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Sooo cute , yes I think she should.
Fantastic bedroom, lovely colors , I love it all.


Aaaaaw, what a beautiful room she have. My favourite part is the monster and dolls too :D

And I think she should get her pocket money ;)

Mama Urchin

Isn't that how you're supposed to tidy? Just throw everything in a closet or drawer.


LOL! My daughter tided her room but she hid everything in any bag she could find and hung them on the end of the bed or shoved them under it!
I think your girl did a lovely job of that side of the room so yes she definitely should still get her pocket money!


Wow, what a fantastic room she has!


My 8 yr. old, Emily says YES! to the pocket money! :-) Great idea with the crib. Love the dollies.


That's cleaning at my house. Move everything to our bedroom and close the door. :)


I think the part that is tidied looks marvellous, your daughter has a sense of beauty, that's obvious!
I wish my 15 year old daughter would tidy half of her room like that... And I still give her pocket money. Why, oh why?

Lucy Locket-Pocket

No!!!!! She shouldn't get ANY pocket money! She should be paying YOU to have such fabulous things in her bedroom! If I come to stay could I get pocket money to play in there?


Pretty Jane

Wow, that's a tough one. My daughter used to use this technique. As she is now 13, she has graduated to shoving things FARRR back in the closet where they can't be seen (or photographed) without superhuman effort. When she was littler (and more foolish/shortsighted), I had to resist the urge to do it for her. Perhaps a work-together-to-get-this-done compromise is in order??

Sweet, sweet room--must get so messy because she never wants to leave it!


Only if she sends Naughty Ruby to me. I still dream about that doll.

Amigurumi Girl

The tidied area looks like it belongs in a magazine lay out! So yes, she should get something. (^_^)v Tell her she'll get the rest when the other part is tidied too. hehehehe

Thalita Dol

Oh, what a lovely room!!
I agree that the tidied part looks like a magazine picture.

So pretty!

Hm, thinking how sweet the good part looks with the dollies tucked in and all, I think she should get the pocket money... But trying to think rational, maybe Amigurumi Girl had a good idea! :D

Kisses from Brazil!



Deborah Sloan(Baba)

Hmm maybe half the pocket money. Gotta teach them right and to do a complete job. Just like in the real world. The clean half looks very cute and tidy!


Oh my goodness! I LOVE her room! I don't think I would ever leave a room like that! :)

Pocket money...hmm....maybe half?


What a gorgeous room--so much color!


My babies sleep in exactly the same cot ... it was mine when I was a baby. Sadly the transfers have long since been painted out.


That is some cute tidying! This should be in a magazine. :)


I think I recognise that style of tidying. The good bit looks heavenly, so sweet.Those transfers on the cot are so cool. My little sister had ones just like it.


my two are 9 and 13
and they still use that
of cleaning.


love the room, by the way!!


Yes, she should get her money! Her room is just too cute, even when it is a bit messy~!

Kyle Kunnecke

I'd hide her pocket money in the mess on the other side of the room - and say nothing... ask her to clean the rest of the way - and when she does (or plays her way into discovering the money) she'll get a happy surprise...

it's so hard to clean your room as a kid... too many fun things to distract!


beautiful room.. I love that monster with the dollies, thats so cute... and the spoty heart on the peg..

I would probably be mean and say half the pocket money for half a cleaned room... ;o)


Well, considering the newly arranged half looks like a magazine spread I say yes! to the pocket money. That little one has a good eye :0) Maybe a cookie for tidying the rest; that would work for me! Anyway, it's an incredibly sweet little room. Hugs.


I can relate to being the mother of this kind of room-tidier! Someday we'll look back and love it. But now? Well....


Yes, her pocket money!!!!
The crib-sofa is sooooo nice that she deserves the pocket money right now... I mean... you're being late!!!!


did yo9u notice how all the messy toys are a dull boring colour compared to the tidy side. there in lies your answer, make everything bright and the room will be tidy! *^_^* i should get the pocket money for my brilliant solution... lucky lucky girl xx rosey
p.s. come visit my blog for a devishly good time wink wink


Definitely pocket-money worthy. So cute. Love the dollies with the monster. She did well.


why of course she should, there are far more important things to do than tidy, don't you agree ??? it is such a gorgeous installation of lovely bits, just ignore the rest !!!!!


My girls clean like that and what they cannot hide they chuck in their brothers room !!
I had bunny stickers like that on my wardrobe when i was younger , in fact they stayed on there until i left home ;0)


A girl after my own heart lol!
I love all her cute little bags hung up on her pegs, so cute. It's the thought that counst so i think she should get her pocket money xx


I'm on the half the room = half the pocket money side, even though I can't remember the last time I tidied up around here! Oh how mean we are. :D


It all looks so wonderful, like a great place to curl up with a good book. Great colors. I loved seeing Ruby again. Will you ever do a tutorial on how to make Ruby? Please, please. She is the cutest.


Well, the other side of the room certainly is beautiful!


Such a lovely room and so many beautiful things that you have made for your children. They are so lucky.


Definitely. She put all the cute stuff together, didn't she?

As for the other stuff, chuck it. It's obvious what she cares about. Did I just give myself an idea? I think I did. I'm going to show Miss B this post. Perhaps I'll tell her to arrange all of her really cute stuff together (like the post for example!)and anything she doesn't feel like organizing we can donate. I wonder if it'll work. Maybe if I made stuff as cute as this. Maybe.


hello !
i am so happy to see monster is with his two pretty wives, what lucky guy!
have a good day my friend!

Brenda Mercado

Yes,Yes,Yes! She did a great job; I say yes to the pocket money!

