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do you know I had that exact same thought about the laptop and a cup of water?

miss L*

It was so long without you ! don't do that any more, please ;-)

I love your bunnies

Mama Urchin

the bunny is adorable and I bet the friend loved it, even if it was embarrassing for Molly to give


Lovely bunny but what i do like is that quilt! Beautiful


Did you explain that the part of the fun of having children is to embarrass them? (The other part being that one day they will be useful for doing chores about the house.)
Can't wait for the bag-making tips. That is my project when my final exams are done this week.


Happy come back!glad you the bunny and the patchwork is also very swish!dont leave it so long!x


Oh no! I have the same recommendation about moving lifelines when knitting lace. If you think to yourself, "Gee, it's been a while, I should probably move it up," you should do so without delay.

Sandy Shirley

Lyn - You know the saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"??? When I look over at my bloglog and see that you've posted, I feel a little jump in the pit of my stomach. Are you doing that on purpose? LOL

jenny b harris

Happy to see you! Images of the bunny, the bag and the quilt were worth the wait. Hey, I wouldn't mind seeing the door and window either!


I waited for the day when I would be an embarassment to my daughter, and it came in the way of her father and I dancing in the car to old time rock and roll !!! She promptly out grew it tho and now is my best friend at age 22!! I miss her my baby girl sometimes, but I love my grownup child every moment !!!

Your work is wonderful and heirlooms to be !!! R


Excellent advice... a tip I shall remember the next time I dip my paintbrush into my cup of tea. Very cute bunny and not at all embarassing. Good to see you back.


I love the bunny, why don't you get Molly to pay you for them, then it will be like she bought a designer present...

The Antidote

That wall hanging is going to be very nice I think x


Home crafted presents I understand.My eldest is still fine about them for friends but second daughter!!Don't even jest. Just print out some money and throw it about!
I've heard of tea-staining fabric to age it but coffee is a new one on me!


very very good advice. I remember thinking the same thing after I splashed my red wine all over a vintage quilt. Yes, very good advice.

A Facebook User

Oh my, thank God you are back !!

Don't ever do that again, pleaaaaase ;-)

So glad to have you back.

rainy ;-)greeting from belgium


i love that wee little bunny. his (her?) scarf is adorable!!!


Something about the phrase "daft-assness" really makes me chuckle. LOL

And kids and their embarrassment! Mine went to school today with his pants 2 sizes too big (so the shorts were hanging below his knees) and his socks pulled up so high I could only think "steve erkel". But did I tell him it was a *teensy* bit embarassing for me? Nooooooooooo of course not! I embraced it. Kids should do the same. (wink).


Hurray, you're back! I'm so glad you re-read.

kitschen pink

If it's any consolation I'm the only one in this house not allowed to take food and drink upstairs where the grown up carpet is. And I'm supposed to be one of the grown ups. On the upside, having a child means I always have someone to blame when I go out with breakfast down my front. He's 8 now but I intend to milk it for a good 10 years still.
LOVE that bunny. You can make me presents if it makes you feel better! t.x


From one draft-ass to another, I feel your pain!


I dread the day I hear that homemade presents are uncool. I've made presents for all of my daughters friends every year. They don't elicit the same oohs and aahhs as some of the shiny, noisy electric things but I have found over time, they are the ones that get the most use.

BTW, I'll be Molly's friend willing to accept a handmade birthday present ;-)


The rabbit is ADORABLE; I love his scarf!



I would KILL for that bunny for my birthday.


I dread the day my kids are embarassed by handmade presents too. Molly will love them again one day soon! Yes I'm a daft ass!


So good to see you back in the blog world! We've been missing you from here on the east coast of the US!


Lovely bunny, love the scarf. I hope the sun shines today... hello from not so sunny Tasmania!


Your bag is way nicer than any of Cath's.

Oh, and I get told that it is a bit embarressing to have a mum who likes drawing toadstools and elves. Tough, I say, I'm gonna think of a hell of a lot more embarressing things before you grow up. Hee, hee!

Love the bunny

Nell Ward

Hee hee, I had that same thought before I spilt coffee all over the 12 first pages of my baby boy's album LOL
Don't feel bad about Molly's aversion to homemade. It is a bit like the doctor's children and shoemaker's wives saying! I am a kindy teacher and the one thing my daughter won't let me do is sing kids songs so go figure? When we were kids my mum made the best homemade biscuits and yet we all thought store bought were a real treat! One day Molly will look back and realise how very lucky she was!


i know what you mean, its so easy to let time pass. theres always something else distracting then before you know it its been a month!

i always look forward to your updates, i check back about once a week :D


absolutely love that bunny to bits! any chance of a tutorial?!!! - cheeky I know, sorry :-)


I was sooooo happy to see you posted! Ü Love the bag! Will you show us how? The bunny is adorable! Girls are funny about homemade things, but when they get in late middle school/high school, they like all that whimsical homemade stuff again.

clare bower

Don't worry I can be daft ass enough for both of us . Great bunny and bag .

Agnes Nz

What a beautiful blog!!
I love the little "love chicken", he is sooo cute...


