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Greetings from the U.S.! I've been lurking for months and love all your posts and tutorials. This house is adorable! What a great idea for gift-giving. Thanks for passing everything on.

Back to lurking...


As ever, ta very much.
Love that it's decorated inside too.
Does your mum blog too? Would be a great to get both sides of the story.


You are brilliant! I love your amazing house design! I think I shall make one for my daughter to keep her quiet in church. Wouldn't it be cute to make a whole family too?


LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!


I love this....I think it would be an adorable mother's day gift!


It's just lovely. It's rare when I actually make something demo'd in a blog, but I really think I will make this!



These are too, too lovely!
Thanks for the tutorial.


Very cute. It would also be cute to put little straps on it, sort of like a purse for the little ones to carry.

Rachel Meeks

I love this. I think I will be making quite a few of them. Thank you for showing us how!


Thanks for the tutorial, don't know about my mother but my daughter will surely love it.
I think I'll make a little handle because she loves all kinds of bags (she got it after her grandmother). (Just saw that Gina had the same idea)


Lovely! Thanks.
I'll try making one with my granddaughter.

French Knots

More likley to throw a house brick that a soft house at my bickering children today!
A great idea, I'm going to make one and keep it for myself!


That's so cute! Thank you for sharing the pattern and tutorial.


Absolutely adorable!
I'm going to make one for my daughter and me!
Thankyou for sharing the 'how to's'!!!


thanks for the tutorial! And your mom? She's funny. I see where you get your sense of humor from!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh wow! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial - I can't wait to play at making one of these! Lucy x

Rachel L

That's so cute! I love Brian especially. Your posts are always so amusing, you have a great sense of humour!


I love it! I remember doing that with boxes when I was little :)
Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, Lyn. That is stinkin' adorable. Gotta go make two now, wait, make that three, no, four... there's Mom, the two kidlets, and I think I need one, too!


How cute. My daughter is obsessed with dogs, so I think I'll decorate one as a dog house for one of her stuffed animals.


Those are so precious! Thanks for sharing!


Could that even be any cuter? no.


This is great, I love the idea of making a big one!


Thanks so much for the detailed directions and pictures!
Love it!


The houses are really cute! I must admit I feel kind of shocked by your little story about your mom.. Keep on with the lovely handmade things you make, anyway!

Susan Jonsson

I hate to admit how much I look forward to your new posts....I find you so refreshingly honest and hilareously funny....You really should write a book....(in your spare time of course)....Thanks so much for your gifts of laughter and inspiring do-able crafts. My Mom won't be getting this one either....because I want it for myself!


Rachael Rabbit

A wonderful gift and an inspiring tutorial!


Thank you so much! I just love this!

Mama Urchin

I love this idea and I think we might make one, or more, soon.


So darling . . . thanks so much! My sweet mom is also not the hand-made gift type, but lots of my friends are...and my husband's name is Brian!


Wonderful! i would make one for my mom, but i cant embrodier ^^;
i might try though, it looks LOVELY. ;)


thats a great idea, lovely house
Lisa x

Wonders Never Cease

I love this house. I was thinking it's too bad that my daughter is almost 18, instead of 4. But then I thought, why not make it for me? I just may do it! Very cute!


get me one ... now!


Your little houses are so cute! I want to make one just like the first one! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


What an adorable gift! My mother would take the money too!


I'm a sucker for little houses and this one's adorable! Thanks for taking the time to share your lovely tutorial.


What a darling house! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I hope your mom hits it big at bingo!

Christine Kelly

I LOVE the little house - it makes me think of an episode of Bagpuss where the mice mend and stuff a cloth house - I love your posts - they always make me smile!


Thankyou for the tutorial. I love the little cottage. I'm pretty tempted by the idea of hurling something at the kids too ;D
By the way either I'm a "bloody genius" or else I think the same way you do, because it made perfect sense to me

belvedere beads

ooh, thank you for the tutorial and pattern sketch. i think one with a handle on top to carry as a little purse would be perfect, i better get to it.


Thanks for the funny post and the great tutorial! I really love the wonkyness of the house.


What a cute little house. Thanks for sharing.


As always, you make me smile ! I just love your sense of humor just as I like your little wonky cottage!
So cute !!
Thank you so much for the tutorial. its already on my to do list.

A very good idea just popped(? is the right word) into my head. Since you always give us (me) so many ideas and even share your tutorials. I would like to send you a little (thank you) gift.
Can you email me and give me your post address please.


How absolutely lovely of you to go to the trouble of doing this tute! It's super gorgeous! You are most clever and sweet and generous in your stitchyness! Thank YOU!


Very cute! My daughter would want me to make a family to go inside (pets too), then she'd want them all to have new summer wardrobes including new shoes, then probably some food to stock the kitchen with and it would go on and on until the house needed an extension.


How sweet! I think it would make a cute sewing kit. Thanks!

Steffen (3GIRLS & a goat)

I think this is absolutely adorable, and I would just love to receive such a lovely present (sans any extra goodies inside).... well done




I love the little house. You have such lovely projects! This is going on my must try list and I'll be directing a few friends to stop by and check it out too. Thanks for sharing.


What a lovely liite house and tutorial, so nice of you to share.

