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Ohhh, love the blue kitty, so cute! I want one! Erh, wait, actually I have one. But so small anymore...


Oh wow where did you get that beautiful green yarn from?


so am I - really grumpy, and all I want to do is sleep !

Caroline B

Leave the housework, life's too short - go do the fun stuff. School holidays in a few days time and it won't be worth cleaning anyway! Loving those twin bunnies - are they conjoined or just look that way in the pic? ;0)


Well, whether you intend it or not, at least when you are in a bad're funny! I adore the picture of your little one with the kitten! How cute is that! I agree with an earlier poster about the chores. Or you could try one chore, then take an hour to play, do another chore...and so on. That way you get the work done and get to have fun too!



bad mood or not, nice to read your words again! you always make me laugh. thanks for that.


oh, i love those little twinnies. they are precious!


Well, I am sorry to hear you are in bad mood, but it was a rather funny post.


You're funny even when you are grumpy! The twins are really precious, well done! And the little man in front of the tv is adorable, he looks so serious!
Do take time off from the chores why don't you!


I like both sets of twinnies!


Wouldn't it be nice if houswork could be done once and for all: one big round of dusting, hoovering and washing and then never again?
Until they invent something like that I'll just keep reminding myself that "housework won't last, but hugs and kisses are for ever" - at least that's the excuse I'm using, and I'm going to stick to it ;-)
Both sets of twin are lovely, and that picture of boy and kitten - precious! Thank you for sharing this, and for that you have my permission to have fun the rest of the day!

Anna H.

Right now, I would rather be sitting in your kitchen, drinking a cup of tea, chatting and looking in on your beautiful little boy.

If that's not an option, then I'd rather be sitting on the rocker in the midst of the dead weeds with you knitting and those kidlets of yours chasing the dogs.

I'm easy -- either option works for me.



Your twinnies are so sweet. As for the bad mood... what about a chocolate bar.. that always makes me feel better!


Kittens like Cinderella too.Or at least ours do.That where they are right now all tucked up in bed.So sweet.So peaceful!

Pink Sky

I have to say your list of things you'd rather be doing is wonderful, I hope you get to do some of it. The knitting looks like fun.

I love love love the twinnies!!! And your little one watching TV with his kitten, how adorable!


hee hee! love the picture of the boy and kitty watching telly. too cute.

so much cuteness on your blog! i love it. ;)

hope you get outta the bad mood. i know just what you mean. i am GLAD it's friday. whew.

Jenna Z

Boy, I hear that! The ac is not working here at work today and we are all sweltering with fans blowing on us and I just want to go home! Wahhh!


So good to have you back, an btw, I'm totally feeling the whole grumpy thing...have managed to wipe out nearly the entire week at work moaning and grumping..roll on next week (eek!). Hope you get time to crack on with your projects, the twin bunnies are too cute. The kitties look so snuggly too, well done Mrs Tippytoes. Isn't it funny how they all have their favorite TV shows, ours love Meercat Manor and Sooty (but only the 80s version-wierd huh!


Ok ,make a left at the second stop sign and then a right...(Next time your in that mood come to my house!!) I am proud of you without ever meeting you. I had 15 minutes of quiet and updated my blog and tried to finish my book. bad mommy with wrinkled clothes in the basket!!


I've been doing exactly the same things! Except not as much tidying, and not chasing the escaping bunnies because Mr Fox got ours.
Definitely moaning, mostly about the rain, grabbing the washing from the line and the boring cooking.
And where are those gorgeous twins going?


have you cut your lawn recently? i haven't, because, like you say, it's raining every five minutes. would you add that to the list please lyn. ta


Gorgeous photo of the kitten watching tv! You definitely need to stop doing whats next on the boring list and start doing something from the fun list. That way I won't be the only one ignoring the chores . . .

barbara brown

today was a day full of housework, no sewing for me today either. hope your weekend goes better.hugs


I hear you sister. Man, sometimes I wish I could just let it all pile up but the neat freak in me just won't let it! If my house is cluttered up a mucky I just can't get creative...... not that the constant rounds of washing, folding, wiping, pegging don't get me down.....I just wish I could get a payrise!
Love your blog, you make me smile/giggle/laugh, so thank you for sharing :)


ha, so you are there afterall, I thought if I visited enough times you'd eventually show up again! glad to have you back, love the twins, they almost certainly need more friends so forget the housework! just name one person in your family who even notices...


I know how busy everything seems to be, but I was very happy to see your post. You are one of my favorite bloggers. The boy and the kittens are adorable. The twin bunnies are so cute! Thanks for the update.

backwoods boogie

Vent all you want, I loved it! It was like you wrote the story of my life, but replace an escaping bunny with a car chasing Jack Russell terrier.

