well done Mrs Tippytoes. I want one does she have an Etsy shop?!!

charlotte lyons

LOVE the naming process....congratulations! and your little needlework cottage is too adorable! xoC


i adore your monkey! i think there is nothing more fun than whipping something up with out a pattern - that rush of flying by the seat of your pants that leads to a certain clever sense of satisfaction.


Love the new kitten names. Will you be keeping them in the family?


Those little babies are so sweet--EXCEPT, they will grow up into big lazy housecats, like all mine.


What a jumbled mess! Who could read that? I think yours looks great though.


Your monkey is too cute. I've tried to make out those patterns, too and I didn't end up with a cute monkey. Kittens are adorable, too. Love their names.


your monkey's cuter than the original!!



Here's a hoot for ya. I had this student (teenager) who I nicknamed Chi Chi, real sullen boy. No sense of humor, him. Didn't appreciate his nick AT ALL. Lalala six or so weeks later I discover that Chi Chi means "boob" in espanol. Hee.


I like your Monkey better than the one in the book -- Great Job! And congratulations to Mrs Tippytoes!


More photos of Mrs Tippytoes and the wee ones, pleae. I just love babies! And, you've chosen great names for them.
The monkey is cute too, but that's difficult to say considering his competition.


I much prefer your monkey! The one in the book looks like a frog in shorts . And I envy you your kittens the moment we've just got five tadpoles . Perhaps if I gave them cute names ?


Brilliant names for the kitties, congratulations Tippytoes! And the monkey is really cute, well done!


Adorable the kits and the monkey!

Nicky Fraser

Hello little kitties, we have some friends for you to play with.. and name!!



Cute! The theme for my little girl's upcoming second birthday party is monkeys - She LOVES them.

Honor Bowden

Your monkey looks cuter anyway and those kittens are adorable. Love the names!


I have that same crochet book with the monkey in it! I have figured out the pattern for the monkey! I also have another pattern for a monkey that you can hang upside down! If you need help with the pattern, let me know!
Congrats on being a new Cat Auntie!! The kittens are so cute!


Hi Lynn

We are actually at the moment looking for two kittens to adopt, so if yours should need a nice home do let me know! (We are in Oxford.)

:) alice


I really had to smile when I read about Mrs. Tippytoes.
I have a beautiful little tuxedo girl that I named Tippi - her nickname is Tippitoes. Also Tips, Tipster, Tipsi and any other combo I can think of. But Tippitoes is my fave.
Congratulations to your little Tippytoes.

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