It's great to see a new post here. :) Missing you. I adore your little cute and that quilt and bag are very lovely. Love all the fabrics. Have a lovely merry happy day!


cute quilt
and love the bag!

if you can't make bunnies
for molly's friends,
you can always make them for me!



I love your opening comments, I feel I am often close to the edge, as a stare out the windows, I have a 3 yr old and a nearly 2 yr old so have yet to experience summer holidays, as everyday is a holiday here!
My step dad informs me his mother did end up in the mental hospital for 2 weeks because of the kids. I know it wouldnt be, but it does sound like a rather inviting break.
on a cheerier note, last Christmas I made Poppy a lovely doll (shes 3) but when she saw little sister unwrapping a bought doll in a box, she went very quite and was not impressed, a few months down the line though a home made Daisy has one the day. while box dolly lies hardly touched!

Martina Tierney

Love the bag - lovely fabric - can't wait for the pattern. Please make sure it's suitable for a beginner. Thanks. I've only just discovered your blog, it looks wonderful!

charlotte lyons

happy to see you back....any time you choose to be so. love the new banner xoC


Hello, I've given you an award back at my blog because this is such a lovely place to visit. x

Robin Ridener

I think I might actually have the Daftassness gene myself, although I never heard that term before. Somehow it jumped right out at me. I really love your things and your photos are excellent. Not to mention the hilarous script. Have a great day. Robin (PS I have a link to your site on my Blog. Hope that's ok)

UK lass in US

How could that cute little bunny be embarrassing? It's much nicer than the normal plastic crap that gets accumulated every birthday.


Me encanto el conejo¡¡

miss aine

Love that bunny! I'll be so sad when my daughter comes out with the same line. Poor you!


It is your duty to embarrass your children ! I remember my father offering a crowd of my friends jelly and icecream when they dropped round ....they were all 17 or 18 at the time . I don't think he meant to embarrass anyone .


one day molly will get her embarrassing revenge !
sighs, bemoans plastic crap, etc etc ....


You're not around often but when you do turn up it's worth the wait! love the bunny (Molly doesn't know when she's onto a good thing) and the new banner. You really do have the most gorgeous style!


What beautiful things! I think your handmade treasures are wonderful birthday presents! Kids just like to be like everyone else I guess. So glad you posted!


Love that bag...Can't wait to show my mom who I know will be drooling upon seeing this.


About your not being allowed to make presents for your kids' friends, Nigella Lawson was on the radio here in the US the other day, and she claims she is not allowed to cook when her kids' friends come round for the same reason. So I'd say you're in good company. If you're interested, here's the link


I just discovered your amazing blog on Whip Up and I love love love every single craft tutorial!! Maybe I will finally become the crafty woman I have always dreamed of being! Delightful blog, you are an instant favourite!


Just discovered your blog and am LOVIN it! I enjoy your wittiness. (Is that a real word?)

How funny that you also tried to dye your sewing table with coffee. I tried it with tea this week. Lovely way to bring out the brown in baby pink.


I've just been doing some catching up on your blog, and I didn't quite know where to start commenting on all the wonderfulness of your last few posts I hadn't read! So I thought I'd compliment Molly on her exquisite stitching, which I thought she might like!
The post with the house and the puppy is very sweet and funny. I had to say that too.
It's all wonderful, so entertaining, and beautiful and inspiring!
Vanessa x

maggie smith

dear lyn, my Very-Favorite-Craft-Blogger--and not just trying to butter you up--altho i am, it is also true. your so-british humor just cracks me up every time, and beyond that your work is really the best there is. so 2 questions: 1. when are you going to publish a craft book? and 2. would you ever consider meanwhile selling the pattern for this incredible bunny (for personal use only of course)? you are so generous with your simple toy patterns and other tutorials i hate to ask, but i am just dying for this bunny..............anyway, thanks for everything--you are a bright light!!


Love the colours in that bag.


The wall hanging is just gorgeous, what a lovely idea to get your daughter to help.

las sandalias de ana

little bunny is adorable!!! ;)


I love your bunny. I really brightened my day. Thank you!


I have just discovered your blog and you've made me laugh - thank you! Oh, and I LOVE the bag, I am definitely going to follow your pattern and make one of those!!!


The rabbit is utterly adorable! How can anyone not want to give that as a present? I have the same fabric as you used for the ears. What did you use for the body - it looks kind of stretchy, but not quite like a jersey.


Loving the bunny...i agree with some of the other comments is that the right of a parent to embarass your children every now and then and surely thats a good embarassment??? unlike the dreaded baby photos in later life


OMG this little bunny is soooo lovely !! WOW =)

swimming pool girl

The little bunny is so lovely!!! Maybe some kids will find hand-made toys "embarrassing", especially today, that TV commercial do enough brain-washing to our kids. But if you explain, how much thought and love you put into the process... I would tell my son that every stitch is made thinking of you, there is a part of me in that toy, and it's always going to be with you.


Truly a shabby chic creation! I love the light colors...


H ha


oh please give me the pattern for the bunny!!!! pretty please <3

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