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Congrats to ihanne and once again, you're so sweet :) have a nice day ;)


Wow nothing like a giveaway to elicit 459 comments!! That's insane. Congrats inhanne, you lucky thing.


inhanna you are a luck gal.
Take good care of that bunny
or you will have 458 very
willing families that will take
her off your hands for a swift
adoption.LOL! I know she will
be loved. Love your site.
Thanks for a thrilling weekend,
it would have been dull if we
did not have the giveaway to
talk about. * thanks for sending
the rain this way lots of storms
and a tornado.*

charlotte lyons

a day late and a comment short....but here now to say- the twins are a darling pair! xoC

The Chatty Housewife

Congrats ihanne! You are lucky. :)


Congratulations Ihanne!!!


thanks for creating such a great blog to browse through. rosey.


Hi.I'm looking for a friend.Do you accept?Please mail me your answer.
Thanks a lot
Good Luck


so many comments, you will have to post more to keep us all happy :-)
have a good week, and when you get back add me to 'bootilicous blogs' so i can stop crying that i dont have your bunny :,-)

Wonders Never Cease

What a lucky bunny she is!


I would really like to pass on an award to you. I started looking at other blogs, but mainly yours, about a year ago and then decided to take the plunge and start my own. So I would like to pass it to you for your inspiring ideas and your very honest posts. They always make me smile.
Best wishes

frances Atkinson

Welcome back and Happy Birthday! x


Lucky girl! I wuld love to have won one of those lovely bunnies!!



Congrats to the winners, they've got to be happy!


Thanks for having such a lovely sense of humor!


you must have so much fun giving stuff away i would like to but not sure if anyone would want my stuff or if anyone looks at my site in the first place. thanks again for sucha great blog. mmwah rosey


Belated happy birthday!
I hope you had a great day.
And congrats to lucky ihanne!

Hanne from Heaven & Earth

Hello, just want to tell you all that one rosy, little bunny has just arrived sound and safe here after a long journey! She has now been properly introduced and adored in our family – and luckily she seems very satisfied to be her. Maybe one day you’ll just discover her appearance somewhere at my blog. One never knows….

Dear Lynn, thanks so much for sending her!



It's WAAAAY later and it's past next week.

(knocks on monitor)
Hellloooooo? Come back, please!?!?!


Whoa. I missed a give-away?! Fooey. But looking at your lovely pics is enough to make my day totally!!!! I love your blog =)

The Vintage Kitten

Hi, I stumbled across your blog and had a chuckle at the condition you suffer from. I suffer from P.R.A.T.T - Pouring Rain All The Time. 465 comments on a giveaway that must be a record!

Helen Lambert

I have just found your blog via Nicky vintage magpie - you are a woman after my own heart and your blog made me howl with laughter!
thank you for the laughter and the wonderful pictures I am going to make the pom poms with my crafty minded 11 year old this weekend while dad is out at a gig bliss!

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