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Lucy Locket-Pocket

I agree!!! Hallelujah! Freedom!!!


I know exactly what you mean! Here school started a week ago, praise to whoever!


It isn't just you parents. I'm thrilled to have G back at school too! Him being on hols and me not was beginning to drive me bonkers!


the weather is cold and yucky here... so we dressed up in a super cute outfit that won't fit by halloween :D start the therapy fund now! :D


My kid is 2 and is still not going to school the whole day, just a few hours to play... and sometimes I wish he were 10 already! awaaaaaay!
Love him but....aaaah silence!

Im in The Netherlands and the weather has basically been the way you described it... grey and aweful. Today is sunny...but kids have already gone back to school.


yay for school!!!


Yes! You are back! Thank you school! I'll be looking forward to seeing your "chap-tut(orial)" ;-)

Mama Urchin

I'm with you although I had more like 12 weeks. Although, I do have fewer children.

Helen Shields

Ooh so with you on that front ;) glad to see you are back. Quick question, where did you get the grey and white fabric from? just painted my bedroom in Smoke Tree grey by Farrow and Ball and have purchased Cath Kidston's sheets in grey and white polka dot (God it took me months to save up for those!). I wanted to make some funky cushions but can't seem to find any grey polka dot fabric and then I come to your blog. Know you are probably busy but if you could let me know that would be great.

Thanks looking forward to your tutorial


my daughter started half-day pre-k last week. woohoo! however, full day would be pretty sweet. very soon though. i think half-day kindergarten is an hour longer than half-day pre-k for some reason.

i'm rambling!

i agree, thank goodness for school!

(i'm de-lurking myself. love your blog!)


I'm glad you're back, I love your sense of humour........... it reminds me of the time I lived in the UK!!!!


I agree, school is a haven for frazzled mother's! I've been thrilled because my 3 old won't fight with me like she does with her sister. It's been a hell of a summer! Woo hoo, fall!


that little chap is adorable. I can't wait to make one.


What a cute looking little chap.


What a cute looking little chap.


I agree, a cute looking chap indeed - looking forward to the tutorial!


I am sooooo glad I'm not the only one.School rocks.Especially high school, that with bus rides etc it gives me an extra 2 hours!! Can't wait for the little two to start aswell.Umm wonder if I can fast track them....?


My English is not very good but I guess I understood the most of what you said ;) I do agree with you !!! and I'm even sure that my boys agree too ! Hahaha ! rain in (little) Britany too ...
PS : Thank you for your good mood ... I love your creations !
I hope that you'll understand something of what I write ;)


at last you're back:) i am a primary school teacher so when you dont have them i do, dont worry i treat them like they are my own precious babies. cant wait to see the tutorial you are so very clever.xx


I have a small army so I'm with
yah'~! I still have little ones
at home too.
I feel dread too though
when school started back this year.
All the work of getting them up
fed dressed and out on
time with all of my little ones too it is a bit
much. But when nap time comes
am I on the computer? nope I am
naping too! Love naps!!!
You know you are old when a nap
sounds good in the morning!!
LOL! Love the little chap does
he have a sister?? (I got girls
and a 2 year old little chap
of my own.) LOVE YOUR SITE.


Ditto ! Think my kids are as relieved as me to be back to school.


Go School! My 2 went back on Monday too, and it wasn't a minute too soon, they've been fighting like 2 cats in a bag for weeks. A little disturbing that my "baby" is in secondary school now though

Helen Lambert

While you are all celebrating - Just spare a thought for the poor teachers
with love from an already frazzled secondary school drama teacher!!!!!!!!


thank god you are still alive. I began to worry that the rainguys had kidnapped you to their watercastle.

Hé here school also started last week after almost 9 weeks. I gave a big party for myself the first day school started again.

Look forward to your tutorial ( as always)


Cute! can't wait to see your tutorial. :)


You are hilarious! I felt your pain this summer! Boy did I ever!


Phew! that summer has battered a few of us! There must have been something in the air. Aside from the rain!


Yee Ha! Totally agree. What a dire summer. My brain is very slowly clearing from all the bickering. Oh well, onwards and upwards...I like Autumn better anyhow...

Linda Lum DeBono

What a cute little chap!


I relate to you on the vacation issues. My fairies started to turn into goblins by the end of the summer vacation. I can't wait to see your tutorial. I'll check again on Friday


Haha. You're happy to be rid of the scrapping kids. I have one daughter but I don't get rid of her because she goes to the school where I teach! Good grief, what was I thinking?

Oh well, it's good for all of us to be back in a routine. Right?


dearest kindred spirit, glad to have you and your humour back, a fabulous Fri morn giggle Mx


Ha!!!!! Yes I'm with you on the school thing. My 3 had reached the edge of sanity with all the rain and too much of one another.
Looking forward to the tutorial.


Whenever I was complaining about school as a kid I was told that it was Charlemagne (Kaiser Karl V.), who invented school and that I should complain to him... Today, summer holidays definitely feel waaaays longer to me (not to my kids though...they could have gone on and on. Despite of the grey weather we had here in Germany, too).

Glad, that you are back!


Accidentially came across you blog the other day... And was hooked in minutes.Have read through most of it by now - you are so talented, inspiring and most og all - some wonderfully hilarious remarks scattered through you posts! Thanks for a lot of laughs, smiles and good ideas.
And have a nice weekend, hopefully you will have a wee bit of sunshine - in Denmark the weather has also be crappy for months, so expecting nothing else.. !


Just tried to comment on the tutorial post and it would let me, so I'll stick it here:

How exciting! I am finishing up a hedgie baby gift of a quilt and shirt - this will be a perfect addition! (I'm glad to see you back in the blogging world - will you have any little creatures up for purchase soon??)


you are all mocking me! My kids were to be back 2 weeks ago but the teachers are on strike (we support them but...) Think of me!


You crack me up for telling it like it is!
Just wished you posted more....

laura Strickler

I'm adding my singing here too! Even though they're only two years old! And it's only preschool! Fa la la la la!!


I used to think that way too when my children were smaller. But I've just started working at school full-time (haven't done that since before my eldest was born 19 years ago) and I'm absolutely shattered! I'm missing my nice calm quiet daytimes!

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