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they look sweet. i'd never think to do that.

your stash looks a little bit like mine. all over the place. i'm notorious for pulling things out and then never putting it back!

Mama Urchin

Such a great cute idea.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Gorgeous idea!!!!! And as for being such a tidy mummy - I applaud you! I'm tidy like that too!!!! (choking quietly over here!)


What a lovely idea!
...and I think your stash looks a whole lot tidier than mine ;D


*Gasp* this is the first craft room stash I have seen that looks like mine - I thought everyone else had neatly folded and stacked shelves. Phew. Thanks for the pom pom idea - I love it!


Wellcome back!
The pompons are great!


I knew there was a reason I was keeping them!

For some reason typepad still haven't upgraded me! I'm not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing!


Now those are worth taking the scissors to my leftover bits for! Genius.

And Molly's quilt is so Oilily. If I had something wonderful on my bed, perhaps I'd keep my room tidy. I know where my boys get their messy habits, unfortunately.


What a great idea for all those scrappies! And I'm not happy with Typepad right now either....




the pompoms are BRILLIANT! great idea!


They are so wonderful! What a great idea.

jenny b harris

Neat-o! (um, maybe not the room so much, but then mine is not so tidy either) I've been wanting something to hang up here and there and this is perfect-o!


I think your blog is adorable!!! Your "attitude" is super. I love your kitten's names, the title of your post "Alternatives to locking your children in a cupboard" and your artistic creations!!!
Your daughter's room is so cool.
Thanx for the pom pom tutorial; been a good refresher one : )
carole from california


Love them! I'd like a whole Christmas tree of your little fabric baubles. Love the room too, looks like you've been very busy. Are those blue peonies on the wall? Gorgeous.


Great idea! They look so sweet.


Thank you for the pompom idea and for a realistic view of a craft area!


Thank you for the pompom idea and for a realistic view of a craft area!


I love this idea! Now I'm going to have to get another box for those type of scraps. That's how I "organize". :)


GENIEARSE. Wow, I might even manage to make one of those!

Although I imagine it helps to have such a gorgeous collection of fabric scraplets, tidy or not. (That glass cabinet is yummy too). :)

Susan Jonsson

Love those pom poms...I've used those strips for crochet and rug hooking....Molly's quilt is fabulous....any chance you could show the whole thing?..with detail?..I am in LOVE with it...Love your writing....I always look forward to it. Thank you.



Must. See. Quilt. My daughter and I are drooling over it--and the whole room.

lucykate crafts

cute!, am relieved i'm not the only one whose fabric is all a bit messy!


wonderful idea! thanks for sharing this.


What a beautiful quilt. I love the pom poms too!;-)


Thank you so much for sharing! The pom poms are an adorable idea.. and I'm one of the few that didn't know how or has ever made one. I'll have to give 'er a try :) Thanks again!


These are adoreable - what a great idea for using up scraps :-)

yvette of chandelierpicnic

CUTE idea!


woww really cool idea


OMG - my sewing room looks JUST like yours! LOL Love the scrap pom-pom idea. Definitely going to do that with my millions of scrap strips!


That is a great idea, and thank god-I though I was the only one who crafted in chaos. And that really is the most beautiful quilt.


very cute pompoms and I'm with you about typepad...they should know better then to release a new tool without good "real" people testing!

Bobbi Wynn

Love, love, love this idea! Also I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one with such an organized fabric stash!!!


This is the most beautiful girl's room I've ever seen! And I have to give a try to the pom poms they look fantastic!


Very effective pompoms, will certainly try this would like nice on the top of presents! I call workrooms like that crative chaos, if it was too tidy it would be creepy and your little girls room is a lovely colour. The doll bed looks good never seen a bunk bed like that before. Good to see one of your tutorials.

Lil' d

Those pom poms are great.

