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here's a free PDF creation tool you might find useful and handy to have...

made by Maisie

I have made 6 love birds so far for a special easter drop for the toy society.

Your tutorial was wonderful. Such a cute little softie to make for Easter. I am calling him the Easter Chick!

x Catherine


thx for sharing :) lovely


Very cute :)
Just added on my blog!!!

Clothing Labels Designer

How adorable!! Too bad I didn't see it before Valentines Day...
It is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing.

Emily Flippin Maruna


I love your love bird. I tweaked it and pretty much mangled it :) for a little guy's birthday present. Blogged about it and thought you might want to check it out.


Super cute! Sweetest present I can imagine.

Christy Sheffield

very cute.


So cute!!! I'm glad someone posting your link on One Crafty Place. I can't wait to sit down and go through your archives!! Thanks for sharing your tutorials and patterns!


This is the best idea ever, its so cute and can be very versatile, for easter, birthday, vals day even just thankyou or whatever, thanks so much.


o la la !!! 110 commentaires (je suis le 111ème !!! )
j'ai très envie de réaliser ton joli oiseau... dès que j'aurai un moment !

amitiés de France

o la la! 110 comments (I am the 111th!)
I really want to achieve your beautiful bird ... as soon as I have a moment!

Amitiés de France
(that, you have understood, isn't it?)


This is sweet. I'm going to make these with my grandkids.. cute, cute cute.


Thank you Thank you Thank you :-) for posting this. I am making these -- in May ;-) -- and am so grateful you shared not only this idea, but also the instructions!! I appreciate the photos and details as well....there was not even a hint of rambling. It was perfect.

I also followed your "birdie" tutorial a few springs ago....thank you for that as well. It is so rewarding, as a new sewer, to be able to make somthing fun and unique and cute, without feeling like a complete failure at the machine!!!! :-)


c'est vraiment trop mignon! merci pour le tuto.


It's so cute !!! Thank you for the tutorial !


So cute! I made one, and it turned out really well. Thank you so much! ^_^

l'arbre à bobines

Merci c'est trop mignon


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asem tak kiro tutorial manuk lovebird


lovely tutorial! You are doing so much things, are you sleeping sometimes ;-) ?


Just thought I'd let you know that I've made some 'rabbit' softies which were inspired by your cute little creations! I blogged about them last night.


Thanks for this cute tutorial


Awww! They are adorable! Yay! Can't wait to make them for affordable gifls! Thanks.


so cute!


Lovely and cute :-)


Hi there!
I've made your Love Bird and it was such a happy project to do! Thank you very very much for sharing!!
If you'd like to see mine, you can find it here.

I've noticed you haven't been active on your blog for quite a long time and I think it's such a shame. Most of the times I don't take time to read teksts, but you have such a great way of putting things :D Sometimes I sit here laughing out loud, for real!

So if this might help: would you pleassseee consider coming back to share all your great creative expressions, which inculeds your writings! The fact I'm in love with everything you make, that's just so logical. How could I not love it (duah!)

*hug* Monica


thanks... this is just lovely. I made a pair of lovebirds using unused towels and hanky. Really adorable. The template missed out the hair part but that is really quite easy to do.


This bird is really really cuteeeeeeee!! I can't wait to do this!


Very cute!!

Nídias Santos

It's beautful!

I loved!


Cute cute cute! I have yet to make this (lazy,*sigh*), but every time I run across your tutorial, I fall in love again. :) Thanks for sharing!

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