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Can you direct me to that tutorial with the dimensions in meters and centimeters?

Thanks!! :-D


Yes, for me too... please!!! :-)
A Mom from France


Just repeat to yourself: "Someday I'll have granddaughters...someday I'll have granddaughters..."


oh, don't you just love kids?

21st birthday? Crikey! That's a proper grown up boy, isn't it?!!!


this is just the coolest pattern. It's so satisfing to see it all fit together like that, I can imagine it was satifing as hell to come up with it. Now go poke that girl in the eye.


i can beat that 'kid comment' my youngest every night says 'poo your breath stinks' when i sing her a lullaby and kiss her blessed cheeks! my husband assures me that my breath is acceptable :)
the bag looks great so far and so does your new banner!
%*_*% rosey


OMG, you made me laugh out loud. I had my first daughter at age 22 so was a normal Mom. Then at age 40 I had the last son. All the kids would tell him how nice it was that his "grandma" came to school for him. LOL I finally covered the gray, but it didn't seem to help any...

Great tute for the bag. I have the perfect fabric... and will start it on Sunday...


My darling 4 y.o. son asks, "Mommy, why do you have a big fat tummy?" The first time he asked, I valiantly choked back shocked tears, reminded myself that he's young and didn't mean to hurt my feelings, yada yada yada.

Now I tell him it's because I was very old (41) when I had him so he broke me. I figure I'm losing ground against him every day, so I'd best get in my best shots now because he's going to win in the end.

Love the bag, thank you!


what a wonderful tute thanks so much can't wait for the rest!!!


That is very kind of you to provide a pattern and do the math for us readers.

My child makes all sorts of remarks about my body too, and everyone elses. I can't seem to shush her. I'm so sorry that it's going around.

Flo - mycraftyways

Thank you so much for the very clear tutorial. I'll come back for more next week :)

Kids can be quite blunt sometimes, can't they ?! Sigh.


i had twins
and 2 other monsters in there ...
i need ironing ... or some darts, maybe?
cat xxxx

Mrs Bizzie

Thanks for free bag pattern, I'll make it when I get some time!!!

Jane Weston

Look forward to part 2...very clever how you get all the pieces from such little fabric.


Dear Fatty,

Your bird rocks.


Oof, the CHEEK! I'm guessing the 21-year-old is the extraordinarily viewable boy you posted pictures of before? XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASTER MOLLYCHICKEN. And as for Miss Mollychicken, I should say she should be grateful for a poke in the eye and nowt worse.

UK lass in US

How kind and lovely you are.

Kids, eh? Before them I had no grey hairs, a flat tummy and no one stole all the apples before I got a chance to eat a single bloody one...


When I was 24 , my small daughter asked me , "Mummy , are you very , very old ? " . She's given up mentioning it now we're both nearly 40 years older .


All of you with younger children, need to teach them the following mantra: I am not responsible for my parents actions; I am not responsible for my parents actions. My daughter, now 26, came up with this all on her own for reasons I won't go into. I will say she has won more "my family is crazier than your family" contests than anyone I know. She would mock your daughter's embarassment.


Oh yes, I agree with the granddaughter comment! Besides your granddaughters will adore you and think you are's worth the wait!


Oh my - this is what I have to look forward to, with a little girl growing right in my belly at the moment and me creeping closer and closer to 40!

I do think a little poke isn't such a bad idea (he he he...)

Thank you for the wonderful pattern! You are so creative!!!


Hello, I was surfing the internet looking for japanese crafts and I discovered your blog! I have been missing out. I love your ideas! Can't wait to get a moment by myself (probably after midnight when the kido's are asleep) and look it over more closely.


so cheeky - just like my twins, we're not alone! Thank God you can make fun of it!


Welcome back! I had missed your comments on everyday life. Please remember us continental women who prefer cm to yards. Thanks! Looking forward to your completed tutorial.


I'm excited to try this!
Can't wait for the rest!


Thanks for the second part - can get started. Brilliant. And how's your daughter's eye!

Vicki K.

Thank you thank you for translating to yards and inches! It's so satisfying to use fabric that efficiently and it's cute to boot.

Well, I just came from an unnerving experience with some children that I pick up for carpooling...still shaking.