Squirrel Momma

Aww, what a great room! I say YES! to the pocket money--after all, that was some pretty creative rearranging. And perfection is highly overrated. AND I'm pretty sure--make that positive--that a messy living space is the sure sign of a brilliant artist ;)


I love all the handmades in the top photograph, very nice. Maybe your daughter should get 1/2 her pocket money for straightening 1/2 her room. :)


Wat a very sweet room and I also like what you did with Phils bed. I also have the bed from when I was a baby and I am planning to use it for when our first grandchild will be born. When the baby is to big for it I will make a bench of it like you did. Thanks for the idea.


Is she a secret blogger? That's just the way I tidy up - chuck all the mess into a corner to create a pretty area to take a photo of to post on my blog ;-)
Give her half her pocket money for tidying half the room, and add a bonus for being so crafty :-D

Charlotte Lyons (house wren studio)

Photostylist in training, she already knows the tricks of the trade: keep reality slightly out of frame. Publications pay big bucks for that.

Tiff@Three Peas

LOL at least she tried! My daughter is twelve and still does that!


Oh yes - for that effort she definitely should be rewarded her pocket money. LOL - she cleans how I do


I want this room, does it matter I'm in my 40's?????


Wow, what a gorgeous room and the clean half looks perfectly lovely! And the crib brought back memories! I used to sleep in the exact same crib when I was little! It was at my grandparent's house. Wow, I had forgotten about it until now. I wonder what ever happened to it? And how on earth did I even remember it? I am 37 years old and even if I remember it from my little sister using it she's 33. Wow. BTW, you've been tagged. Rules are posted on my blog.


It looks gorgeous, give the bairn her money ;)
Wish I could get my girls to tidy their rooms, whats the secret?


just gorgeous! Love her room! That's the way I tidy often!


Hi there I have been checking out your blog for well over a year, I found you in Embroidery Magazine.

Hope you do not mind but I have tagged you.


Lil' d

Luckily my pocket money was never dependent on my room being tidied. My mum would just sling everything on my bed so that I couldn't go to sleep until they were put away...


so cute!!! : ) adorable


Ah yes, how well I recognise that sort of tidying.

I got so excited when I saw those transfers on the cot, a weird flashback to my own cot!! I am sure our transfers where just like those.


Is it just girls, or is it just my girl, she is the same way when it comes to cleaning her room. It is also once in a blue moon. LOL. Love all of the patterns.



what an adorable room!! :) love the little couch/crib. maybe 1/2 the pocket money since she tidied 1/2 the room?? haha!


Oh you should definitely give her them pocket money. I mean what she did do was QUALITY tidy work after all! Those two 'dolly - birds' are sooooo lovely! Jen


I have tagged you, come on over and tell us more....



That cot/settee is such a good idea! And the transfers on it remind me so much of the ones that were on my cot when I was a baby!

barbara brown

could you post a full picture of the large quilt on her bed? i love what i can see of it, the colors, prints. i would love to see the pattern also. i am wanting to make one for my daughter and want to see this in full for inspiration. thank you


oh soooo beautiful....... pls send me a copy of ur patterns... or give some ideas.... i love ur work... hope will become friends... share some stuff... hehehe


her room is awesome! I would n`t mind living there a while myself :)
I must say - it inspired me!!!!!!!!!!


Our house is full of rooms which look great "if you don't look at that bit", so I definitely approve the methods Molly uses! I tend to use the same ones!
Love the colours in her quilts - where do you get all your fantastic fabrics from? Please tell!

Rachael Rabbit

Monster looks like a little boy who has been made to hold hands with icky girls ;-)

Crafty Mama Traci, My House Boutique

It's so sweet it's giving me a toothache! My daughter and I both swoon!


Oh, what a lovely room! yes she made her room look really ...alive!


I love all the details and sweet!


I keep coming back to see the photos of this adorable room. Oh, the colors! The softies! The fabrics!

What a lucky girl!


I've been reading your blog for about 2 years I think,I've never commented before but I always enjoy your humour and the adorable things you make.

I just had to comment today because I had that exact cot when I was a's such a silly little thing but it just made me want to comment today.

Michelle (Shell) May

Hey Lynn,
This room is adorable. Check out my blog if you get a second.


What a Gorgeous Bedroom! Why tidy it? It looks fine to will only be untidy again in a couple of hours!!! x


Well...the dolls were awfully cute!


Maya Hackett

For sure. And those colors & patterns all make me want to start over!




I so love the bed conversion. Do you mind sharing how you added support? I'd love to do this with the bed that all four of my babies have used.


Yep, give her some pocket money
so you can show us some more of your crafty talent.
Cheers J


Loved the room!And also loved to see Ruby, the doll again, she is my favorite. Do you think it´s possible to have a tutorial on her?
Thanks a lot.


Oh my I love the looks of her bedroom, even with the "mesh" :0)

Lots of lovely bright colors there!


this is my kind of cleaning.

i say fork over the money. lobbing is hard work.

Knitsational (Julie)

What a cute room. I could live there!


this is the sweetest room!


I love her room! The quilt on her "sofa" is awesome! Did you make it? I love all the colors- that's what I have in mind to make for my daughter. She cleans her room like I clean my house- shame! haha! Hope all's well with you- thanks for the email.


Just started browsing through you lovely blog. What a pretty room. I remember having transfers very similar to those on mine and my sister's cot when I was a tot. My daughter rolls her eyes whenever I mention perhaps a tiny tidy of her room! Her idea of tidying is sliding everything that had been plonked in the centre of her floor to the edges. "At least it can be hoovered now" she adds!


Yes she deserves her pocket money x Her room is absolutely beautiful


just the arrangement of the dolls is worth the cash! so cute.


Your daughter has earned pocket money! She tried!

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