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Caroline B

I'm with you there - Halloween in this country is just begging with menaces. However, thanks for the links - just printed up the Japanese mummy & dracula, we'll have fun with them later!


That really is genius, I just ignore the little blighters! *something* off is a very good idea indeed!!
Hope you have a quiet evening!!


that is hilarious!!! love it!
i avoid halloween as well. (turn off all the lights, pretend i'm not home, etc. hehe) although, we were invited to a small little party thing, and now i'm forced to find a costume, or be labelled as a party pooper. =P


I'd still trick-or-treat at your house. ;D


I'm so glad I'm not alone in being anti-halloween. My daughter has been campaigning to go trick or treating, have sent her off to a friends so I can enjoy my wine in peace!


Loved your your sign last year and made me smile again this one... Were there any relentless children still knocking at your door?


Totally agree. What a fab sign. It's not really something we celebrate over here. Although I did follow the cutest little toddler bear (?) home from the station you do...


It is hardly celebrated at all here in Australia, Happy Halloween anyhow!


I agree! We turn the lights off and hope no one knocks at the door. You should print and sell last years sign, it's very cute.


Found your blog and i just wanna say i love it! Happy Halloween! n_n

Blue Castle

I don't feel so bad now that I see I'm not nearly the only one who closes all the curtains, keeps the porch light off, and disconnects the doorbell on Halloween. :)

Your sign is great, by the way.

Amigurumi Girl

ooooh thanks for the link. Did you go through all those other paper crafts? Too too cute!


I completely agree.

Helen Lambert

I am so pleased to see someone else reject Halloween and all that goes with it - I particularly dislike trick or treat where we encourage children to pester people for treats with the threat of a trick if they dont comply. I think it must be particularly frightening for the elderly especially when its large groups of older teenagers and not little ones with parents. I am often shot down in flames for this opinion, so its great to see there are others who agree. I think the whole thing is another way of the comercial world making money! Bah Humbug!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I'm not a great fan of halloween either but I seem to have been dragged into it by the children although I have always insisted that they are never really scary and we don't go trick or treating. We are lucky because a very good friend always has a lovely party which is always fun for the children and the grown ups! Lucy x

P.S thanks for the links!


I feel dragged into it too, but I do enjoy getting dressed up. However that is just fancy dress generally. I do have great childhood memories of dunking for apples though and the apple tart with money/buttons and a ring in it. And in Ireland we carved turnips as we had no pumpkins then! hard work. The trick or treating is new though so I have less affection for that. Your sign is fab.

Rachel L

How refreshing to find some more people that don't "do" Halloween - I was beginning to think I was the only one! When I was a kid I seem to recall we did apple bobbing but that was about it. Now, we also close the curtains and ignore the doorbell!


We dont celebrate Halloween either, and its nice to hear other people dont. It was never that big in NZ, but its all in the shops now, and the kids really try to wear me down. I locked the front gates and hired Nick the Indiana Jones DVD, as a consolation. Bad mothering, but needs must!! :)


Thanks for the links. They look fun to make. I have to admit that I ignored the door on Halloween, tut tut!

kitschen pink

We love halloween! But we are so remote here that no-one comes trick or treating and when we go out it's all pre-arranged. One neighbour dresses up and answers the door by candle-light which goes down a treat! Any excuse for a party is fine with me - but I am quite glad we don't live in town! t.x

Lil' d

My American husband didn't give me the choice - our kids are growing up celebrating halloween - but it's hard to feel threatened over here, when there's hoards of cute toddlers and young kids all dressed up. The teens seem to have outgrown trick or treating long before they were big enough to be menacing...


It's an American tradition, and yet everywhere I seem to go, there is halloween merchandise in at least one aisle. It's not welcome in Australia and I wish shop owners would get that. Although I do happen to love black cats, so sometimes I'll find something in amongst all the garbage that I love. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way!

Andrea Fays

Yea!!! We too hate it, why send kids out in the freezing cold, knocking on the doors of strangers....we try and teach our chidren to not talk to strangers and then they send out little ones to go and knock them up!! Weird and such a pain in the arse when you are tucked up in for the night and they are banging on your front door looking stupid. xx


Love your sign from last year! I thought I was a loan grum avoiding halloween, great to know I am not alone.


totally agree, I'm an Halloween humbug as well, I think the little darlings where we live got the message last year,(but the car got flour and eggs on it!) as we've had no-one round this year.
Josie x


thanks for the printables
not scarey at all

tis yong man should be passing by your door soon, mrs jourassic coast ... just before he gets to mine - perhaps you could make a softie to help him reach his target for charity?

im in the list of sponsors and its on my bog too, i drew his dog flash also walking 5000 miles to raffle off big time ...

you get so much traffic on your amazing blog i would love it if you'd help or give us a nod ?

cat xxxx (so damn cheeky, but sebs a great lad)


Mmm Obama is indeed hot! A fact that is not widely reported!!


this was the only blog I found saying something like this!! I wrote my anti halloween post and mostly australians agreed with me (we dont celebrate it really and some people get ticked off with kids who do.. americanism they say :)
here is my post on my take.. personally as a Christian I cant see how christians can justify celebrating it.. no matter how "tame" their children dress

Jamie Sue

Did I ever thank you for linking to me? If I didn't I'm sorry. I should have. :)

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