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Awww! The white one! Please these are precious. I wish I could trade you some rain for our drought. Thanks. Love your blog.


The White one is to die for! So adorable~!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you have been having fun! And please please please will you pick me and send me that gorgeous little white one - oooooh and the pink one too so she doesn't feel left out! (I'm just trying to be considerate!!!!) Lucy x


I love them both! Either one will do for me! Thanks :)

Susan Jonsson

OMG....are you kidding?...Oh please....the dear white one. I was drooling (well, almost) over them yesterday....and thought then how much I wanted one. So...for what its worth....I would promise to love her and give her a great in the (now raining too) N. Western part of the USA....I would be pleased to pay for postage....should I be lucky enough to be chosen...



Happy birthday!!! Both bunnies are cute!!! What a nice giveaway!


Happy Birthday! I'm glad things are better today. Hope you had a wonderful day and I hope this weekend is lovely for you. My daughter just "had a cow" over your bunnies - esp the pink one. So Pick Me! Pick Me!

Have a good one


I would love the white one!


I love the white one. She would have a wonderful home here with Mr Toast!


Happy Birthday to you!!!! I like them both, but I have to say the pink is my fav!

Rebecca Atkinson

Ohhh, the pink one is adorable. Congratulations on the birthday, it sounds like you have had a wonderful day.


Happy birthday!

I would be smitten with either bunny!
If I do win, boy I HOPE I do, the bunny bun will have a great home;D

the Littlest Craft Shop

They are both so cute. I like the pink one best.

Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy a lovely sunny day! It's been raining lots here too, but I don't mind since hot humid weather is not so nice when you have morning sickness.

I don't know if I qualify for the contest, since I live so far away. But I love the little white bunny. She could make friends with my little black bunny, Sam (he's a real bunny).


The white or the pink, -what do I think? They both will be OK, here in Norway far away!


Your work is a treasure. What a great talent to have.


Congratulations on your birthday!! My daughter just walked by and said "Oh Mommy what a pretty pink bunny!!!" so I guess the pink one! They are both so lovely!


Happy birthday! I love them both, but the white one is particularly adorable.


Happy birthday to you! It sounds like your celebration has begun! And how nice of Mother Nature to cooperate with the weather.

If I am lucky enough to be the winner, I will choose the pink bunny. They are both adorable, but in a house filled with boy children and a husband, I take my pink where I can get it!

Happy day to you!


Happy birthday, Lynn! Your creations are amazing. I love your Ruby doll more than any doll I've ever seen. Truly the best. Ever.

These are both so sweet. I love the white one.


Just love your work -- the bunnies are just divine! I would cherish either bunny. Happy Birthday, too!

Nathalie Brault

It seems everybody's going for the white one, but I think the pink one's the winner, so please let it be me. Hope you are feeling better too.


Happy day to you! That is an awesome gift - no cooking for a day! I would love that! Anyway, I think you are SO talented! Both of the little girls are so cute - But I think I lean towards the white one! Sweet!


Happy Birthday!! I'm raising my G&T glass in celebration (and dire need).


Oh those are just adorable. Also, your post was hilarious!!!

I'm so damned hot too!!!

hmm...what a coincidence.


Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

I with you on the rain, after about a day or two. I don't feel like even moving. Glad you got a few rays of sun finally.


Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a nice day!

I love the white one, she is so cute!


Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for celebrating with a giveaway (btw, I love the pink one)!


Happy birthday! I love the pink one.

Also thanks for sharing your C.R.A.P. diagnosis - I think I am afflicted by the same malady and now that I know the cure is sparkly alcohol my weekend will be much more enjoyable ;)


Here's to HOT 48 year olds....


Oh my goodness! I can't believe you'd give either away! But I love the sweet little pink one :)


Happy birthday to you, and many happy returns! I also suffer from CRAP so I feel your pain - I decided this evening to cycle with the trailer and get the babies from nursery 2 miles away. Of course, it started raining about five minutes into my journey and I was drenched through. Sod's law!

