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Happy Birthday. I am coming out of lurkdom to say how much I enjoy your blog and hopefully win that little pink bunny.


pink please! and i just want to say that as a long time lurker, i thoroughly enjoy your wonderful sense of humour. reading your blog brings a smile to my face:)


Re - your bad mood. It has been non stop raining here in New Zealand, in fact we just had another severe storm warning... I think for the weather report they should forgo the person and the fancy graphics and display 2 warnings: rain + storm. LOL. 27 wet children inside a classroom all day every day is NOT GOOD! So I totally understood your grump! If you are posting internationally and I am lucky enough I would love the white baby :)

the pesky bombolino

Ha! C.R.A.P!!! I have that too!

corine@hidden in france

sorry about the C.R.A.P. You made me laugh. Congratulations on being 48, and H.O.T.


Happy Birthday!!
I love the white one!


I am unashamedly delurking because I have been lusting after one of your little toys for months.

Months I tell ya!

Either one.

Oh - and Happy Birthday btw...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! So glad the sparkly alcoholic beverage and red bag put you in a better mood. I love those little bunnies. As a breast cancer survivor I'm partial to pink....pick me, pick me!



Happy birthday! I hope your lifted moods will lead to more blog posts! I'm a serious lurker on your blog, but have missed the beautiful things you post! Anyway, I would love to receive the white bunny. Although I love pink, it's more likely that my little girl will not be interested in the white girl, and I will not have to constantly refuse to let her play with it! Oh, who am I kidding, she'd fall in love with it, just as I have!


Happy Birthday!!!
Just love your website and your work. I'm always checking back to read and see more. Both are adorable...I guess I like the white one just a little more than the pink one...but I don't know why!


Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one!

I'd be over the moon if I won, so I hope you pick me!


Happy Birthday. C.R.A.P --- VERY funny!! Love both of the girls ...


OMG! How cute...the pink one of course:)

Rita Nascimento

Happy Birthday all the way from Portugal! Love your blog and LOOOOVE the pink baby rabbit! Congratulations on your work - especially LAVENDER BABY...


So cute, you are very talented and it looks like you must have really good eye site!


CRAP eh? I didn't know there was a name for it, but I'll have to admit that I am a fellow sufferer! You crack me up with those lovely posts of yours, and I'm sure your're very hot indeed, so have a very happy birthday!
I love the little pink rabbit - she is so sweet with the soft brown underside of her little ears.


Aw, Happy Birthday Lynn! Am feeling your pain over the current weather, if it keeps up like this I'm gonna develop webbed feet. I hope you had a great day in the end and if you happen to pick me from the hat I'd be delighted to adopt the little white rabbit, aw heck, I'd be more than delighted to re-home either og the little cuties.


Happy birthday!! I do hope the rain stays away! We have had sea fog most of this week up here on the east coast of Scotland - even on the days it was 25 degrees everywhere else!

It would have to be white for me!


I would love the white one....but of course they are both lovely!


Wow, these are awesome creations. What a rockin give away! I'll give a very good home to either of them. Think slightly like the white one more, but that is just because I had a white bunny when I was a kid.


what sweet little bunnies!
nice to be able to put a name to my affliction too!
little pink bunny she is such a cutie!

Amy Wingate

Happy Birthday, fellow Leo!!! Today is my neices' b-day, too. Mine is Aug. 22. I adore both sweet bunnies!! I'll keep my fingers crossed!! Amy Wingate.


LOVE them both, and if I completely luck out and am chosen, Miss Pink would go perfectly with my 45 year old pink stuffed dog (yep, given to me when I was a wee baby). :)


Happy Happy Birthday! So glad the sun came out to help you celebrate

I would love either of your little bunny girls but if I have to choose I choose white.

May you have many blessing this next year.


You are so talented. Pink one please, but only because I know I'll have to share with my little girl.