I'd much rather think of pretty fabric and bags to sew and Mollychicken and other moms who are nice.

Verena Poole

Oooo lovely! Thank you for sharing such a fun bag. Also, love the little chickens.


this is a gorgeous bag & i can't begin to imagine the work you have put into this tutorial, i tried one for a simple hairclip once & it all went pearshape after 3 steps. You are a legend & the bag is so good damn lovely to boot.


Thank you for the tutorial. I love your blog, sometimes make's me laugh and realize I not the only one with outspoken children! Nice to know it's not only my 7 year old who thinks he has the fattest oldest silliest Mum at school!


Thank you so very much for such a nice tutorial and pattern. I'm such a fan of your stuff! Hugs!


I vote for centimeters, too.
Strawberry and champagne - sounds like a fantastic diet;)


Wow, I'm a first time visitor and I love the tutorial. You did a beautiful job and the fabric is lovely


Great tutorial! love your post!

Nikki Gould

I love your style of writing. It is very entertaining and I can relate to everything you wrote. Thanks for the tutorial.


your tutorials are just the best! thank you! Mx


Hi! I'm new to your blog and the first thing that I saw I loved!! The birds are adorable!! and now I can't wait to make the bag!! I am addicted to fabric and purchasing it but never have an clever cute ideas! NOW I do!! YOU'RE AWESOME!!


What a beautiful blog you have, thanks so much for sharing your creativity! Niki xxx


Thanks so much for the update! I've been slowly digging out my Reader so I may be linking to this a little late, lol.


I loved this so much I made two of them yesterday! I cut it several inches shorter all the way around, and made the straps shorter, too! You can see the results over on I put your link to show where I got the pattern! It's awesome!

Christine Sews

The bag is beautiful. Don't let that little one bully you. ;)


I am so glad I found your blog! I am enjoying both your creativity and your personality. Please tell your daughter she needs to realize how lucky she is to have such a wonderful Mom.


I am so glad I stumbled on this blog...just beautiful and loved this post! Thank you ;)


Well she might call you fatty but I call you the Tutorial Queen.

Vanessa Gray

What a gorgeous bag, love the material. May have to give this a go. Thanks for the tutorial!!


Gosh that's a cheery little bag! Love it!

Have a wonderful week...



I finally got around to making a bag from your tutorial yesterday and have to tell you that your tutorial is absolutely brilliant. I've never whipped up any bag this fast or easily. Would have been even faster if I hadn't sewn the wrong strap pieces together (that's one you didn't cover) and if I hadn't gone off to procrastinate (paint toenails, fold laundry). My bag has a bottom because I have this thing about bags with bottoms.
I am off today to look for more suitable fabric (the stuffed closet upstairs doesn't seem to hold anything suitable).
Thank you so very much for this tutorial!!!!!


I had to laugh - my youngest so kindly informed me that not only am I the oldest Mom in his fourth grade class, I am the WAY oldest.


that bag is totally gorgeous - thanks for sharing :o) And I just love love love your little birdie card - it's adorable! Michelle :o)

Yummy Lavender

I am loving this bag. Thanks for sharing your pattern and instructions, I think i will try and make one soon!


I got a phone call from a friend for a last minute birthday party tomorrow and decided to google sewing crafts and found you. What a find! Can't wait to come back and drool over your fantastic critters and discover new accronyms (CRAP totally applies to me here in Portland, Oregon, USA in about two months).


Thnx for this wonderful tutorial.
i list it in my blog if u dont mind.


Tahnks for the tutorial.
Would you mind adding the measurementin cm/meters for us europeans?

thanks a lot
hugs from Italy


A great, easy to follow pattern !!
Thanks a lot !!


Just love the softness of the bag and the detail you look after.


now I see it!

Mitzi Curi

I love your bag, and I am vowing to follow your pattern and make one myself...or at least make the flower embellishment, which is so cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

Banana Bread

A million thanks for sharing these inspiring creations! Cheers to you!

Kathy N.

You are laugh out loud funny! I really enjoyed the tutorial as well. It was very well done and I hope to use your instruction very soon in the future.--THANKS


I made your wonderful pattern and blogged about it today. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I'll share on Flickr too!

Truth about Abs

UPDATED - Half yard bag Parts 1&2 <-- That's exactly what I was looking for!

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