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all looks good to me :)
I think the chicken is saying to the donkey, have you got a mate for my friend?!


it's normal, even so good luck!

Vallen Queen

Same thing happened to me. I think that when they changed whatever they changed they undid your default measurements for photos. When I went back in and fiddled with it, changing the size and word wrapping (gggrrrr) it seemed to work like before. Good luck.


LOL I don't mean to laugh but I've had problems with blogger and can totally understand!

corine@hidden in france

What are they doing to us typepad people. My large pix won't upload, and I can't figure out how to enlarge the mediums. sobs.

lucykate crafts

i think sometimes the little blog imps hop around causing all the layout problems, blogger does weird things sometimes too!

the layout is all different, when did that happen?, thats the one problem with using bloglines, if you don't visit properly, you miss stuff : (



Mary Ellen

Typepad's new posting editor tempted me to hold my laptop over my head and shake it like an etch-a-sketch. Why did they "fix" something that was not broken!?!??!?


I haven't tried to post since they changed the interface. Now I'm scared. Bout yours looks fine.


just hit delete and all your problems will be solved.



Annoooooooying! I hate it when something is going wrong and you can't figure out why!

lucykate crafts

hey, the layout is back to normal!, that's really weird, (maybe i need to lay off the port!)

Susan Jonsson

I have no solutions for you....have no idea what you are talking about....I am grateful to see your art though. You brighten my day....Just thought you'd like to know.



Well, I am still on the old version it would seem and now I am dreading being upgraded. I think I shall go and see what my default settings all and write them down.

It looks like you've cracked it though!


Me too - I use the Opera browser and can't upload photos. In Internet explorer it does the photos but keeps crashing. Wrote my post about 3 times and kept losing it.
I feel your pain - really......!


OBVIOUSLY you're not alone!!!


I didn't know they were going to change the interface and when I tried to post I had the same problems with text wrapping. There was much throwing of random objects.


Love your blog!... and your sense of humour :o)


Same this is happening to me. They said they made it interesting and I spent way too much time trying to fix my post! urrrrr is right.


I hear ya! The new typepad thing is so crappy!!!!!! I run two blogs and one is a "business" I can't run it right until i can figure out the picture thing. I agree that it doesn't seem like typepad tested this thing AT ALL!

Your post looks great though, I hope you cracked it!


dear sweet typepad - the other day it kept turning all my type into underlined live link type which linked you to a photo i was posting. a word starting with f comes to mind, more than came to mind, flowed like a river out of my mouth!

still in all, as diana rigg said in the muppets movie!

Kati from Finland

I sended to you email, hope you answer to me =)


It all looks lovely to me! But I hate the new post editor too. My categories have disappeared and I can't insert links GRRRRRRRR


I wonder if they tested the changes before implementing? My guess is NO! Blooming stOOpid typepad, i'm hating the changes!


If you're still having trouble, give me a holler--I think I've got it figured out. Though the delay with the typing is really driving me crazy!
Oh, I'm back but maybe you never noticed...


I've worked out that once you've got your photo on your post, double click on the photo and a smaller window comes up which allows you to position the photo as you want.
I was in the middle of writing a post when typepad changed and it totally through me!
Love to you x


P.S Or maybe that should be threw me!!


I know waht you mean, i'm new to this & over the weekend I tried to do something similar & it was driving me nuts, the words kept disappearing around the photos adn then when i tried to prevent it it ignored me & then i tried to move the photos & they leaped on top of the text Grrr!! I gave up in the end & i haven't done any since! I don't mean to be mean, but it's kinda comforting to know that you're not the onlu one with gremlins isn't it!!

Cherry Tree Lane

Im with you. Completely frustrated and irritated with this new, "easier" format.


Yesss!!! Finally someone said it out loud!


I am having typepad frustration too - but this post looks great - just when I thought I had the thing sorted - i am too old for new!!


I was just thinking how funny it is, yours constantly does text wrap, I can't get mind to do text wrap!! This new editor is awful, and I wrote them and said so. Even fiddling with them and saving new defaults my editor refuses to use those new defaults.

uurgggh. I have a feeling I will be moving my blog elsewhere.


Gah! I HATE the new Typepad composition! Stooopid!!


You've probably got the answer by now but I found a way around this new STOOPID problem.
Just click "custom" for the image and type in the dimensions of your photo. When I used custom instead of a predetermined size the text didn't wrap.
Now if someone could tell me how to link an image to a site I would kiss their virtual feet :)


You are funny! I was only talking in a forum tonight about how I would rather be on typepad (currently on blogger)....that's a bummer then! I have the same frustrating problem when I'm posting. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.....having a scream for you :)


i KNOW!!! typepad is driving me INSANE i cannot upload images- i hope these thing get sorted out asap-


glad you got it sorted.


It's driving me crazy as well... it used to be such an easy thing to whip up a post and now it refuses to hold my custom setting - rats!
Best of luck, g


Yup, having similar problems with the 'new and improved' typepad here too - it is driving me absolutley nuts!! Have they never heard the old maxim - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Cookie Sunshine

Having had the exact same experience all I can say dear friend is "I feel your pain".

Sending hugs and good wishes your way.

Hugs, Cookie

ps...darling picture


I just have to ask - that painting is beautiful!!! I love it, and the chickens - tell us about them??


I can relate. Someone already said that maybe it's the default settings being undone so I'll try that.


I hope you get it sorted!

I have given you an award:


I am relieved that I am not the only one who wasted time with the "new improved" text input dealio that typepad has going. I finally figured it out but still miss the old way.


Came across your blog while blog hopping from tinyhappy... LOVE Your blog! You are so very creative. Truly an inspiration yourself :)


OOer. Everywhere I go people are really p'd off with Typepad!

Traci Hudson

I love Typepad, but this change is something to get use to. Please help me with my post: The Crafty Mama's Guide

A Fanciful Twist

Good LUCK! I am very very concerned about this typepad thing. It seems so unnecessary!! Good LUCK again ;)


This monkey is so cute! Great job!

Karen Hall

I hate the new Typepad editor with a passion I can't describe. I found you by googling to see if anyone hates it. Thank God I'm not alone.

Typepad says they're working on the kinks. Does it EVER occur to them to get the kinks out BEFORE they force this garbage on us?

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