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one without an immaculate house. There's a reason why most of the photos on my blog are taken outside...


wow, what a simple idea, but those pompoms look awesome, so much cooler than ones made with yarn :o


I love those pom poms - I'm definately going to make some..
I had a dolls bunk bed just like Molly's - I loved it and my cousin emptied talcum powder all over it and my dolls - I haven't quite got over it yet....
I love the paintings on the wall behind Molly's bed - did you do them?


What a lovely room! The Pom-poms are fab!

Kyla Nicole

Oh my goodness! Can I come over to play? lol What a beautiful bedroom, and all that yummy fabric!


What an amazing quilt, Great photo of the bed,you have such an eye for colour :)


What a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing......


Thank you VeRy MuCh for this idea ! And cheer up : all this COULD be messier, couldn't it ?


That's a lovely idea,
and the result is so pretty !


Thanks for the pom pom idea - I love it!


What a beautiful idea!!!
Thank you!! :-)


Love the quilt and love the piles of fabric. I keep all mine in boxes in a cupboard - quite neat until you open the cupboard, of course.


I am a little confused. I came on this website looking for a chicken to make friends with - since I am a stuffed duck I though Molly might be my friend. Molly please let me know on where I have my own blog.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the pom poms! I can hardly wait to rip up some fabric just to make these, seriously they are genuis! And that quilt is gorgeous, oh the colors, simply delicious. As for your fabric stash, messy or not, it still has me drooling over the lovely colors and prints you have in there, I just love fabric. Truly, really, happily, love it!

Cherry Tree Lane

WHAT? That easy? I MUST make some ASAP!


What a brilliant idea, thanks for sharing it! And your mess looks so inviting, you have such a lovely fabric stash!


What a great idea for using up scraps and so pretty too!


While we make lots of pompons here, I have no idea why I never thought of using fabric! They are adorable! Thanks for sharing.


Those are AWESOME! I am going to make a ga-jillion of those....great idea!


Fantastic! Who knew all those bits of fabric could become something so lovely.

Thanks for sharing.


You are hilarious!!!!I just love the idea and love your creative mess!!!Very similar situation over here;)


Love the pom pom idea and your daughter's room!

Amanda Köhlmark

I love the pom poms, such a wonderful idea! I am definetively gonna make some ^^

Jen Happy Stash

The pom poms are just too cute for words. I love the idea. I hate wasting ANYTHING when it comes to fabric. They just look gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing.

Shelly G.

I have made lots of yarn pom poms... I don't know why I never thought of fabric... You are so clever... I love it.... I love your blog... Thank you so much for sharing...

Account Deleted

Great Pom Poms! Did you know there is an easier way to make them. Check out Clover Products

they come in size XS 3/4"- XL(4 1/2") Now that is on big pom!


Account Deleted

Love the Pom Poms!
Did you know there is an easier way using Clover's Pom Pom makers?

Size XS (3/4") up to XL (4 1/2")
now that is one big Pom!



Sweet idea - sweet pom poms - thanks sharing!


on my flickr i put a pompom from your tutorial!
Love it! Btw maybe it's me but I had cut a lot away to make a nice round ball....

One of these days I make a top ten from you're most LOL post.

Every time when I feel a little gloomy I go to your blog and then I laugh and everyting is fine!


I like your filing sytem :) its like mine

Cool pom poms!!

Traci Hudson

How nice and I love that quilt!


Wunderbar! Something to use all my thin scraps for...what a great & pretty idea. I knew there was a reason why I kept them. Thanks muchly!


Love the pom pom idea, and what a fabulous quilt on your daughter's bed. I'm still totally hacked off with Typepad too - what the
*!%@ are they playing at?


Fabric pom-poms will now be everywhere!

Wonders Never Cease

Ooh I love those pom poms! And tidy people are dangerous. At least that's what I'm going with today.


Hey, this is a great idea, thank you. I shall get the kids cracking on to this straight away. Love Molly's room, especially the blue fireplace. Glad to see you are in as bigger mess as I am. It never ends!


