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How cute! I love the quilting on it!

Sandy Shirley

I say Good Amanda! It's beautiful. Come back soon! We miss you.


That looks great, nice quilting, please blog more often, I love seeing the things you make they are so inspirational (and I love your fabric stash!)


It's gorgeous. love it. :)


its beautiful! and very inspirational...hope you have a lovely weekend.


Ooooh I have wanted to try log cabin for ages but do not think I could cope with the measuring, but a cushion is a good idea, not to much fabric for me to screw up!


This turned out great! I really like the quilting detail.

larissa always do such beautiful things.


As already said on Flickr, i really REALLY love this (untill the moon and back, as my daughter use to say)


It's beautiful! I love your sense of color. You have such a way with what you make - it makes my heart happy to see your projects. Thanks for sharing.

UK lass in US

It's really pretty. What makes it 'mock' log cabin?

I'm feeling a little guilty. It's been over a year now and I still haven't made cushions for my daughter's room...

jenny b harris

red red red... love love love it!


Oh, I LOVE this pillow. But it is this EXACT combination of fabrics I love. If I made just wouldn't be the same. It is just so lovely! Congratulations!

Erin :)


Oh my - the fabrics and colors are absolutely wonderful! Great choices!


I love it!


The colours on the that are beautiful - well done!


It's outrageously pretty! The fabrics look so very right together.


The cushion is lovely! I adore the fabrics and the quilting on it! What makes it Mock log cabin though?


I was just thinking this morning that maybe I'd try to do something log cabin. This is perfect! I love the reds!


Missed you - glad you're back :-)


I love that cushion, the fabrics are gorgeous. I really want to try to make one from all those scraps!


I think this cushion is beautiful, I love the hand stitching. Could you point me in the direction of instructions for something similar please? I've never tried quilting before and I'm not sure what layers you are supposed to use and whether you do the hand stitching through all of them.

Nina - Tabiboo

That is beautiful - I love the colours!

Nina x


How adorable!! I love little birds too!


Soule mama is very distracting isn't she! Very lovely quilt cushion, has a lovely feel to it, as though it's very old. And i love your crochet blanket peeping round the back of the cushion.
Vanessa x


Lovely combination of fabrics and colours. Sooooo pretty!


That's a very pretty cushion !


I just recently discovered your blog and I absolutely love how you often photograph a work-in-progress all the way through so we can really see how to make something. Thank you so much for the time it must take to do that! It is a labor of love on your part, and very much appreciated. That cushion is beautiful, and your little Spud is sooooo precious! Greetings from the other side of the world in Texas, Kari (rhymes with starry)


P.S. You really, really, captured me when I read the words “Away with the fairies ~ it’s quieter there” in your bio. Yes, indeed! from Kari (again)


So lovely. I am such a quilting chicken. I need to brave the log cabin!


So very beautiful. The colours and prints just sing.

planeta XisYpslon



Love it - Love your blog - Love Spud - Love the new header :)


It's a beauty!!!! keep on going!


Don't consider yourself tagged, and you have probably had a number of these nominations already, but you are one of our lovely blogs

Rima Aranha

This is a beauty!



Very cute indeed, I love them


I love your blog! I just found it and realized that you follow Jenny at Allsorts too...the cushion is way too inspirational, I love the fabric choices. I am your newest follower, can't wait for the next post!


so sweet. there is so much excellent work out there and yet yours always plucks that one same particular heart string. sugary perfection.

Un samedi...

wahou !!!


Adorable! Makes me want to run to the machine right now, I love the colours.


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Fi* & NAO

Very cute and inspirational!
Thankyou!! :D


I've just spent an hour and a half going back in time (like the lovely Dr) and have just gone head over heals with your blog - I just love every single one of your makes - you can't put a foot wrong!!!!

Consider yourself officially stalked (in nice blog way)


La LucIoLe

Very beautiful! Your creations are great^^
I wish I see you soon!


Gorgeous! Just makes me feel happy !!!

Catherine Redfern

Absolutely stunning.

Anne Marie

Love the "feeling" in eberything you make. The colour combination, stitching and softness.

used forklifts

Wow!!! It is so beautiful. Love it!!!!


I love the colors and patterns in this! Wish it was HERE! :-)


I made a house. Yay! A wee house with wonky walls. Thanks for the inspiration. Couldn't have done it without you.

please come back


The school hols are over now - no more excuses - where have you been hiding - I miss you!


What a wonderful cushion!
I love it.

used forklifts

I remembered doing this for a high school project before. It was fun. I like your quilt a lot. Very colorful!