Lil' d

I tidied my house before we left on our trip, with the idea that we would return to a tidy house... It lasted 5 minutes. Now I've got an Everest-sized pile of laundry AND the house to tidy again. Oh yeah, my mother-in-law will be in town tomorrow.

So instead I'm reading blogs to see what I've missed. Maybe I can just keep the curtains closed and get the kids to be quiet when she comes knocking...


Kittens watching TV on little boys' laps! Too cute!


Sorry to hear you are in a bad mood, the weather certainly doesn't help! When I hear housework calling I usually just lie down until it goes away! Play with the children, that is what they will remember when they are grown up, not if the house was always dust-free

Rachael Rabbit

I blame it all on the naughty rabbit making a run for it ;-) Surely Boy and kitten watching the TV made your heart glow - it did mine!!


Yippee you posted! I missed you! I've been lurking here forever, and I'm so glad you posted again. You have a great blog. I don't at all blame you for wanting to snuggle down. I'm right with you there, sister!


Cute blog - just found you. Love your header! I REALLY love your pom poms!

Pauline Perh

housework can never end, just left it for a while and do what you like. furthermore more, we like your crafting, so this gives you more reason to do your crafting. Oh..., i like your little twinnies, they are really fuzzy and cute.

dirftwood shack

do you know quentin crisp said after 4 years of not doing any housework it doesnt get any worse- I am experimenting with this principle- and don't say ben 10 too loud because my children all sing the theme tune and each try to finish faster than the others- I think your kittens could probably sing it better!

Wonders Never Cease

Oh those kitties look so snuggly.
Stare at them a while and see if it makes your grumps go away.
Maybe I'm just under their spell.


mmmmm, i'm with you, good thing my husband makes wine...kinda takes the grumpola away a bit (i'm not a (total) drunk or anything--just saying). oh and we don't clean, just move every 2 years!


I've been reading your blog for a while now, first comment today. You make me chuckle and brighten my day - even when you're in a bad mood! Twinnies are cute.


oh dear... i hope tomorrow will be better!

greedy nan

Don't be cross. It uses so much more energy than being happy and gives you lines on your face.

My Baboo

I must admit to liking a bit of Ben 10 myself - its not just a boy and kitten thing!

On the BBC news yesterday morning they advised never to put more than 6 things on your (bad) to do list to stop you getting stressed over the things you haven't done.

I wonder if anyone makes lists of their lists - now that's just time wasting :o)


I hope you feel better soon, I guess we all have those angsty type days. Meanwhile the bunnies look super cute and the yarn for the knitting has really pretty coloures.


What cute kittens! Great photos too. :)


typepad being a dickhead is enough to put anyone in a bad mood : ) love the kitty and the sweet boy.Sometimes its good to let it build up.I know the kids don't really care and a glass of wine helps me ignore it too!


omg, had a dream we met up last night, i was asking you about other peeps on flickr, and you were nothing like i imagined ... so now i have a head version of you and a dream version. i would much rather be crafting that wiping bottoms but with 3 young uns in nappies its my raisan detre at moment !
love the twins ... going to post a pic of my twins now. im my dream you said you were too busy to make bears ....

Elaine/Muddling Through

No, I don't believe you can really be in a bad mood and still put such sweet photos in here for us all to enjoy. Too much good stuff just ahead to stay grumpy.


Aw, I sympathise, real life really gets in the way of what we would rather be doing doesn't it? (says me who is sitting at the computer blog-hopping instead of doing the washing or the accounts!)


you always make me laugh - wondering how you will find typepads 'lights' and when you do - please punch them a bit for me too!
lovely kitten pic - very sweet!


Hang in there :) Tomorrow, tomorrow, its only a day away!


god, i love your posts.

Sandi Andersen

Ohhh, I am so sorry for your bad mood but reading about your bad mood made me laugh and now I'm not in a bad mood anymore. Well, at least for a little while anyway. Some days are just meant to be grumbled about, I think! Hope you are knitting away or catching a cat nap now.

Love the bunny twinsies.
And the kitties.
And the TV-hypnotized toddler is sweet as can be.

What a wonderful blog!
A new favorite for me.



My bad mood(s) is(are) always gone after reading your blog !


There are far better things to do than housework! I love the photo of the avid TV watchers & the little bunnies are adorable!


Hmm that's sounds like all the things I should be doing right now but instead I'm looking through the list of blogs that Jane Brocket recommends in the back of the Gentle Art of Domesticity, which brought me here. Love your blog! xx


aaaaw! Your kittens are so cute!

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