My english speaking is not ok but I can say "Ilove your blog".
All the things you have done here are really very nice.


My english speaking is not ok but I can say "Ilove your blog".
All the things you have done here are really very nice.

Grace Garton

a relief to see someone else that can't throw anything away and can see endless possibilities in little things!
I have to show BF your room so he can stop complaining about mine. Lol:)


cute! I had forgotten about pom poms. I use to make them out of yarn when I was a cute. But from the looks of it, fabric works much better. That for refreshing my memory. xoxo, Joanna


If typepad answers can you tell him (it certainly isn't female!) that I'm not happy either.

I LOVE your pompoms. At last I can use all those little bits I can't bring myself to throw away (and the cats usually eat and subsequently throw up UGH)


I love your little girl's room. Perhaps you could indulge me and blog a picture of the beautiful quilts on her bed and the dolls bed. I would also love to see a picture of the lovely canvas on the wall. Very inspiring! Do you have any tips for where to buy similar patchwork fabric?

Love popping in to read your news!

Best wishes Emma


Wow! I love the pom pom idea! So cute and a perfect way to use leftover scraps. I'm thinking of making some in Christmas fabrics and putting them on gifts as bows. After the unwrapping, they can go on the tree! Thank you for the idea!!
I've been reading your blog for a while, but this is the first time that I have commented -- You're really talented!


What a great idea! I think I'll make lots for Christmas ornaments. Your daughters room is adorable. x


oops, I am supposed to square up the edges of my fabric?! lol, I am not much of a perfectionist :)

The pom poms are super cute!


Thanks for the great tutorial. I have TONS of these little strips. It takes me a few tries to straighten the fabric edge too-even with a good quilting ruler! LOL!


Your pompoms look so cute! What a great idea - thanks for sharing the tutorial with us :)


Love your pompoms, we make them all the time with the kids, but to use fabric is a great idea!
Love your messy rooms.


Great pompoms!!!! Thanks for tuhe tutorial.
Glad to see you back again!


wow. you've done it again. beautiful! yes, typepad is persnickety lately, isn't it?


Love it!!!! I have a bag of those little things in the closet! THanks!


i am so going to make some pom poms!

Helena at ROOM&serve

You have just a amazing blog! I hope I can show it to my readers?!




I wanted to tell you that just today I have finally finished a doll dress from your "Ruby's dress" pattern (Nov. 2006). The dress for my daughter's doll has been languishing, half-finished, for over a year, but I'm on a kick to finish things, so...

The pattern is great. I'm going to make a big one to make a sassy coat for my daughter (she's 7).

You're a dear.


Just stumbled across your blog from a link at the melly and me website. Made me feel slightly homesick as I've just moved to australia from the uk. Didn't realise i missed attics and little period fireplaces! - just as well we have no attic in our 70's house with a tin roof -no doubt some hideous poisonous creature would be waiting to leap out and eat me. Anyway your comments made me laugh out loud (which can be quite exhausting in 35degree heat) loved the pom poms will attempt to make some with my daughter also named Molly! Thanks


Seriously gorgeous! So cute. Must try for my little girl's room.


The pom poms are beautiful. Now I won't feel as guilty having little strips left over from projects.
For the maker you can also use old CD's. Cut out the center hole and you have a set the size of the large clover yo-yo maker.

Kristi Van Os

what a great idea! I love the pom pom's! My sewing room looks not to far off from yours.


What a great ideas you have!!!
Lovely blog
regards Laura


Funny pom poms! I really thougt about saving my strips yesterday when I was straightening fabric, maiking a skirt for my daughter...But I don´t know where to put them while I´m waiting to get many enough...


Love the pompoms, oh i wish i had that much fabric. Great blog. Thankyou.


These are such sweet objects and such a novel idea. gorgeous


¡¡Great idea!! So lovely.



My eldest told me there is nothing he can do about the mess in his room. 'he was born that way'.


Oh great pom pom idea!!

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