I absolutely adore your little bunnies, what beautiful work. Well done you! I would be most grateful for either although I am particularly drawn to the white one. I must have the second best sister in the world if you have the first, but my little sister is having a baby any day now and I think one of your little bunnies would be most appreciated by her little daughter :)

Enjoy your weekend.


I'd love this for my 7 year old daughter, how cute!


Oh my gosh! The little pink one is just so cute! I would love her!


Happy Birthday-
Cath Kidson, yummy fancy food and fizzy- sounds like you are on your way for a good birthday
I love the white one

Luna P

Happy Bday! I love love love the bunnies!! Either one would work for me!


Happy Birthday!
Happy Fizzy!
I love the pink one, no the white one, no the pink one - ack! They're both adorable.


Happy birthday.

Such sweet bunnies, but I think I like the pink one more. You don't see many pink bunnies in these parts. :-)


Happy Birthday! Oh, all the little ones you make are so lovely. I'd be happy with either.


Happy Birthday and since you're asking the white one please, though both are gorgeous

Natalie Edwards

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

And if you pick me I would love the little white one. They are both so cute but my daughter said the white one so that is the one I would choose.


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday smokin' hot 48 year old!!!
Happy Birthday to you!

enjoy the fizzy and may the C.R.A.P. soon be a distant memory...


oh wow. what a giveaway. i'm almost speechless. (get it? lurker? speechless? that was pretty lame, huh?)

happy birthday! i love your attitude. :D

and i adore the white one. should my number happen to come up. *fingers crossed*


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! I agree, super funny post! I would sure would love the little girl in pink!

jill scripps

glad you're feeling better!

happy birthday!

that pink one is SO stinking cute!!

my little girl sage LOVES bunnies!!

ok. go celebrate! :)


Oh! I love the pink one. So sweet. What a wonderful giveaway.


strangely - i have just had a birthday too and on a sadder note my beautiful house rabbit Binks has just gone to bunny heaven :(
so - to celebrate the wonderful character that Binks was, i would LOVE the white bunny if i am the lucky number x
Happy Birthday to you and i am glad that you are back with a smile and a skip in your step!
t x


Happy Birthday, hope you get some sunshine! I love your blog, all your toys are just do darn cute. I would love the white one although they are both cute.


Happy Birthday - Have a wonderful day!! I too suffer from CRAP, so a move from Hampshire, England over to Oklahoma, US seemed to cure that medical condition!! I highly recommend it!


Caroline B

The pink,the white, hang on, the pink one ...arrgh! You choose, I can't! (quite disappointed they are not conjoined twins after all...;0))
Happy Birthday, 48 is a damn fine age to be. Hope it was a good one.
I'm with you on the C.R.A.P. syndrome, thank goodness for a week's sunshine.


oh oh oh pick me! pick me please random number generator thingy. I LOVE the little white bunny!

Susan (Papoosue)

Ages since I've visited your blog and I find it's your birthday! Many Happy Returns to you :-) Cath Kidston AND fancy food? Can't be bad... X

Vicki K

Birthday happies to you! Both of those little sweeties are so cute - I love the polka-dots under their ears...maybe the white one says my name only slightly louder...

kristen - gock's frocks

ooohh! Happy Birthday - what a swell sis! hint hint to my sis if she is reading this as I have a bday in Sept!

Both bunnies are darling if my number comes up! Enjoy your bubbly~!

Mama Urchin

You just make me laugh, always.

Ulla V.

It's actually quite funny, because your blog was the very first I discovered ever on the internet....
And what a world that brought along through links - georgeous!