London Southern Belle

terrific !! Thanks for sharing! I now have a project tomorrow as we have a free day from work due to a bank holiday weekend! :)


How kind you are to take the time to post this for us all! I will definately be making this one!


Hi, your stuff is absolutely brilliant. Would love to buy a bear one day too. For me a lurker, it is inspirational to try stuff you normally wouldn't, seeing it up here looking sooo fab, just makes me want to give it a go .THANKS


you need to have a flicker sight for all the little houses that are going to come out of this!!
will definately make one for my mom.

kosenrufu mama

adorable!!! thank you for the tutorial.


Thank you for the house tutorial!
My Mother would rather hit the Bingo parlor, also!
She and her sisters are big bingo fans.
I shall make the house for my's darling!

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you,can I say more? I just needed some inspiration for a little gift for my mommy, this is just what I need!


so cute! thanks for the tut!!


That is way too cute...I want to make one - I just hope I can get it to look as cute, esp. with the clothes on the line. You're so funny...I love that remark about throwing it at a kid. lol.


This is adorable, and it is the perfect thing to make not for my mom (not with us anymore) but my equally adorable four year old niece!



I adore this little house. It looks like the sewing box from CATH KIDSTON.

I have been enjoying your blog!


What a fun project! I think my kids would absolutely love making one of these with me. They always have little toys and treasures that they make houses for...

Funny what you said about your Mom! I think there is a generation that feels this way about handmade items!


This is sooooooooo cute!!! I'll give it a try!


this is ADORABLE! thanks for sharing the tut.


I want one but expect I'll have to make it myself as my girls [and I have at least 5] don't even know how to threadle a needle! When is Mother's Day?


Thanks for the tutorial. That's one beautiful little house. I specially love the clothesline.

Mary Ann


I made this tiny house today, and mine is extra wonky, but funny. Thank you for posting something that inspired me to sew pure frippery; as a beginner I sometimes think I should only sew useful, skill-building things. But I learned several new little things here and made myself laugh!


adorable!! you just do the cutest stuff!! ;)


So I did really make one! Of course, I didn't read carefully the directions, so mine is fairly teeny, but very cute. I made an apple tree in back on this one - yes, I need to make more - maybe, a village! The inside is pretty messy with all the embroidery stitches, but that's okay I stuffed it with batting and nobody can peek in the windows. lol. :)


I love the house!
My mom is the same about handmade gifts! Growing up when I was old enough to go to Hallmark to buy a card she would make unfiendly comments about my handmade cards! I LOVE everything handmade.

Claire k

merci pour cette jolie petite maison
merci pour toutes les autres petites choses
i will try!!!!




those are such sweet houses.........what a neat idea.


So so so cute, and I just love the details on the inside!


ooooohhhhh, I love them, the pink hamster is a very lucky hamster............ not only because of his little house, but because he is pink..........


Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing,amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing!!!!!!


Oh thank you for this tutorial it is so gorgeous and incredibly cute as!!!! thanks again


So cute! Thanks for sharing.


Magic. I love it. My mother wouldn't appreciate it either.


made one!!
i'm going to give it to my mil for mothers day.
please start a flcker group!


Love it! Incredibly cute and genius all at once. I have got to make one, my daughters will want to fight over it I'm sure.


great house and a tutorial!
that's funny, I've made fabric house recently also! :D probably we did it at the same time ^^

Vintage Kid's Books My Kid Loves

Can I live in one?


I can't wait to give this a try. And greetings to you! I'm a-lurkin' no longer!


I thank you also cordially for this beautiful instruction!

wendy Purdy

How adorable, SO cute


Hey! Did you happen to action off a mohair kitty on ebay in January of "07 for charity? My computer died back in the fall and with it the bookmark to your blog! I was so heartbroken! All I had to go on was "mohair kitty"! I have been searching for you ever since and I think I have found you! Woo Hoo! Love your blog!

jemima bean

Happy Mother's Day Lynn (a bit tardy, ;)

Cuuute cottage!

Cherry Tree Lane

This is just delightful! Simply adorable!


What a lovely house :) I will make one for my teabags!!! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I post a link to it from my blog today. I hope you don´t mind?


merci(thanks) du tuto (for tuto) génial kiss


it is really great ! especially the stich house

Ana Paula

loved it!!!


This is so cute !! I just discovered your site and I love the style !! everything is very very nice :-)


J'adore cette petite maison, j'en ai fait qui est sur mon blog , mais j'avoue que je l'ai un peu agrandie, elle est toute mimi . bravo ptoutes tes jolies créations


I love this little house, i will be making one for myself this weekend. Thanks for sharing the pattern.


This house is amazing! My mom and I are making crochet bears to swop with each other when I go away to university, now I want to make one of these houses to put him in for her! I'm sorry about your mom not wanting one though honey xx

p.s. I love your section in "crafters companion"


So cute ... I will try to realise one ..
Thanks a lot


My comment serves a twofold purpose. One, I get to tell you just how much I'd personally like to live in your cottage. If I send you my measurements do you think we could work something out?
Secondly, I am the 100th commenter. I know you aren't giving out any awards or such, (I should be so lucky), I just liked the idea of it. :-)

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