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Hello from Finland!
They are soooo cute...white one...and Happy Birthday!!


ummm that one, no that one, both are gorgeous, but if i have to choose, the white one . merry happy day to you too !!!


happy birthday, this is so generous of you, I can't choose between them, I love them both, either one would be snuggled and cherished for ever and ever:)


Happy birthday! Hope the rain stops soon....

I love the white one!


The pink one please, so nice!!! If only I was clever enough to make that sort of stuff myself! Happy Birthday (again)


Oh - I almost cant stop myself shrieking with delight out loud - how gorgeous?! You really are a wonder - cuteness after cuteness! Molly Chicken - Happy Birthday!


Happy Happy Birthday! Hip ray! Hip Ray! Hip Ray! Your little girls are so beautiful. How could anyone ever choose just one? My little three year old says that she neeeeeds the pink one...although she does have a major thang about pink! They are both lovely. Good luck with the give away - Jen


Coming out of lurkdom to try my luck at getting one of those adorable bunnies! I love them both! No preference!

wendy leow

The white bunny would be lovely!!


Happy Birthday! They are both so perfect. I love them both but I guess I would choose the pink one.


well i've got to be in it to win it! the white one is lovely, but they are both very sweet.


Happy Birthday!! I love your work. It's hard to choose. They are both adorable but I think I like the white one.

Jennifer from FL

Oh my goodness - I LOVE the pink one, but LOVE the white one too. So, either one, I can't choose.

I also LOVE your blog by the way. It's a wonderful little spot to come to when I'm having a bad day at work! Instant relaxation & inspriration!


A pink one would be fantabulous!!
These two are just so cute!!!

Terry Golson

Happy Hoppy Birthday. The pink one! With two sons and a husband, I don't have enough pink in my life. It helps to have 13 hens and a girl rabbit, but still, I don't dress the live critters up in pink : )


I would love either of the girls, they're both scrumptious. Happy Birthday. It's raining in Bristol, but I hope you're getting a spot of sunshine to celebrate with. Granted, you might have to shut the curtains and just imagine the weather of your choice. I think we should do like the Walkers crisps advert and tow the UK over to the Carribbean. Anyone know where we could get a really big boat?

Pink Sky

LOL! Your post is so funny. I think your medical condition may be more common than you think! :)

Happy Birthday!!! :D

The bunnies are simply adorable, both of them, but I think the white one wins - but only by a nose and because you asked us to pick just one. I hope you pick me!!! How generous of you to do a give-away!


Happy Birthday to YOU! I turned 48 on the 18th of July. As for the bun-buns....they are both so cute. I like the white one but either would be perfect!

Enjoy your day!


I hear that the sparkly stuff really helps with that C.R.A.P. syndrome you have been suffering with! I wish you the best with that! I like to visit your blog to see what wonderful stuff you have and you are funny too ? Thanks for sharing.

Have a wonderful Birthday !


Have a Happy Happy Birthay! They are both so adorable! But I think that my daughter would love the little white one.


Happy Birthday! The white one is my fave, but the pink one is very cute as well :)


yay for birthdays!! hope it was your happiest yet! and as for the bunnies...should the great random number generator randomly choose moi, i would be equally happy with whichever bunny you love the least! (not that you play favorites with your stuffies, right?) ;)
happy tuesday!

Rose in Vermont

I am so glad to know that my "CRAP" this summer is a recognized affliction! We hear in Vermont have also had a rain-showers-downpours-even a bit of tornado Summer. Here's to being in your 40's and Happy Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! I hope the clouds will part and fill the sky with sunshine in celebration over th next few days.

Twin bunnies!?!? Twunnies?!?!? So cute! Which one is "Twin A"? Being a "Twin A" myself, I am naturally inclined to love her the most.


Happy Birthday!
I love your blog:)


Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday! I would NEVER have guessed your age. You don't look a day over 30. And, I'm not trying for special consideration on the bunnies. BUT, I do love them and if I were chosen, either would be fabulous!!! :)

Jessie B

Happy birthday (a little late)! The white one has the sweetest face. But the pink one's dotty brown ears are extra cute... I would be thrilled with either!


Happy birthday! either would be fine, they are both very cute!!

Kathi Wolff

What a wonderful idea for a contest. I'm sure there will be hundreds who are just drooling over either darling bun. Myself...the pink one!! Hee hee hee...

veronique gerlier

Joyeux anniversaire from France, near Annecy.
I am sorry my english is bad!
I send you a big sun from Alpes
Bye Bye

Priscilla Rother

Happy birthday! I've been drooling all over your work for years now, and I would love if the white bunny would come to live in Brazil with me - she would never ever would suffer from CRAP ;) Thank you so much for your great sense of humor!