I adore the pale pink little girl :0)


enjoy your birthday + your fizzy! if i were lucky enough to be chosen, i would never be able to pick between those two sweeties, so i would have to have you do it for me. i adore all of the loveliness that you create. :)


Happy Birthday!
I've been suffering from a nasty case of CRAP myself, DH has been building a shed in the garden and the kids think its an ark!
Enjoy 48, I'll be joining you there later this year :)
Thankyou for having such a great blog, and for this giveaway. If I'm lucky enough to win a bunny I'd prefer the pink one, she'd match my car.


well happy birthday! and i always assumed you were much younger. your blog makes you seem like you're practically a young girl. so i have no doubt that you're hot.

anyway, i think both bunnies are cute.


eek those are so cute!! i like the white girly!


How cute! I would take either one they are both darling!

PS Happy Bday :)

Heidi J.

Happy Birthday!
Those bunnies are just too cute! Love them!


Happy Birthday to you!! I hope you continue to have a wonderful day. I would love the pink one. Pink is my favorite color : )


Happy Birthday!!
I would love to be included in the drawing for the white bunny - they are both darling; are you sure they can stand being separated??

Carol t

Happy birthday lovely, hope you have a lovely one. You don't live in Wales do you, it hasn't stopped persisting it down here either! I am getting trench foot! I would ove to be counted in for the little pink one, my Ellie would love her to bits!


Happy Birthday!! If you've survived the "celebrating" I'm in love with the little white one!!

lucykate crafts...

i can't believe you are giving away those cuties, wow!, happy birthday lyn : )


Wow - wow - wow - wow. To pick one is like saying which is your favorite child? If I had to pick, I'd say the white one.

Happy Birthday. And on the C.R.A.P. front? I live near Vancouver, B.C. I hear you about the rain!


They're both precious but I like the white one.

Happy Birthday! I hoped you enjoy the bubbly!


feliz cumple!
happy birthday!
your bunnies are adorable, i bet they are making your bday festivities even more enjoyable.
i like them both. (never have i been good at making decisions.)


Happy birthday!
I would have never guessed you're in your 40's; you seem so much, much younger! I think that the saying "You're only as young as you feel" really is true.

Also, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who suffers from CRAP! I had a really bad bout of CRAP today, as it was not only raining but there was thunder and lightning involved too.

And lastly, should Lady Luck grace me, I prefer little miss white there, although both are super cute. :)


Happy Birthday - I'm 48 too! Those two are adoable! You are very generous. Have a nice weekend.


Enjoy your birthday!
Love your work and only wish I was half as talented.....
I love the white one.....

Melissa Brinkley

Happy Birthday! I am sorry to hear about your affliction but I, too, suffer from C.R.A.P. and was quite miserable when I lived in a place that the rain didn't know when to quit falling!

I would like to enter your drawing and quite frankly, either of the girls is cute, I would be thrilled and honored to make a home for either of them.

Hopefully, you will have sun again soon and all will be well.


Louisa Johnson

Happy Birthday to you. I would love either bunny for my wee, wee baby who will otherwise have to wait until she is 18 to have anything handmade by me!


Like Pam, I would gladly take some of your rain! My parched yard could sure use it and I wouldn't mind a break from hand watering the potted plants. So far, all of our predicted t-storms have been mostly lightning and very little rain. I would love the little pink girl to stash away for my youngest's 8th b-day. And Happy B-day to You! I too am a hot 48! :)
PS- CRAP is one of my Dad's favorite acronyms tho he uses it to refer to his desk/office- Critical References and Associated Paperwork/Paraphernalia (eep- had to drag out the dictionary for that one!)

Sherri S.

Hee! CRAP totally cracks me up! I love in San Diego, where it is, dare I say it, sometimes relentlessy sunny. Mostly I love it, but every month or so I think, "Gee, wouldn't a little rain be nice?" I LOVE the bunnies--I'm partial to rabbits since that's my Chinese zodiac sign. Thanks for the funny blog and the charming giveaway!


