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It might have been a pain in the finger but it's so beautiful! Well done!!
Glad everyone is ok again :-)

SarahHub @ Oakbriar Farm

It's lovely!


So very true! I can't tell you how many times I have done that very thing. Oh sure, I can make that. Only to get home and curse the heavens that I ever had such a stupid idea! Oh the woes of we on tight budgets...


Well, it sure turned out cute! I especially like your vine running up the side of the house! I plan on making one like this: for my Daughter for Christmas or Birthday.


My girls are about sick of me saying "How much? I could make that!" Its a comment that has a habit of turning round and biting you on the bum!


Aaaah that sweet little teddy boy! If only he could come here to play :-) I must keep keep watch at your shop door day and night...
I too have often fallen into the trap of thinking "I can do that", only to realize halfway there why the price was so steep... The house looks nice though - I can imagine that handstitching a zipper to thick felted (?) wool must be hell on the fingertips - hope they get better soon. I've heard that red wine taken internally helps...


love it
even if it was a pain in the a**


The doll's house bag is perfect and will make somebody lucky very happy ....not to mention the tiny tenants . Would't mind moving in myself. It's just round the corner from the perfect village pub , old bookshop and Copper Kettle Tea Rooms , isn't it ?

Anne Marie

I love your teddies. Where do you put them up for sale...?


You did a very nice job on the doll house-cute as heck all of your little creations are! I made something simular years ago when my daughter was a little girl for her and a couple for a gift. Even though they came out nice and looked darling I never made anymore after that-they were too much of a pain! Hope you fingers feel better soon!
~Tam :D


Bloody triangles. Should be a law against them.

And gussets.

And zips.

Actually, it's a wonder I sew at all, really.


Well, I usually say "I could make that" and then I never actually DO make it, so you are one step ahead of me! I'm sorry it gave you so much trouble, but it turned out wonderfully!


I saw those cute houses at a store where I live. I had the same thought about making one, but refrained. Now I know I should just go buy one. Thanks! :)


all of those creations are just soo cute! I love your blog!

Knitsational (Julie)

Looks like it was worth the effort, though. It turned out beautiful!


That's so beautiful and I can't see the bloodstains!!Lucky, lucky child.


I know exactly what you mean, I also walked into that trap more than once.
That teddy boy is so very cute, my daughter is in love - I won't attempt to make one though ;-)

Mama Urchin

I think your finger is a sacrifice I can make for that cuteness ;)

Rebecca Rutter

Oh My God! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou. You are a star. Tempted to keep it for myself though. Now I feel really bad for pointing it out to you. Thankyou again xxxx

Thalita Dol

Oh, it`s soooooooooooooo lovely!!

I alawys fall in that kind of trap too... sometimes... We never learn, do we? I bet you will think "oh, I can do that!" again, once your finger stop to hurt.... =D

Love the teddys too!!!

Kisses from Brazil!


It may have been a pain to make, but the house is adorable.
I hate zips too. They just suck.


I love your house bag and the two little dollies! n_n


It is a gorgeous house, and will be treasured for sure, long after your poor fingers heal! And I love the dolls and the bear! :o)


Can sense you're not happy, but just wanted to tell you that everything you have made is beautiful! That dolls house bag is going to be loved by whoever is going to receive it! Stunning!

Tilly Rose

I have an award for you on my blog.

Great Blog Well Done.



hahaha xD that happens often to me toooo!! xD
never understimate the dificulty of some crafts :P
ehehe xD
dear i saw you make lovely tutorials and thought you should take a look at the contest we are holding on my blog :) there's tonz of prizes, including books, art by annejulie, jewelry, etc etc


that's kids keep saying, you could make this house,'s so You! um, no thanks- not even a little one here to play with it. appreciate the reinforcement on that, sewing wise. love that bear! xoC


So all we need now is for your finger to be on the road to recovery. I'm pleased that all has turned out well.


very cute even after all that labor. they say it gets easier once you get the hang of it. :) love the teddy. love the home. love the little dollies.


Hello mollychicken, I made your hedge-softie, thank you for the wonderfull tutrial! May I ask how tall yours one is in the end? My softie turned out really small. And the headgybaby, did you sew it by hand?
Thank you so much and many greetings!


ooohhhh!!! it's lovely!!! you must feel very proud of it!!! Congratulations!!


For what it's worth... that is just about the cutest present ever...


It's funny that you can make a beautiful teddy bear with button joints, little overalls, and a matching hat and a zipper beats you down. I mean there is some seriously complicated stuff that goes into making a teddy like that. I say, rise up an concur the zipper (and tell me how you did it).


My fingers hurt just reading this :) I can just imagine how hard it must have been. I've had a few projects where I've declared, "Never again!" It turned out beautifully though! And your little bear is SO sweet.

Katy Pastoors

The house does look nice though! But i don love your other creations too! Well done..

Tiff@Three Peas

What a great job you did! I hear ya about zippers. I hate them!!! UGH! What a cute little bear and the little dolls.

Gumbo Lily

Cute doll house bag, but I know what you're saying about buying vs. making. I'm always saying...."I can make that..." and then either I don't or I wish I had just bought the thing.

Still, good work. And cute dollies too.



bag looks great, but looking at the zip going round the bottom of the roof makes me want to cry, in fact, no im weeping now ! oh the pain - it is for molly? you done it, tho !


The house bag is so CUTE!
I hope who ever you made it for, thinks it's amazing too.


Oh it's lovely! And I sympathise with you on bloody zips!
I'm a relative newcomber to you blog, but just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it...I went waaaay back into the archives, and you made me laugh and ooh and ahh repeatedly!


That teddy makes me melt, I wish I could sew as well as you! His mummy or daddy will be very lucky to have him.


Thank you for making me laugh! That is oh so true, but sad at the same time! Why does cuteness have to pay such a high price? You are extremely talented and that bag is awesome!!!!


oh but it is sooooo gorgeous it just HAD to be worth the pain surely???????????


What a lovely bear!
Kind regards,

Bear Zonn

Rima Aranha

Ooooh! A doll house bag. How very innovative!


that dollhouse is totally adorable!


oh, my. that little creature has romped off with my heart.

cheer bows

My niece will love these. =)
However as per your advise, I'll go find it in store.

denise sharp.

u are sooo clever i am just learning the computer mumbo jumbo i almost gave up till i discovered u craft ladies on the net hooah
i will be on to this site regulary
from denise sharp sydney australia i hope this got through to u
sooo clever


well.. it's like I thought!

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