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Man, that is so freakin' cute. And eco-green-recycling-sustainable too! You rock, and I love your neat fabric piles, too.


Man, that is so freakin' cute. And eco-green-recycling-sustainable too! You rock, and I love your neat fabric piles, too.


Man, that is so freakin' cute. And eco-green-recycling-sustainable too! You rock, and I love your neat fabric piles, too.


oooh, I LOVE those! thank you so much for the inspiration (and the tutorial)!

I love the photos too. Molly's room is so charming. Makes me want to go finish my daughter's room... right now.


thank you


A quick hello from Canada, and what a great idea to use up those strips, never thought of doing that!!!!


I love the pom poms. I love the quilt. I love her room and her fireplace!

Fiona Hornby

Great idea. So much prettier than wooly pompoms.

little red hen

The fabric pom poms are cute. Thank god what a relief to see a lovely messy workroom when we see so many stunningly neat places blogged!


Oh! It's so cute ! I like your creations !

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those pom poms are such a sweet idea.


These are really great. So beautiful and simple. They look so lovely hanging up too.
I'm going to link to you, if that's ok?

jane bennett

the pom poms are lovely,I so recognise that work room!!! but to create you have to be free!! mess is good.Thanks for sharing it, i feel better now.
[email protected]

Brenda Mercado

I had to laugh at your pics. The first one had me thinking "what mess?", the second was "that's not a mess" and third one had me LOL! "now she's talking!" One of these days I'll have the courage to take a pic of my mess; until then I'm grateful for ladies like you who share their "colorful creative spaces!" =)

sarah smile

LOVE the quilt and the pompoms not made them for years!now made two this afternoon!been visting for a while cant stop peeping by to see what lovleyness is coming next!THANKYOU

mama k

What a great idea!


I never would have thought of that. Great idea. Nothing is wasted, eh?


Wow, i really love this tutorial and the colors of Molly rooms are so cheerful, I just found your blog again and I am happy that I finally found it. I hope you are doing well. I can see that it has been a while since your last post, I am sure you are crafting up something wonderful :) Take care


Love that pom pom. Where are you you naughty girl?? Are you stuck under all that fabric??? xx


just stopping by and love your blog! I also love your room full of fabric! I dream of having a special place to store mine instead of in piles on the floor!!
Lovely to meet you anyway, and i have added your link to my new little blog!


I just made your pom poms and they turned out great. they look adorable in my daughter's room. thanks so much for the tutorial!

barbara brown

i gave you an award on my blog today. take a look. p.s. i hope you get this.

kosenrufu mama

i like so much the pom pom!!!


wow, I just found your beautiful blog and will for sure add you to my all time favorites.
Kisses Kisses

I'm a Little Teapot

I love this idea~~ How great! Thanks.


the fireplace looks great!!!
see,YOU DO finish things!!!

Molly's room is full of exciting colors and objects that I didn't notice the mess.


Oh, the pom poms are just lovely! The funny thing is I had all these scraps and they looked so lovely and I didn't want to throw them away. So I took a picture and posted in on flickr and sure enough somebody directed me over here. Yay! I can't wait to make some now. Thanks for this fabulous idea!!!


Another perfect solution with tiny bits of fabric--so very pretty! Thank you for sharing.


Another perfect solution with tiny bits of fabric--so very pretty! Thank you for sharing.


Such a great idea! I am going to make some today!

Passions & Distractions

I'm glad you posted a tute on how to make them! I actually really wasn't sure how! Does that make me lame?

Amma Lloyd

Molly's room is adorable!! The pom pom idea is sweet, I might try some with my scraps. :)


Great idea! I posted about your pom-poms on my blog and made my own!

Thanks for the great idea!


Love this tutorial! Takes me back, I remember making these with my mom and using yarn. I'm going to give this a go!


Great, I need the instructions, thanks! But, what I really want is your fabric stash. LOL


WOW...those pompoms are so cool ........plz accept the prize I have for you at my blog

Júnia Izabel

Esse lugar é o paraíso!!
Que maravilha!!
Quanto tecido, quanto artesanato lindo!
Estou encantada!
Agradeço muito pela generosidade em compartilhar.
Fique com Deus


Oh what an inspiration this blog is! The pom poms are precious! I have a very sparsly posted blog ,but am proud of the mural I painted on my daughters nursery. If you ever have a moment check it out at Barb




Is that a Sylvanian doll house I see in that room!!!


è una cosa carinissima


Hmmmmm!! Pom pom looks good! It's a fantasitc idea of reusing the fabric. I will try it. Thank you for sharing this with us.


Oh! I remember, we can also use trash CD for making those circles.


Can I share this webpage on my blog?


Superbes ces pompons ! J'adore !!

Merveilleux surtout ce blog plein d'idées !

Tita Carré

Oi , gosto muito do teu blog, eu tb tenho um blog sobre artesanato em geral,,


I loved this idea!


You are so smart. I bow.
I'd never in a million years have thought of making pompoms out of my trimmings.


I love this idea! And now I wish I had that whole pile of strips I threw out while making my last quilt. Dang it!


Hi, I just found you and you are FUNNY! The little softies with the pockets are fantastic! I wish I would have found you before my 13 year old left for a school trip to Milan, Italy a couple weeks ago! It would have been a perfect little messenger from Mommy!! I hope you get this!! Come by my blog and have a look at what I am up to!


Just beautifuel! I always do some little thing with my kids as place cards for Xmas so every member of the family takes home and this will definitely be my 2009 project!

Oyun Oyna

oh my god. thanks you


so cute !

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