I'm going to be a big pig and enter this giveaway--namely because it would be nice to win so I could get some mail from you or something. LOL
You ole crank. Happy Birthday you old lady!!! From the 47 year old lady!!! It's been way too long; we need to talk--and you my dear, need to blog a bit more often. You've been away with the fairies for a bit tooooooo long.
Oh, the white one will do for me, thanks. And throw it a bit of the bubbly too, dear.

Melissa Brinkley

Happy Birthday! I am sorry to hear about your affliction but I, too, suffer from C.R.A.P. and was quite miserable when I lived in a place that the rain didn't know when to quit falling!

I would like to enter your drawing and quite frankly, either of the girls is cute, I would be thrilled and honored to make a home for either of them.

Hopefully, you will have sun again soon and all will be well.



HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, SQUASH TOMATOES AND STEW.......and so on....and so on..!!

Whitey is a little cutie, she'll be the one for me, such a generous giveaway thank you.


I suffer from C.R.A.P. too! It's so good to finally have a name for it; thank you. I live in the Pacific Northwest, where they say the climate is a lot like the UK. But we don't have all the beautiful castles and ruins everywhere to make up for it.

I love the white bunny; she's so clean!


Happy Birthday!
Its still raining here in Ireland. Hopefully the sun will appera soon as Im off work next week !!
Love the Bunnies, sew sweet.


happy birthday!! how lucky you are no cooking & lovely bubble...oh how nice. You know I live where there is too much sun (sorry if you think i'm being cruel). and i miss the rain and clouds terribly of northern europe--and all the lovely green especially. perhaps we could trade lives just for a week or so to get our fill! and remember my husband is a wine maker, that helps lots!

Cass Ward

Happy Birthday. Hope you didn't get too many bubbles up your nose. I love the pink one.

Melissa Crowe

Me, me! (I'd love either girl!)


Happy birthday!

I'm loving the pink one, please!!


Happy Birthday!

I couldn't possibly choose, they are both adorable! x


Happy birthday to you! So glad to hear from you again, did you get my are-you-okay email a few weeks back? Anyway, I'd make either bunny feel right at home here, white or pink, how could you possibly choose?! My daughter would pick pink, though. Of course.


I think I suffer from C.R.A.P. too.This persistance is driving me do-lally.
Happy Birthday enjoy your fizz.
My girls would never forgive meif I missed out on a chance to have one of those girls.White is my preference but I'm either would be very much appreciated.


holy crap! I wager that you are about to see the most comments ever ever in the history of blogdom!

Happy Birthday! I'll raise a glass to you tonight and to the fact that we just learned that my husband, Hans, is 3 years cancer clean!

It's a damn good week and I'm feeling lucky even if I don't win the cutest white bunny in the world. I'm giving it a go!

Amy Rue....who thought the bunnies were siamese twins...err, that probably isn't polite to say anymore is it? Conjoined bunnies!


Happy birthday to you !!!

(And if ever... I like the white bunny girl best...)


God, the best days are those that involve some take out and fizzy drink.

After a tough day at work, there's nothing better than not having to worry about getting dinner on the table as well.


wow - seriously, they are both so cute!
please throw my name in the (birthday) hat!

hope you have a great rest of your birthday - sounds like you're off to a wonderful start!

i love that C.R.A.P. - too funny. i'm right there with ya. :)


Happy Birthday to you!

I'm glad you are feeling better, the weather has been pants hasn't it :o(

If i'm lucky enough to win then i'd like a white one, though my little girlie would prefer the pink, so i guess i'm saying either. They are both adorable.


Oh, Happy Birthday, and I like the white one but my daughter would love the pink one. You can't make anything that isn't cute, can you? :-)


Oh, they're both too cute. I think I like the white one the best, though.

And happy birthday!


the white one!

and they are adorable, too.

Sherry Wescott

Happy Birthday!! I love the white one! It's so darn cute! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

Have a Happy Birthday!

Ashley Ann

Happy birthday lady! I love the pink girl. They are both too cute!


Happy Birthday!!!

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