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Dagmar Leuenberger-Swift

Hello there;
These are so lovely and fun...think I might just see what fabric I have around and make a few...thank you so much for sharing


So very cute! Thank you for showing us!


Those are very cute bunny pins!

I've been a bit absent from blogging too.
Some times life just gets in the way and there's no time to blog, or then it gets so boring and humdrum that there's nothing to blog about. :)


Yeah! I missed your cute creations! Glad to hear from you!

Mama Urchin

I cannot wait until Katie and I can sit down and embroider together. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet.

LynAnne Smucker

Those are totally cute. Understand how the spring cleaning can overtake the crafting. Hope the dust settles soon.


sooo cute! fantastic idea :D thanks for sharing.


Those are soooo sweet, love the bunnies :) Must get myself one of those pens too.

Mel x


georgeous pic of the bag, contents and fabbli pins, you are are so clever! I've missed your talents!


The Bunnypins are delightful and look like the perfect project to get my girlie to pick up her needle and hoop again. Nice and quick (we like quick round here).
We missed you y'know :o)


they are absolutely adorable!! I LOVE the bag too!


I love those bunny pins, so, so cute! Thanks for sharing.I've missed your blogging, its always so inspirational - I'm looking forward to more posts after Easter!


such a good mum, you are.


Oh, I love them, something else I must try, you are such an inspiration!! Have a wonderful easter!


Hi Lyn,
Glad all is okay your way! Have missed reading your funny little anecdotes! Love Molly's little brooches, so very cute!! Hope you and your family have a restful Easter with plenty of chocolate goodness!X


thank god for follow button. great idea but i am such a dunder head i still dont understand how you do it! really cute though.
%*_*% rosey


Yay! We missed you so! Thanks for the tutorial--it's sweet!


Mummy bunny's apron is a stroke of genius!


Those turned out so cute!


What sweet bunnies they are! I was wondering about that dust cloud - I have had to fight it off here for a while as it tried to settle... I'm glad to see you back though!


welcome back...
and those little bunnies are too cute!


I keep thinking you are in America, I think because the light is always so good in the photos! Anyway, when you said about the dust cloud over England I slapped my forehead. I really like the bunnies but got drawn away towards your cushions and the fantastic colours.


Those are very cute bunny pins! I love them! Welcome back!! I'm soo happy and excited to see a post from you...miss you! Have a wonderful Easter weekend with lots of eggies and bunnies! Love to you and yours!


I've missed you postings and look forward to see more of your creativity. You are one of my favorite blogs.

The Antidote

Love the Bunny Love x


What a lovely blog! Thank you for sharing!


Awww!!! Those bunny brooches are super cute!! And they look amazing!! :) Happy Easter!!

Gemma x x


We missed you! Those bunnies are so cute and look fun to make with the kiddos- think we will give them a go this afternoon Happy Easter to you and your family. I am sort of candied out from our spring break trip to the beach, but there is always room for chocolate! haha!


Mollychicken, you have inspired me to make these for my children:
Thank you they love them!

Ana Melo

Happy Easter !


Molly-Mummy does lovely work! Greetings from your long lost California friend! Glad to see you blogging again. I hope to be doing the same soon.


I missed you Molly..just come back from deepedt dorset from a seaside holiday filled with, campfires,sunshine ,fish n chips and icecream yummi


It's lovely to hear from you again . Much as I admire your dedication to Household Hygiene , I hope you've finished polishing for a while and can now spend more time making cuddly tiny characters for us all to admire .

running thread

simply gorgeous! A delightful projecgt and i love the granny square quilt on the bed too!

Passions & Distractions

Very cute!!!!!


ohhhh I adore this blanket


As usual, super cute!

The nice thing about making pins is they're relatively quick and easy to make! You feel pretty crafty after you're all done!


Love the colors in the blanket!


this is soo cute! and thank you for the granny square blanket. i'm always thinking these would be cute done in the right colors- ie- not browns and oranges. it's beautiful.

Rebecca from Oz

What cute bunnies, and so very easy.


sooooo cute!!!



love the bed &bag scenes.

maggie smith

Incredibly adorable as usual!! when are you going to write a book??
by the way what is this "blue linen-backed white cotton" fabric? i've never heard of such a thing here i the US.
thanks for the fun as always!


I do hope your able because we miss your inspirations!!! Cute pins.




sweet bun buns

Tiff@Three Peas

Those are too cute!! I'm doing the same thing over here with spring cleaning!

Lisa C.

Your bunnypins are adorable!! Boy, I know what you mean by not trying to interfere -- my daughter's 21 and I'm still trying not to interfere! By the way, I think you're a hoot!

Verena Poole

You are truly my inspiration! Your blog is the first I ever saw and I was hooked the minute I took a look. Thank you for introducing me to a whole new beautiful world. I love seeing your creations, and the clever ways you introduce them.

Philippine Flowers

Love those pink stuff.The mother of my husband give me a gift of pink bed sheet.She made the bed sheet for me.How sweet mother-in-law.



what cute little bunny pins!

Philippine flower delivery

Shows creativity and good work you have done.Thanks for sharing this inspiration.



So sweet these little bunnies are!!!


Invisable pens? Where can you get those? xxx

melissa h.

Hoping your mother's day is filled with all the fun and goodies you deserve! My personal favorite, chocolate, should be given to all mums worldwide! :) Miss your posts. Cheers to you!


I've just been brousing through your blog and it's sooo lovely. Lots of nice fresh ideas in there. Your daughter has made a lovely job of those bunnies. Well done to her!


I love the bunnies and I also love the quilts behind them. Did you make them? I'd love to see it/them in full. They look so pretty.


These are just so beautiful. You have the most creative ideas!! :)

Thought you might be interested - I just finished a doll bed for my DD and posted pics on the blog.

las sandalias de ana

ohhh. so cute!!! they are lovely!!! ;)


you've gone again... :(


Another fab little tutorial! Now, can you show us how to make that cute bag? Love the raw edges.


love it
will try to make this :-)

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