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omg i died laughing.

that's not funny...but that's funny!!!


Cherry Tree Lane

Laughing with my husband on the couch endlessly. Hilarity.


Oh yes!

The wig is called a merkin. I made them for Christmas gifts one year out of fake fur. I thought they were very funny and my in laws DID NOT think so all, which made them even funnier to me.

Oh, the merkin memories. :)


Can you tell how to order I would like the last one in the photos. Thanks so much for the funnies I never knew there were wigs for the nether regions;P


That is so funny... probably not really but I can't stop laughing! I would love to be as outrageous as your Mum!

Lynn in Tucson

Wait. That sounds like MY mum!


I can't even begin to tell you how much I love stories about your mum!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Every time you talk about your mom, I know I'll get a good laugh.


What the..? Sheesh, I'm glad my mom isn't the only one without a "filter" That's hillarious!


She is shameful. Wish I could figure out how to add in 'that' photo of her here, just to show your readers what we are up against.


Oh my... she sounds like... quite a character. I'll bet that was a fun dinner. And now I'm imagining what a good laugh you all have after these gatherings are over.


ha ha! Genius sister suggested posting it here


Crafty Mama Traci

Lol! What is it with old age and bathroom talk? My mom will keep me on the phone for way too long talking about her digestive tract.

You are so funny! I'm going through my list of favorite blogs and you always crack me up. :D

Crafty Mama Traci

Lol! What is it with old age and bathroom talk? My mom will keep me on the phone for way too long talking about her digestive tract.

You are so funny! I'm going through my list of favorite blogs and you always crack me up. :D


That is freakin funny-love it! You go Mum! I think she is so cool and I want to be that rad when I'm her age! LoL!
Have a nice weekend!
~Tam :D

Deborah Sloan(Baba)

ROFLOL I can't stop.

i cant sew

a 2 fingered salute on an 85 year old gets me every time! my 72 year old dad plays this most horrid song about ladies bits loud enough for the neighbours to hear and usually on christmas day... what a treat. thanks for the laugh rosey


Dammit, my morning coffee is now splorked everywhere.

Your mum should have her own blog. She'd give Dooce a run for her money.


hope I look as good as your mum at 85 and have just as much spunk! Very funny! She rocks!

Joanie Gorman

Wow she looks good for 85. Proof colourful living is good for you!

Jennifer from NY

LOL I can so relate. DH's 90-yr olg grandma regaled us with bm stories all through the Thanksgiving weekend. You could tell she was fascinating herself. It was truly horrible.


I giggled at the 'wig for your nether regions'. Mainly because in trivial pursuit my husband new the name for said accessory. With NO hesitation! ......aaaah, still laughing! Jen


By the way...I don't know if anyone else has named it...its a merkin! Maybe you should tell your Mum so she can be truly accurate!


A wig? A wig! Now I knew about hair dye for thereabouts (don't ask) but a wig is just too too much. I wonder if there's a knitting pattern on ravelry....

Mama Urchin

I am totally stealing the idea of the penguins in your shop banner. They are just too cute. One day I'm going to get one of your little critters.


hey, i popped over from geek inc. the little house is adorable! but i totally agree about zippers, they are the worst!

UK lass in US

We just returned from visiting my 90 year old grandmother-in-law in hospital who, upon hearing that she had not had a heart attack, flipped everyone in the room off and declared, "see, I told you that you didn't have to call the paramedics!"

She's normally a sweet quiet old lady, so I don't know what they've been putting in her IV...


Hiccupping madly here after laughing hysterically at your post. Brilliant!


Wonderful! Paddy Pop and Pip and your mum! Thanks for the smiles xx

Ursula Connelly

Sooo funny!
No shame, some people

Wendy Shaw Purdy

what would we do without our Mumsxx


hey, my current post has some little dolls made of wool that perhaps you will adore as much as I do. I bought them in kyrgyzstan where i'm living right now...i didn't make them, but i assure you that they aren't patented so make yourself right at home to make them if you feel the urge. i am loving your site. found it thru craftpad, i think...


LOL Great photo, so unlike my own mother who personifies presbyterianism beautifully!


Too funny, have tears down my face! I must say she looks well on it. Your Mum is a legend.

Tiff@Three Peas

Oh MY i had no idea. LOL Your mom is a hoot. LOL She does not look 85 either.

clare bower

Funny funny thankyou .
Clare's Craftroom

claire Maraldo

Blimey - your mum sounds just like mine. She is getting more outrageous the older she gets. and she likes talking about constipation and she has taught my 9 year old some dreadful words.

I hope I'm end up just like her.

Love your creatures by the way. Happy Christmas.

carole hendricks

Your mum is great! I hope I live to be 85 and am as cool and pretty as she is. Now I need the pattern (for gag gifts for xmas) for a merkin. My email is [email protected]. I guess I am just a crazy old american, I never heard of them. sassier299

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