Hello, lovely post. Really enjoyed reading some of your site - perfect ! Thanks for sharing & lovely to say hi too...


hola!!!! l love your blog!!!is so so beautifull and very inspirig!!!!have a beautifull weekend!!!


That's just beautiful! What a fun project!


Oh WOW, this is a great post & you have the most gorgeous site here. I had to stop by to leave this comment for you – and to say hello of course ! Your posts are creative and original and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect ! Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes....


On it's own it would be nice, but with the other stuff round it, it just looks fab.

Condo Makati

Wow!!! This Log Cabin Cushion is so fantastic. Love its design and color. Great post!!!


This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. I love every thing about it. SO SO sweet and every detail is meaningful! :)

Also wanted to let you know that I am having a big giveaway on the blog and sign-ups last until Sunday night! The giveaway was given to RTH by the ever-inspiring author of Craft Nectar. Hope to see you there! :)


This is absolutely gorgeous! I love every little thing about it. :)

Also wanted to let you know that I am having a big giveaway on the blog and sign-ups last until Sunday night! The giveaway was given to RTH by the ever-inspiring author of Craft Nectar. Hope to see you there! :)


What a gorgeous cushion, love the colours.

Boracay beach hotel

That was totally very beautiful. I love it!!!


I love it! And your dashing little duckman!


"mock" you say? It is divinely sweet. Love the fabrics!
aka LiBBy BuTTons


Oh my gorgeous is your cushion. Just scrumptious and I would it just like Spud does. And p.s. I love your header..


what a gorgeous cushion, I love your fabric combinations. And Spud is a little cutie!
: )

Betsy in California

Wish you'd come back, miss you and your great ideas.

cash advance loans

Oh, that is so cute. I really love looking at it. Hope I could have like that at home. LOL!!!


What a gorgeous bright red and white cushion!

Susan & Amanda in Dubai

Come back! We miss you!


Missing you too. :)

melissa h.

I keep saying I am going to make some of these.... Here I see you made yours way back in June- I am a major procrastinator! I am feeling the Holiday crunch coming on me- just getting a start on Christmas gifts- ahhh... I do think I work best under pressure, so maybe I should just relax until Dec. starts? haha- Hope your Fall is lovely in your part of the world. The leaves are almost all down here and it's starting to get cold. I just want to make tea and soda bread with jam and stay inside looking through craft books and blogs-recipe for my doom! :)


adding my whiny wee voice to the chorus...

"come back! come back! please!"


Very pretty cushion!

Sam x


every week I have a look at your website and hope there is a new post... I love all your funny witty stories and certainly all the lovely stuff you create.


Gorgeous work! I love how your designs have such a similar feel to them. Just beautiful. Brava!

lucykate crafts...

hey lyn, hope you're ok, you've not posted in ages, am missing your tales of the school run with your skirt tucked in your underwear!


hey - you where are you? what's happening? everything ok??



Anne Marie

Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope you are doing fine and just taking a blog break. Let us hear something from you soon. Miss your posts...

Su Morier

missing you molly chicken - what's new? xo Sue

Paula L.

I miss your posts, please don't give up blogging. Hope you'll be back soon :)

Fun & fact

Hmm - looks cute - is this available at most news-stands or did you find this in a speciality bookstore? I've never seen this before at news-stands here in LA...

Hi Fun & Fact
I was wandering around a specialty bookstore in Sydney and I found a section of Japenese crafts books. There was a book with this technic in it. I immediately thought of Molly Chicken and her cushion! Anyway, I just thought I'd put that out there. It helps if you read Japanese too...but there are step by step pictures to help. But,no, I don't think you will find it on a news stand. Hope this helps :)


we miss you
are you all ok ?

sandra lamb

The log pattern is one of my favourite traditional patterns and your choice of colours is stunning.


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Happy New Year :-)

jennifer dedonato

I want that pillow! Email me and I will send you my address...haha

so perfect colors and all!


You always come up with great stuff I just love your site you are very talented I’ll recommend your site to my friends and family members great job very appreciated..keep it up..

Condo Makati

What a very beautiful and hugable little pillow. Love it!!!

Condo Makati

This is totally very beautiful. Wow!!! I am totally amazed by this. Great post!!!

melissa h.

Have you run away to a tropical island and your lounging by the beach with a young cabana boy bringing you fruity drinks? Hope your Christmas was happy and your New Year healthy, happy & prosperous! Miss hearing your banter on here ;)


I love the cushion. Clever you and it has maybe inspired me to have a go as well. This is the year I make the quilt!!


love the colors and if I were standing next to it; I would HAVE to touch it!


luv it

Sarah Gupta

So adorable! Like a little treasure... to help you craft more treasures!

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