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Happy birthday. My friend fosters rabbits for the RSPCA so we go over to her house for a bunny cuddle. My youngest has just learned to say 'nijn' which means rabbit and she would love to have a cuddly nijn of her own. Your ones are as sweet as pie.


Reading your blog is a joy!! Happy Birthday!


I adore your blog! The pink bunny would be right at home here in Sunny California (her color could match my sunburn, and my daughter would be smitten!)


p.s. we would of course pay for her ticket here ;)


Happy birthday! I am a big fan of your work and can't believe you are actually giving away these cuties!
They are both adorable but my favourite is the white one :)


Happy Birthday! I am a new reader but have heard of you before so was intrigued. I'd like the white one, please, if I win. Thank you :)


What a sweet giveaway! It's tought to choose, but I'm partial to the white one.

Hope you had a lovely birthday, and here's wishing you some sunshine soon : )


Happy Birthday. 48 you say, I'd swear you looked 32 tops...well I would if I'd ever seen you. I love your blog and couldn't resist entering for the little white bunny, especially as it was my little girl's birthday yesterday.
Hope you had a bubbly day.

Katelyn Thomas

Oh, the pink one. So sweet!


I love them both, but if I had to choose, I think it would be white. Happy Belated Birthday.


I wish you a very happy birthday! I love your little "babies". Thanks for the opportunity!


HAPPY B-DAY! The rain will go away soon so you can have a lot more happy days!!!


Such cuties. You're so generous. I'd love to have the white one for my sweet little girl.


I can't decide! Choose for me!
Happy Birthday (I am 50 in 2 weeks so I understand).


happy birthday! i love the white one!


I love both of them, Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! The two little bunnies are so cute I couldn't possibly choose between them, even if I was lucky enough to be the one who won one of them!


happy birthday ~~

Hopw your wish came true

Love ur pinky little bunny


ooh, happy birthday! (I like the white one)

katie e.

oooh i love the little white girl


darn right 48 is Hot! At least it had better be-I'm 46 and want to be a Fab 50
I would love either of these mini precious bunnies for my grand daughter,Miss Sadie!
you get to continue celebrating your birthday for at least a week after 40!


Happy birthday - hope the fizzy was fabulous! I can't believe you're making us choose between those two lovelies! But I think I like the white one.


Oooh, I love the little pink one!!! She's so cute!

Glad you're feeling better, happy birthday! :D


Happy Birthday, and I'm happy for you it was a great day!
The little pink bunny is totally adorable,would she like to come and live with me? :D

Holden Costas

hi. i love them. i am four and want to sleep with her. she would like my pooh bear.
love, holden

Samantha R

Well, wouldn't winning one of those darlings be amazing! That certainly would brighten up my day.

And, Happy Birthday. I've been admiring your crafty handwork for quite some time now.
Hope the next few days will be pleasant for you as well. That nasty rain. Summer here seems like winter as well... darn Oregon.


Happy B-day wishes!
Thats so sweet to share your day with a giveaway!
If pressed, I would choose the pink bunny but have equal love for the white one too!
Have a great day!

barbara brown

the little white bunny's callin her mama's name. i can hear her ever so whispy voice. oh she's hungry and wants a carrot to nibble.


beautiful bunnies, pink if it's going, I love molly chicken!


Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.
Both the bunnies are adorable, but if I was lucky enough to win the random generator thingy I'd have to pick the white one.


Happy Happy Birthday!!

The buns are so so cute, but I have to say, the white one steals my heart!


Hope you had a great day! If they're still up for adoption, bless them, I'd love a chance. The pink one is more me and reminds me of bardy - a rabbit I had when I was a baby. x



Happy Birthday!!
I love your blog and have been having severe withdrawal symptoms during your period of C.R.A.P.ness - you are an inspiration to me dusting off my sewing machine and rediscovering a love affair with fiddling and creating stuff. Thank you. Oh and I would love either bunny but the white one has the edge.


