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Never mind... it's absollutelly dellitefull!!

Sherry Wescott

It is really, really cute though!!
You do amazing work!



It turned out adorable!

barbara brown

that is so completely adorable. There are many things i "won't make again" but, i always do...
barbara brown


oh sweetie!!!! two words: fusible web! and stiff interfacing(like timtex!!!! then all you have to do is serge the edges after ironing it all together (i still managed to break needles!)
It looks great. i'm sure Harve with love it.


But it is very, very cute. And Harvey will love it and he will be very proud of you, although he will say to you: I told you so :o)))

Miss Butterfly

But it's sooo cute at the end...never mind the trouble bet Harve will love it !


It is very adorable. Have you seen the tutorial for a fabric dollhouse? i bet you could modify that for something similar. it was fairly easy, with minimal swearing.

but anyway, the doghouse is very, very cute.


But where's the zipper? This is just so cute. For a project that required cursing, it came out great.


Well, I don't blame you, but it surely did turn out beautifully! He will be so thrilled.


But it does look rather wonderful and I'm sure Harvey will be absolutely delighted.


so ein süßes hündchen!!!!


liebe grüße von EMMA

Sandy Shirley

How absolutely adorable! But, I expect nothing less from you! Love your blogs!


It is quite the best kennel I've ever seen ! Congratulations !! What won't I ever attempt again ? Anything crocheted ..... there is a limit to how many weird little wooly cones anyone can use .


that is amazing even if it was so sucky to make
i love how the handle looks like a bone.

Kathi D

That photo story is FANTASTIC. It could be a little book all by itself.


Isn't it wonderful to have someone with such utter confidence in your skills? My nephew still thinks that I can make anything, so of course I always go the extra mile to prove that I can...
The doghouse looks wonderful though, with it's bone handle and all. It was well worth the effort I'm sure! I love it's polka- dotted exterior and the sweet little doggy too.


wowzers! worth it just for that bone handle. you must be the favourite auntie : ) good work mrs!


Never again will I hand roll and stitch a hem on a sheer poly fabric. Good thing it was a gift for a dear friend, otherwise I'd have chucked it out the window.

In the end it turned out great, just like your kennel.


I don't know if you've seen this:
I'm not sure if you just made this up as you went, and I've never done this one before, but it's on my list of things to make. I've seen it on a lot of blogs, and no one has complained as much as you! Check it out, and maybe give it a try. The dog house you made turned out super cute, so maybe it was worth it!


OH and wasn't it worth it in the end! beautiful! and when he's all grown up, he will still think your the best aunty and dog house maker!xx


I thought I heard distant swearing the other day. Now I know who it was. This. Is. Adorable.
Lucky Harvey.

Caroline B

That is very very cute and worth the effort. Don't you find the things you had the most trouble with making are what everyone then wants you to make?


very cute! I have a little nephew named Harvey too! I be your Harvey loves it!

i cant sew

why is it that everything you do is brilliant? are you a creative genius? i love what i see!
%*_*% rosey

Nina - Tabiboo

You must admit, it does look good though! Children can be 'very' persuasive and I'm sure he is really chuffed!

Have a good one,

Nina x

ps. I made one of your fabric pom pom's in the week, it turn out beautifully, Thank you x


This is so darn cute! My daughter has a similar doggie, and she would die for a house like that!! ;0) LOVE IT!

Dawn from the East Coast of the US

Ok, first of all...I was so excited to see a new post! Thank you. What will I never attempt again? Just about anything I make once...really, hardly ever make the same thing twice.
I loved everything about this...the colors, the bone handle, polka dots, the blue pom pom, the so-cute-you-could-eat-him-with-a-spoon doggie and your commentary. Your comments are one of my favorite things about your blog (besides your artistic genius!).
I read a lot of blogs and it's so refreshing to see some original ideas and genuine commentary!
Just adorable!


Well that puppy does look a little scared but it is really amazing and well worth a bit of swearing. You know, these things are always hardest the first time, I bet you could manage another.....


I would have died for a doggy purse like this when I was five. Actually, I'd die for one now at age 39.

What I'd never make/do again...lots of things come to mind...but the big one has to be painting a wall a dark colour OR covering the dark colour to go light. I'm doing beige walls for the rest of my life.


Lovely !! :-)




Honey, I suspect your swearing would have had even ME cowering in the doghouse.

And that's Really Saying Something.


It's beautiful well worth all your hard work. I bet Harvey loves it.


oh that is so sweet! but oh, all that hand sewing! your poor hands must have ached when you were finished. i hate hand sewing through thick and / or stiff fabric! fabulous work though!!


At least whatever you choose to do next will seem easy! Some of these patterns should come with stress warnings, eg. do not attempt without industrial machinery!


But it is so stinking cute! Love the handle especially!


It was well worth it, the house turned out beautifully! I wish I had an auntie like you!


It looks great - what a lucky nephew :-)

Rachael Rabbit

It is so adorable I can think of way over 3 reasons why you should make one of these!


so stinkin' cute! i'm sure harvey will LOVE it.


But it looks sooo good, I'm sure she will love it (I would and God I'm over 30).
I can tell that the puppy is a little scared of you but still he managed to get into the house.
PS Actually don't know if I'm over 30, I stopped counting at 27 because I like that number.

elizabeth did turn out adorable...isnt it impossible to turn down a little one that is positive that you can make absolutely anything? (my 5 year old is totally convinced i can make anything)


AW BUT IT'S FLAMIN' GORGEOUS. Especially the pompom on the little zip, like a doorbell-pull, and Mr Puppy too!