Lynn in Tucson

Have a fabulous, fabulous birthday! I'M grateful for the occasion, because I miss you when you don't post. Glad you're on the mend.

(Should it be my name randomly chosen, I'd be grateful for that, too! I'd love the white one.)


Your bunnies are so cute! I'm glad to see you've gotten some crafty time in along with all of your vacuuming. I really like the white one, and I look forward to your return to this blog. I've been checking in almost daily, just in case. I love reading about your adventures.


Happy Birthday to you!! Sounds like you had a super-duper one. :-D
Sweet little bunnies. I like the white. And I like the pink too. White most.


Oh, they are both so-o-o adorable! Happy Birthday!!! I hope that the weather clears up for you. I am definitely using your CRAP diagnosis...too funny!


Happy Birthday! You know, on your b-day WE are supposed to be giving the gifts, not you. :)
I have a pet white bunny, so I guess that I am naturally biased toward the little white one, too.


Happy Birthday, enjoy the fizzy! Oh, they are both adorable, but I think I like the white one best.


Both bunnies are stunning, but there is always something about the color pink that calls out to me!

bonser girls

i wonder if you got my email? this is my first time at leaving you a comment. since i found you yesterday i will be looking at your blog each time i log on, my new fav thing to do 'blog surfing'! i just showed your bunnies to my 6 year old and she likes the white but i am partial to the pink. i dont know how you could give them away but they would have great company on our hutch along with our tea cup mice and easter bunnies, oh and my hand made ginger bread man. happy birthday. xxmmmwwwwaaa rosey, and lili, bonser girls

li li

Happy Birthday!! I love the pink bunny!! ^o^


Glad your feeling better & happy birthday!

I love both of those girls so either would be wonderful :)

Bridget Speek

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I check on your blog and LOVE it!!

Hope your birthday is wonderful!

P.S I like both bunnies, but LOVE the pink little one! :)


Hope the remainder of your birthday was a wonderful one!
I would burst if I won the pink girlie.


Oh my goodness you are so generous Lyn! And Happy Birthday! I would be happy to win either of these lubbley bunnies (though truthfully it seems cruel to separate them!) I think that they will have to write to each other regularly when the dreadful time comes.

Dear random number generator - please pick me!


Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is August 3rd and I'll be 33. Pink!

Ana Lilia

happy birthday!! i enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you make! in particular, these little mohair dolls that you make. they are both so cute! but if i am lucky to win one, i think i would choose the pink one.


Ooh, the white one! They're so cute! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Yay! you're posting again!

I've taken a shine to the white one. They're bith sweet.

Don't stay away so long! We miss you!


Loves them! Loves them so much I will even leave a comment when I would normally just giggle softly to myself and wish I had the guts to leave a comment.


Happy BDay! + wishing you all the best!!!
They both are so cute, but the white one is just so darn cute))))


Happy Birthday. Hope the rain ends. We deal with constant 60 degree fog here ALL SUMMER. I have the C.F.A.P disorder - same as yours but with a lisp :-)

I love the pink girl. My fingers are crossed.

And Thank you.


What a sweetie you are giving a present on your birthday! Cheers to you! And I do love the pink one.


So cute, almost a pity to split them up! The white one, the pink one? Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! Those bunnies are beyond adorable; I love them both.


Happy Birthday!! White or pink, they are both to die for!!


Fancy food and fizz, what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Both are lovely, but little pinkie is very sweet.

Kati from Finland

Oh boy! Bunnies are so adorable and I just love bunnies!
I love them both too, but IF I must to one.

Happy Birthday too!!!!!!!


Oh wow, my daughter would take the pink one and I would never see it again. Shouldn't this be loved and adored, but not destroyed? I pick the white one. They certainly are super wonderful - both of them.


Happy Birthday! Don't you know, you should be receiving presents, not giving them. :)
Those buns are too cute! I have a pet bunny that is white, so I am definitely biased towards the little white one.