Ok, happy birthday old tart :o) and randomise me baby. Here's to sharing the C.R.A.P.


oh gosh! how exciting : )'s like trying to choose a kitten, I love them both.... Can't tell you which I'd prefer. I predict a (heat)wave of warm karma is coming your way! x


Happy Birthday! I've enjoyed your blog for the past year and admired your incredible work. I'd be thrilled to own either bunny and give her a very good home!


ohohhhh it s ur birthday and you give away those fluffies how kind...
joyeux anniversaire bientot alors
I like both maybe the little white
I just created my blog about vintage and fabrics and linked you .merci beaucoup


I am so glad to see you are still making all those lovely animals.
I wish you a very very happy birthday , you only look 30 !


Happy birthday! Hooray for Leos (I'm one, too)!

And I think they're both absolutely adorable. :-)


Omg! i love the pink bunny. I love your blog and read it all the time .Hope i win i just love the bunnys.


Happy birthday! The little white bun very closely resembles our own May Day...



Is it too late to say Happy Birthday? Well, Happy Birthday anyway.

As to those little lovely, adorable animals, ummm... THE WHITE RABBIT, PLEASE, OH, PRETTY PLEASE.


Love them both - but I'd especially love the little pink cutie!


Happy Birthday! Your blog is fantastic--I've been reading it all the way from China (I have to use a proxy to get around that whole ban-on-all-things-blog...).

The white one is too cute for words. I sure hope the rng picks me!


Happy, Happy Birthday! I really enjoy your blog! I like pinkie:)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Women in their 40's are definitely hot...I should know. The pink little girl is absolutely lovely.

Enjoy your day.


Oh my, I've been obsessing over your little bears for SO LONG and would love to own the little white one! But either one would be lovely.


Happy Birthday! Both of your bunnies are irresistable... but I think I prefer the white. :)


I have a friend who has a little girl who would love the white one <3


Happy Belated Birthday!! Your work is gorgeous! I am absolutely smitten with the little white one.


Glad you had a great b-day!!! My daugther loves bunnies so I don't care which one you send if I win.
they both are adorable.

Account Deleted

Happy Birthday!!

And, the white one....or the pink, the white one. They're both so very sweet!


Oh such lovely, lovely darlings. Both so terribly sweet, but I do really love the white one.


I've been lurking your journal for so long now (I know- creepy right? Well you're hilarious!) and just loving up each bear and bunny you make; I ADORE all of them! If the random generator *crossing fingers* picked me I'd be so so happy to even pay for shipping to have the little white bunny come my way. I'd be thrilled to have one of your beautiful creations to call my own. Thank you for the chance at an amazing giveaway!


You made me laugh so much - glad you're feeling better!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

Love the pink bunny (and the white one!)

Traci Severson

Those bunnies are absolutely adorable and it's hard to choose which one I would like - white would be my choice!

Thanks for inspiring us!

Lindsey in AL

Happy belated birthday!! Trust me, being a mere 3 days behind is a new record for me. Some of the nicest, smartest and best-looking people I know were born in August so you're in good company.

I like the pink sweetie better even if winning would mean hiding, I mean sharing her, with my 3 year-old pink-lover.


Oh my, I found you on flickr, looking for toys for baby not yet conceived lol - You make such gorgeous toys!

No etsy shop? I haven't looked throughly yet, but hoped for a link to one on your profile and came here!

I moved from one town to another because it wouldn't stop raining, and it really affected me after over a year living there. - I completely understand your dilema..

Seeing you're doing a giveaway I cannot miss this chance, white or pink, I adore them both! It doesn't matter which!



Happy Birthday! I love your softies. I prefer the white bunny (shh, don't tell the pink one).


Whichever one is your favorite-I will take the other! :)

Lisa Sunday Rinella

I love them both!!!! My four year old daughter says the pink one is her "especially favorite" one though. Birthday best to you and wishes for more dry weather coming your way.


The white one, methinks! Though I love the pink one, too!


Happy Birthday!

I love the pink one. Then I wouldn't have to share her with the boys in my house.

Lasso the Moon

Wow. So exciting! I would love the pink one! I just want to pinch that little fuzzy face!