Happy birthday! either !

Hanne from Heaven & Earth

Realize I´m almost walking in your footsteps - celebrating the very same powerfull age of 48 - only one day later - August 2nd.

Happy Birthday! May you live a happy and creative life ever after!!!

Hanne from Heaven & Earth

Realize I´m almost walking in your footsteps - celebrating the very same powerfull age of 48 - only one day later - August 2nd.

Happy Birthday! May you live a happy and creative life ever after!!!

sara luzia

Well, happy bday, then! Hope you had a blast!
I'd love the little white one :)

thanks for making me smile whenever I come here :)


Your giving away a two headed rabbit? LOL


LynAnne Smucker

Happy Birthday. I love both, but the little white one seems shyer and should come live with me.
PS. Love reading your blog and seeing all the cool crafty things you're up to.

LynAnne Smucker

Happy Birthday. I love the shy little white one. Also really enjoy reading about all your crafty and non-crafty doings on your blog.


Oh, happy birthday! August is a good month to be born in - my birthday's on Thursday. :)
The girls are both adorable, but I think I love the white one a teeny tiny bit more. Because she looks a bit sad and flustered, to me.


I'd hate to separate him from his pink pal, but the white one is super-cute!!


Happy Birthday!!! I will be 48 in a few months myself...Hope the upcoming year is full of all good things and lots of sunshine. Both bunnies are lovely! What a nice giveaway!


Oh my- this would be better than winning the lottery!!
I love them both, but if I had to choose- the white :)
This is just too generous- your creations are the most amazing ever!


happy birthday and thank you for sharing the joy by offering up one of your lovely bunnies. i promise to love and cherish the white one if lucky enough to be chosen!


They are adorable. I like the pink one!

Vallen Queen

Hey, we have the same birthday but I am, ahem, a tad older!!! Happy birthday season to you. I find offering a season makes it easier for people to get gifts to you on time.

Hilary S

Happy (belated) Birthday! Sorry the rain's got you down - if only you could send it my way, I'm dying here in the heat. It's almost too much to go out and water the plants! My daughter is all about bunnies, so either would be fantastic for her to love on.


These are too darn cute. I think I suffer from CRAP too, and also CHAP (consistent heat affected person). Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm too late, but I'm still going to try for the little pink bunny.

Happy birthday! I'm sure you are quite hot! :o)


oh yes, pick moi! pink please. i would too crack some bubbly but have school run to do - officer, please pick up my children!

happy birthday!!!


Oh, I love the white one! And, in 26 days I'll be 48, too. Enjoy your blog and Happy Birthday!


Rachael Rabbit

How many comments? I fear I have no chance to win such gorgeous bunnies!


Hi! Happy belated birthday!! I love your blog (i am a lurker!) hehe Hope your day was fabulous!

.. Pink... no white.. oh gosh - i love them both! OKAY PINK!! hehehe


Oh the white one is so lovely!! And a very happy belated to you! <3


Please, please, pleaase let it be me.

Your blog makes me smile inside. Thank you and Happy birthday to you!


Happy Birthday! I love the bunnies and I would have to say the white one is my favorite! Hope you get some sunshine soon!


Oh, it's still Tuesday here . . . and I'm crossing my fingers right now that the random number generator thingie chooses me -- and I choose the pretty white fuzzy one. (Crossing fingers and keeping them crossed.)

And Happy Birthday to you, hot one!


Happy b-day Lynn! long time lurker, I just adore everything you create and write..thanl you for making me laugh so!


i would LOVE to have one of your twinnies!!!


oh and happy birthday!!!!!!!


Happy birthday Lynn! Hope you had a lovely day. I am awfully late on this but isn't it nice to spread out a birthday over several days. xx


Happy Birthday!! Those bunnies are utterly adorable!!


Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

I hope the weather clears up and your C.R.A.P. with it. I think I might suffer from that as well.... ;)


Today is my birthday too - 08/01 except I turned 52. Happy birthday to us (singing). Adorable bunnies. Sorry I was late for the giveaway. I'll be watching for the next one!

love janet

happy belated birthday! i love those sweeties!!

greedy nan

Ah yes, 48. Not sure if I remember that number or not now. Age gets you like that eventually!


You've got so much talent! I LURVE both but i guess i would prefer the pink though:) Anyway, Hapi Burffday!


I've been suffering from C.R.A.P. this week, too! I love both of those cuties though I may be a tad partial to the white one. Happy birthday!


i love the pink one but would take either- sooooo cute!


Who can choose just one? They are both so precious. I'd pick the pink one, though.

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