3 to get ready

Happy Birthday! My husband's is tomorrow, so you're in good company. Thanks for a great giveaway -- as if I could choose between them! But um, white, I guess, if I HAVE to choose!

Hope your BD was a good one!


how cute! the pink one is especially darling. happy birthday!


If only we could trade our weather when we want to, we could really use a long day of rain here. Congrats on your b-day! As far as the giveaway, if I happen to win I'll let you choose, they're just too cute to choose between.


Happy birthday! My birthday is at the end of the month (35 for me, AARGH!) and I am hoping for a little fabric to come my way from my loved ones!

Love both of the little lovelies, but there is something about the pink one!

Hope you enjoyed your special day!


HOLY sh*T! Seriously??? I would absolutely die to receive such a beauty. Either one. You choose, should I be so lucky! Good lord, you rawk. So sorry to hear about the rain. You'll just have to travel somewhere warmer for your birthay!!! Happy Birthday. :-)


I think I suffer from C.R.A.P too, in particular the Sudden Downpour variation which means it only rains just when school finishes or when i want to leave the house. Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy all the food and drink.


Oh my! Both are so sweet and precious!
So glad you are enjoying your birthday.


Poor little things, going to be separated so.

I bet they will feel C.R.A.P when it is time to go... ho hum, I guess that's life when your stuffed.

Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful week....

best w.



Cheers and Happy Birthday! Too cute to choose...well, if I HAD to, the little white bunny. We had a little white bunny named Sushi who died a few months back, so I'm partial.

Dawn McDowell

Oh they are the sweetest things! the tiny pockets just make me smile! I would love the pink one. She makes me think of powder and apple blossoms and cotton candy!

So glad you are feeling better!


happy birthday my dear lyn, please put the raggy rat lady in the draw for one of the twins, a shame you have to split them up but they wont learn any bad habbits off each other that way (says mum of twins) ... if i win ill call her mary after baby number 4 who needs more cool stuff. hope wine hit the spot xxx cat xxx


the white one!no!the pink one!hang on-thewhite-no,!!either one!!and if i'm lucky enough that she needs posting to n.z. i'll send the postage...or maybe i should just come and get her.....hmmm..and Happy Birthday!


Hope you have an ab fab birthday. Blow those candles out with gusto !!!!!!!!!
And if i was to choose, i would think little Miss Pink ( the she with max attitude).


A very sweet Happy Birthday to you :)
and wow greats presents you received and what a sweet attention for the present you'll give :)
Your creation are so lovely (to choose : impossilbe)

Shelley Gardner

Hooray for birthdays and giveaways!
Don't you just love the fact that masess of random bloggers can celebrate your birthday with you!
Thanks for the chance to play party games -


Ooooh I love the pink one. She's just too darn cute.



I am glad you are feeling better!

I think I would like the white one mopst. But I love them both, they are so cute!


Happy Birthday!! Love them both epecially the pink one.


Happy Birthday Chookie!
Both little girls are sweet, but if I absolutely had to pick...hmmm, the white one.
Hope the sun stays out to play :)


The white one is gorgeous. But the pink one has a certain cute something. But the white one really is cute. But the pink one tugs my heartstrings. But the white one has joie de vivre. But the pink one has je ne sais qua.Ok, I'd love the pink one. Oh but hang on, I'd love the white one.Pink please.No, white please.Or maybe pink.
Or white.
Or pink.
I can go on like this for quite a while you know.


Happy Birthday! Sounds like a good one.

I love the little white bunny- so cute!

tracey d

happy birthday! i hope you have a lovely day! I too am in my 40's but not usually so hot but boy in this weather i'm steaming hot!!!!! should i be lucky enough to win I really don't mind which colour but the little pink munchkin sure is cute!!!! tracey d


Happy Birthday! Although I think I prefer the rain to the heat of the last week or two ;-) Love the white bunny - it would be perfect for my baby daughter!


Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a fabulous day :) Both the bunnies are very cute but the pink one is my favourite! x


I don't know that I can take the karmic responsibility for separating these two, they look to me like they were meant to stay together.

As exquisitely lovely as they are.

And as chuffed as I'd be to actually OWN an authentic Mollychicken (beware of imitations).

Happy birthday, you hot 48 year old.

And relieved I am to hear that there is such a thing as hot 48 year old, pushing 45 as I am.

Caron Mosey

Oh, they are both so cute, but Samantha would love the pink one!!! Happy Birthday!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So glad you're back again, you make me chuckle so much. Love the stuff you make. I like both the Marshmallow Bunneh and the Snowflake Bunneh, so would be happy with whichever you select!
Have a delicious and sparkly day...
Ash :-)


I love them both, so either would be fantastic! I'm in Australia, but I would gladly pay postage if you are OK with that. I love your blog, but the way, and Happy Birthday!


Oh, they are both so lovely. I couldn´t decide which I do love more. It´s always fun to look at your Blog, I like to read every post!
Greetings from Germany

The Queen

Leo's, I lurve leo's. They are so funny, kind, generous and have the most wonderful eyes to look into. Happy birthday, I'm sure you keep your youthful appearance by being so full of life.
I am quite enamored with the pink one, she has such a sweet personality which I am sure is a reflection of your talent. And those clothes... I just love the way you make their clothes. :)


Happy Birthday!!!!! I love the pink bunny but both are very beautiful!!!!!


Happy Birthday! :-) Have been feeling your pain with the British rain (that rhymes :-) lately!

The bunnies are ADORABLE - they remind me of "Bunny", a cuddly rabbit I gave my sister (now 30 and also a fan of your blog) when she was born. I'd love to win either one, but the white one is especially cute!


Happy, happy birthday, enjoy your fizzy!

my little babyboy Wolf is crazy about little white bunnies!

chears, Daan


Happy Birthday to you! I was just looking around your blog and I have to say that quilt in Molly's room is the bestest quilt I've seen. I'm usually not a huge fan of patchwork but that one really took my fancy.


Super cute twins-how can you separate them? Good to see that you are really having a HAPPY birthday. I hate cleaning, cooking and rain too...maybe we could form a club. Loving the kittens from the last post too. And if I am so lucky, I really don't mind.


I love the white one. Happy Birthday!!


Oh happy birthday to you! You always make me laugh. I so enjoy your posts, even if I'm too lame to comment. :/
I love both of the bitty bunnies.


Happy birthday!

You've made some very, very, very cute bunnies. If I'm unspeakably lucky the pink one would be best suited to our household. White is just asking for trouble in a house with two small girls and a mischievious kitten.

Sarah Elizabeth

THe pink one is so sweet!!!!


Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your champagne!

Your post, as always, brought a smile to my face, so thank you for that.

Both of these bunnies are the epitome of adorable, but...I asked my sweet DD to choose & her favorite is the white.


Happy Birthday and love love your sweet little creations. I like the wee pink one.


I always enjoy reading your blog as much as reading a Raffaella Barker book! I like the white bun for the raffles sake... thank you and a very happy *hic* birthday!

elizabeth holcombe

Happy Birthday!~~~We are both 1960 girls!~~~XXOO, Beth


the white one please!
and: i hope your birthday was ace


That little pink bunny wants to come live with me! (I'm generally not a fan of pink, but it just works for bunnies.)


(This doesn't count for the contest, but I forgot to say "Happy Birthday!" I'm having one of those myself next week.)


Happy birthday!
And the same in Finnish:
Hyvää syntymäpäivää!

The white bunny is so sweet, but so is the pink one... ooohhh.. ummm.. maybe the white one :)

I stop by here weekly, but don't usually comment.. bad bad me. I am an admirer of your work.
And I think I'll do make a G&T also so I can toast your birthday, a day late, heh.

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