Hahaha, number one on my list of things to never make again is: a baby. My Wilf is lovely but I'm buggered if I'm doing this twice. XD


That's amazing! 5 yr olds inspire great ideas. Did you make the puppy too, he's lovely with that great big nose :) I have a long list of never agains but a fake fur panda suit is tops. Fake fur in every orifice and stuck to every surface, not fun, still gives me bad dreams.


This is adorable! The puppy looks very happy with his new home, and I can't see any signs of you struggling (which I count as a good thing!)


Thank you for the idea!
My daugher has a big box of these dogs with big nose


Harvey does love it. Thank you Auntie Linnie xxx


It may have been difficult but it is definitely adorable. Great job.

Tiff@Three Peas

It's really cute! But i can see why you wouldn't want to do it again. Protesting from my machine is enough to make me want to quit!


So cute! What a great idea!


its great
poor puppy - if you think that makes you swear you should try making one of these buggers !


Oh, but it's so so nice!!


Positively cute !
I love it !


it's so cute !!!


may have been a pain to make, but so much cuter and magical than a plastic one from target!! You did an awesome job.


This is the sweetest little doggy house, I love it.


it is SOOOO cute. as for what I won't do again? cross stitch and embroidery. only b/c I can't see to do it anymore.

graceful mice and gentle moons

You really make me laugh (hope you don't take that the wrong way). I have so enjoyed giggling over your posts and am so inspired to make things. I agree with everyone else you are a creative (and comic) genious :o)

UK lass in US

It turned out beautifully, though.

I've used that plastic canvas stuff when I've made the wee fabric dollhouses - that keeps things from sagging. Um, probably a bit late to be telling you that, huh? Sorry.

Kelly Fiedler

Gorgeous! I loved reading this post, you are too funny. I'm glad I'm not the only one who swears and curses when I sew, at least your project is something to brag about, I swear and curse when trying to bind blasted bibs! :-)

Golden Egg

I just came across your blog and the dog house is adorable, as is everything else!



bonita @ Beaky

I think it was well worth it. Its fab! I'm sure he will love it.
B x


you made me laugh out loud with this post!! I know what it is like to promise something to a little one though....

Lace hearts

That is so, so cute, and well worth the undoubted struggle. I love it. x


Oh I wish I was Harvey - that is too cute. Please don't say NEVER.


The dog house is absolutely adorable, and you are very funny. I am assuming you are in England? I too am the favorite aunt, it's a fun place to be !! I will have to add you to my blogs to follow !!


I once agreed to hem a skirt for someone and it was a slippery gauzy thin fabric which moved and slipped and changed so much, I just about cried. *shudder*


Oh wow, I really need to make one of these. I will have to figure out how! Cute as anything. I have lots of dog fabric I could put to good use. Cute! Great job even if you didn't like doing it. Lucky kid!

Anne Donald

I would never again get conned into making a king sized dinosaur quilt for someone who didn't give me anything for doing it (so I was very glad that I had kept all the left-over bits of fabric!!)


Oh, but it is super cute!!!


So talented! Very very cute!! I'm going to start learning how to sew!

Just wanted to let you know that I've got 2 awards for your blog (because I love it so much!). Feel free to grab them from my blog when you've got the chance.


This is a cute craft! I love all that you have posted!

come visit my blog! I am new, and only have about 2 posts, but i am adding more!


So so cute! Well worth the cursing and broken needles - easy for me to say, eh? I'll never sew a velvet dress again, what a slippery mess!


Oh, but so worth it. I love it all...New to blogs and blogging and arrived here as my daughters name is Molly but often Chicken! Love your stuff - so beautiful.

Cherry Menlove

I know that you're not going to make another one of these but I gotta tell you...I LOVE IT ANYWAY!!!!

Cherry x

Suzanne Urban

But it's oh so cute!

Suzanne in CT

Julie (Knitsational)

Oh, but it's so stinkin' cute!!!

Alicia P.

I thought that puppers was Clover Meadow, who pretty much looks just like that whenever I start swearing like a sailor. Adorable doghouse should go a long way toward pacifying, should think. . . .

Mr Lee

Oh,so cute.What beautiful makes!Have a happy weekend.

Passions & Distractions

But it's so cute!!!!

and I can't think of anyting i wouldn't make again, I'm just always struck by how simple and quick I think things will be only to be swiftly kicked right out of that delusion.


Please, can I borrow your pattern,please, please,please,pretty please ?
I just love the puppy,he looks so sad.
Greetings from Belgium,Martine


This is FABULOUS! sweet, funny, creative, everything


just thought I'd say hi, your post made me smile, the finshed item looked great!
: )


It must have taken a lot out of you making it. Where are you?


Well, you had me convinced after the first reason. This is a good thing, given your house looks beautiful (and as a result, effortless). I suspect my sewing machine would have ended up hurtling at speed, out the nearest window.

Gemma Johnson

Absolutely gorgeous! I want one :-) but haven't the patience to even attempt making it!


hahhahaa you're so funny :) I love how it turned out :)


It's wondeful !


"...needle breakingly..." that made me laugh. I totally know what you mean.


Very cute, the house, of course and the dog!!!
I won't show it to my children or I'm certain, they will ask for an identical one.


Any crochet with thread... never, ever again (I may have said that to myself the last two times but I really mean it now)


You are one of my favorite people. Your photas are sweet and charismatic and not dull as some how to photos tend to be. Your writing is funny AND personal. I just wanted you to know that a complete stranger in Tennessee appreciates you.


Have you tried using leather needles for thiss kind of thing with them having a more triangular shape they go through almost anything! let me know! I dont do facebook or twitter but you can email me at [email protected]


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