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Margaret Oomen

Hands off to you for this post ( couldn't help myself)
I love all your photographs especially the beautiful little girl knitting
I will add some of my favorite hand pictures to your flickr group
The first thing I noticed about OBAMA was his smile :)


Good LORD, your boy is an exceptionally fine-looking chap!

My mum's having sugery today too; I've just ordered some flowers to go to her hospital. It's one of those major but essentially routine ops, so I'm hoping there's nothing to worry about. I hope your beloved one makes a full and fast recovery as well. :)


What a great post. Hope all goes well with the surgery today!


What a beautiful post. All your pictures were special and the last one....Yes I think we can all feel at peace in the hands such as those.


I love this tribute. I will say a prayer that all goes well for your loved one today.

And yes, our new President is awesome.

And yes, your son is a doll. :)


A lovely post to read. Hope all goes well for your loved one ;-)


It was an honor to cast my vote for him, and it has been extremely moving to see the reaction around the world. It's been a long time since we did something that right!


Beautiful post!!! Yay for Barack!

Sue Scott

Your boy looks just like Ewan McGregor.

jenny b harris

Such a wonderful post Lyn, but you caught me off guard with the last photo... I've never seen that one and it made me cry. Here's a big hug, and fervent prayers for your loved one.

Doug Stowe

Nice comments about hands. A friend who loves chickens forwarded your post to me because of my interest in hands... which you can read about in my blog,

Doug Stowe


Great post and lovely pictures! I sincerely hope all went well with the surgery today!


Lynn, I love you. Thank you so much for linking to this pic. Hopefully it'll send a few more quid into the charity pot :)

Love you all very much x


Seriously that's YOUR boy? Handsome fella!

I love hands too.If I had to chose between my hands and feet then the tootsies would go.


I didn't mean to sound like why wouldn't you have handsome boy just meant I never think of you as old enough to.

amy rue

May the surgeon have kind and healing hands.

I'm always fascinated with the hands belonging to my husband's surgeons...and their shoes for some reason, they all seem to have lots of fancy shoes.

When my son was born I cried when I saw that his hands were perfect tiny replicas of Hans' hands.

Much love across the pond... thinking of you and your loved ones,

amy rue


oh, my. i'd never seen that picture of president-elect obama. he is beautiful. we are very excited.

sending good thoughts for your loved one.

Helen Lambert

Whenever I try to picture God I always see buig gentle hands that lift me up when I have fallen..... I loved your post


Yes, wonderful things, hands.

Thinking good thoughts for your hospital visitor.


OMG! I didn't know Mr. Moog was your SON!!!! bwaaa hahahhaa, what a small, tiny, teeny world!

I've been reading your blog Foooooorrrrever, and he's been one of my contacts for quite some time too!!! HAHAHAHHAA

Have a great weekend!!


I give a big hand to that stylish swimsuit of yours!


beautiful photos , divine offspring.hope all went great with the surgery.your bears are sooo cute take care

i cant sew

isnt it funny but i think oprah has beautiful hands and they look just like a friend of mine whose hand i have always admired (but never said out loud)cool blog post!


Lovely post and beautiful children. I chuckled as I glanced at the other comments here and feel not quite so ashamed of my reaction on scanning your photos now that I see that the picture of the "boy" caught the eye of others too!!


We're big on hands around here, too.

My daughter's hands are gorgeous.

Best of luck with the thing you're worried about.


Is your son for sale?


Wishing your loved one sails through this surgery & recovery. What beautiful children you have, with beautiful hearts! And thanks for your kind words about America. I am so happy, thankful & proud to have him as our next president.


This is a nice post! I love everything about it...


What a great tribute. I love the picture of you in your swimsuit!


I agree with you about hands, it's always the hands that I rmember most about people. Strange huh?
Hope the surgeons hands are skilled, gentle and kind and that your loved one makes a speedy recovery.


Beautiful, the whole darn post.


you just kill. you are the best. obama becoming president has often brought tears to my eyes, but your post was so beautiful...

love the pics of your kids too.


I really hope all goes well. Thinking of you and yours.


Oh! my giddy Aunt, just been over to your way too cute boys' playground, he is one uber talented soul and should be making mega bucks designing. I can see the hillariously funny sense of humor must run in the family.
Best wishes for the special one in the hands of the surgeon.