I've just discovered your blog it wonderful. I'm liking the little white guy, how cute they are. I'm already using your mothers day tutorial as a small gift for a couple of my nieces. Love it!!


ooh, the little pink one. happy birthday! may days of sunshine follow.


I would go for the pink. Thank you for the giveaway. LOVE your blog.

Wonders Never Cease

Happy Birthday, girl!
Both the girls are cute as can be.
And so are you!

carol rose

Yes, I want one of these little girls! The White One with the Pink Dress. I would be HONORED!!!


Hippo Birdie! This would be the type of bunny I would not be alergic to - The little white one is my favorite! What a fun thing to do!


Happy Birthday, Lynn! How I wish we could exchange places for a moment--here in Las Vegas the sun never quits!

I hope you have a lovely day...I simply adore your blog!


Oh, what a delightful give away! If I should be so lucky as to win I would be thrilled to peices over either one of these sweet dear creations!

I just cracked up over your incredible wit! Thank you for sharing your talents and humor and have a most wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Of course you're hot. So's that little white girl...

Well... That came out a bit peculiarly...

Molly McB

The white one, pretty pleese!


I'd be happy with either the pink or the white but I guess if I'm chooing, then the white. Love me some bunnies. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! I love all the little animals and things you create, these bunnies are just adorable. I love the pink one the best but they're both super cute.


happy birthday to you!
i hope you have a fantastic year.

and the pink is too cute...
as is the white...


I would like one of those bunnies please. Pink is my favorite color. I am 6 and I think everything you make is so so cute. Thank you.

rebekah emard

Happy Happy Birthday!
If I win I just can't imagine how I'll choose which little baby I want! I LOVE them both! I don't think they should be separated...They're too darn cute together!


Have a wonderful birthday!!!!
Love the little ladies, I like them both, but I think I like the little pink one more.

Enjoy your day!!!


Happy Birthday!
And I think the white one is really cute!


Oooh they are so cute. I can't pick a favourite. I will have which ever one the other winner doesn't want.


oh! happy birthday! they are both very pretty girls but i think, by a very slight margin, i prefer the white bunny. they are both adorable!!


Happy birthday!! I love the white little guy!!


Happy Birthday!! Hope you had fun!!
these little babies are absolutely adorable! love the pink one!

Patricia Carter

The PINK one! She has that "take me home" look. Plus her cousin lives at my house (Tilly Bear, one of the Trouble triplets.) Maybe I don't deserve another...sniff...but my daughter Fiona disagrees. Happy Birthday!


Happy belated birthday to a lovely lady. Your blog is a spot of sunshine in my day. And look at little pinkie, I swear he is waving at me from that photo!


I meant to say "SHE"! Darn typing fingers and wine...


You don't look a day over 33!

The pink one.

Happy freakin' birthday!!

Lesley-Anne Gilbert

Love the little bunnies very very very much. I can just imagine
'sweetie-belle' thats what i've named her (the pink one) sitting on my windowsill watching the world go by. Glad you had a happy birthday the Cath Kidston bag sounds gorge.

Karen C

pinkie is a cutie xoxo


either. they are just so darn cute!


Happy Birthday to you!! Have a great day...enjoy the fizzy :)
p.s....i adore the white one!

Sandi A.

Your post made me giggle! The bunnies are almost too cute to separate but if one had to come and stay with me it would have to be the little pink one and she would be named "miss pinky" for sure.


What a great pressie idea from your sister! I'II have to remember that one. I'd love the white one if I win, im sure my little ones will try and claim it. But I wont let them!! Happy Birthday....


Awwww they are both so so cute. The white one would feel very at home lying on my red and white quilt.

Jessica F

I'm in love with the white one, but they look like they should be together forever!

madame chocolat

Joyeux anniversaire!
(the white one is so so so so cute!)


well. i've been reading your blog regularly and have really been enjoying it a lot. I just never left a comment. seeing your give-away this morning made me think this might be the right moment to start. have a nice birthday. erika


The pink one is just gorgeous! I adore your blog! :)

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