Artist Victoria O'Neill

Love the hands story and pictures,and what a cute bedroom in the post underneath!

Nell Ward

I have been blog-lurking your site for quite a while. You make me laugh so much and I am totally envious of your daughter's room!
Just wanted to share something about hands - had a perfect weekend away with my family. We were walking holding hands; me, my four year old daughter, my two year old son, my husband. I thought life was pretty good until my daughter pipes up with "Mummy, when I hold his chubby little hands...Dan just seems so precious!" I know EXACTLY what she means. How nice is holding hands with a child - and how gorgeous are chubby, dimpled baby hands!


What a great post, and excellent pictures. Even after several days, I still feel emotional at the thought of Obama as President. As you say, wonderful hands and such a wonderful inspirational leader for us all around the world. I hope all has gone well at hospital for your loved one. Sending you big positive hugs for the right outcome in that operation. Denise


I love the picture of YOU best! You would fit right in with me and my girls, smart ______ all, as a male friend of my youngest once observed! Hugs!


I especially love the mustache hand!

paige chapman-layland

I've been in love with Barack Obama's hands for a long as I can remember. So expressive, with such long slender fingers. Michelle's are lovely too. With such good hand genes, Sasha and Malia can grow up to model their lovely digits!

Hope all is well...


I have to agree that Obama is the best looking President of the US ever. Great hands are just the start... Can't wait to see what he does for our country.


What a touching post! Hands are amazing... and just think of all the love and emotion that travel through all the world's hands. The manger scene is incredible! Thank you so much for posting these. Hugs, LuLu


What a gorgeous post. We really are all in each other's hands, aren't we? Best wishes on your loved one.


You'd love Hands by Lois Ehlert

Hope all is well with your loved one.

Wonders Never Cease

Allow me to give you a hand! Wonderful post!


For some reason I thought your son was a teenager like mine. When I saw that pic I thought how jealous my teen would be of his whiskers! But then I looked again. From the looks of that pic, I'm guessing your son is older than fifteen.

I love that picture of your little girl knitting. So sweet!

ellen kelley

This is truly such a lovely post. So thoughtful...I sincerely hope that your loved one is doing well.
Obama is beautiful and I am so thrilled and full of hope for our country.
May all be well.


I feel so good that the country will be in the hands of this man!!! I just got out of the hospital (double knee replacement). I watched the election returns in the hospital. I cried when he was announced winner! I talk to other people and it seems to be a common reaction. All I could think about while I was in the hospital was getting out to see what my blogland friends were up to. YOU have been busy...nice to see you again!


hope all went well in the surgeon's hands. xx

Lil' d

I hope that the surgery went well.

As for hands, that's the one resemblance I can see between my kids and me - they have my long fingers.

Take care


Here are more good wishes to the surgeon, to your loved one and to you from across the pond. May the surgeon's hands be blessed!

That's a lovely picture of our president-elect! Can't express how hopeful many feel and how privileged I felt at being able to vote for him this month. The outpouring of excitement and good feeling over his election from around the world makes me have hope that the US can do good things again.

Your boy is very gorgeous and I love your blog. :)


hi there, i'm italian and i have a blog. i scovered you and i adore your blog! wow! bye....


I love your blog, I only wish you the best and I hope all is going well, I some how found you looking for things on our sons condition but either way I always enjoy meeting new blogger friends god bless.


Such a beautiful post! I love all your photographs especially the beautiful little girl knitting!

Tinuviel Kruse

Okay, I have a crush on the Prez, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one. He does have very elegant hands. And I always like a guy who wears a simple wedding band. Like my husband :)

I hope the hospital visit went well. Sending silent blessings your way...

Linda Robertus

Hi Lynn,
I just discovered your blog and think I will be back! I love hands too - it was the first thing I noticed in my husband-to-be when I first met him 8,5 years ago (this Friday we will be married for 6 years!).
Best wishes from Brisbane, Australia,


Wow! I have always loved hands, too. Both my mom and dad's hands are beautiful. You're right about Obama's hands...lovely. By the way, I love all your creations!


The boy with the moustache, there's something about him. Did you already found out what it is?

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