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So have a much better Year 2010!


and thanks for your wishes :))


Oh how exciting! you're back! heres to a less weird 2010.

Mama Urchin

My 2009 was bleh, in fact a bit worse than bleh. I hope 2010 is great.


Good Heavens above. You're back!

Nice to see you post again.

Hope 2010 is 'weird free' for you.


How I've missed you - are you really back? So happy.


Glad to see you back, here's to a better year.


missed you so!


Oh, oh, you've been so missed! Hope "weird" doesn't mean bad, I'm looking forward to hearing from you again. Happy 2010 to you and yours, so glad to see Licky pop up in my Reader.

Sandy Shirley

That's as good an excuse as any - but, please don't go away again. We want to hear from you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you've got your blog mojo back!!!


I am so glad that you are back. I don't know if I have ever commented,(shame on me..I am a bit shy) but I have missed you SO MUCH and have been terribly worried that you were run over, or some other damned tragedy. I just think that I felt as if I were not important enough to email you and ask you if you were well. Double shame on me. Praise the Heavens! Up the Empire and keep the olives out of my martini as they take up too much room.
Isn't is amazing that a person can worry so much about another whom they have never met and feel such affection for them? I feel that for you. HOORAY...I'd have a sherry if I had any ...I will head over to the gin.


you're back! yay! happy new year:)


well, HELLO! missed you too. now get back here.

sara f

oh, finally! Once in a while I'd check for news...
You know, you're such an inspiration to me! So I must say I'm thrilled that you're coming back :)

May you have a sweet, blessed 2010!


Hooray! So glad you're back and I cant wait to see what you have in store for us! You make the sweetest things! For my daughter's first sewing project we made a mama chicken with a baby chick pocket. It came out great! So excited to see you posting again!


There has been a fair bit of weirdness around last year. Glad to know you are "still with us" Hope 2010 brings all you need and wish for ...


Happy New Year! I've missed you. Hope 2010 is non-weird and full of good things.


I still check in on you! I love your creations and sence of color. I miss you and hope you post more in 2010!


So good to hear from you again!


Nice to see you back.

jenny b harris

Yay! Welcome back! Licky is so cute!


glad you are back. 09 was not a particularly good year for me either, but it beats the alternative!


Just the other day I read your old posts - I missed you so much!

2009 wasn't particularly superior - I'm counting on 2010, it's got to be awesome.


Happy New Year to you too! You were missed : )

Donna Liljegren

Welcome Back! I've had you linked on my blog favorites in my sidebar since last you posted - so I wouldn't miss your return! Can't wait to see what 2010 holds for you.
Visit Brynwood when you get time. I'll be glad to get to know you better.


Welcome back, and happy new year to you! Here's to a less weird 2010!


Yay! It actually took my breath away when I saw a new post! I kept checking back! So happy to see one of your cute little creations again! Hope all is well!

Nell Ward

Yay!!! I was beginning to think you'd given up blogging altogether. My folks had a revolting year too - my Dad called it Annus Horribulus.
Last week my 5 year old came running to me and said "Mummy! Come and see my room; I've done it just like the girl on the computer" and when I went to look she had all of her toys arranged on her bed with cushions and blankies etc just like the post of your daughter's room! How cute that a child half a world away can get my daughter to clean her room while I can't!?!
Happy New Year! May it be full of crafty goodness!

Caroline B

Hooray - nice to have you back! Hope 2010 is better for all of us.


And also a jolly new year to you, a less more weird year.

So glad to have you back.

I have your blog in my postmail for blogs and was so happy and curious when i saw your blogname appearing in bold today, Yeah a new post from Mollychicken.


Such a thrill to see you posting again 8-) Hope you are back for good, I miss your posts. Hope the year was weird in a good way and if it wasn't, at least it's over 8-)


Yayay! Welcome back (.)(.)


What a cute one to welcome you back.


Happy New Year to you too! Licky looks very cute!


Nice to see you again! Happy 2010!


Welcome back, I am pleased at your return. Thought that I would never have the opportunity to read anymore of your commical posts. Look forward to more.


We missed you too!! I wish you a happy new year!

Mousy Brown

Me too! I really missed your beautiful posts and am very glad to see you back! Hope 2010 is better for you :)


Best wishes for 2010. It's good to see you back... yours was the first blog I ever read and got me into blogging!

marigold jam

Good to see you back. I think 2009 was a weird year for so many people and let's hope that 2010 is better in all respects. Once we get rid of this white stuff and can get on with real life!



Hurrah!! you are back. THis is great news!


there you are! glad you're back.


So glad you are okay! I was getting worried and sending messages all over the place!
Happy 2010!
P.S. Licky is such a good name ;)


Happy New Year to you! I love the name Licky. :)s


Love that little guy. I kept checking to see if you were back and to my surprise there you are! Yeah I love your blog I think I have been following since 95? Hope this year is a better one.

Kitty Jimjams


Gosh, I was just thinking of you the other day when I was rearranging Piper & Pepper on my shelves! :D


Glad to see that you are back - I have missed you.I hope 2010 is less weird!


Welcome back! HAve visited everyday waiting for your return... hope the new year is much less crazy for you!
And what a darling little character to share with us on your first day - Licky! He's absolutely wonderful!!!!


Yes, that excuse will do very well. =o)
Here's to a less weird 2010 for you. You've been missed.


Welcome back I have missed your blog updates!! I pray you have a better year !! I look forward to your latest project !!


Hi there!....I ran across your blog just by chance. And what an adorable little Licky. Sounds as though you've had some down blog time, which could be a good thing. Probably helped to clear out the cobwebs and make you happier to return. I'll look forward to your next posting.

Manda McGrory

Missed you! Glad you're back. Here's to 2010 being a lot less


oohh! aahh!! you are back ,so wonderful that is. Hope 2010 is a fab one for you. Just love that little Licky lots......

Betsy in California

Yea! Welcome back. You were missed.


Yay! welcome back, you have been missed x


I have missed you and wish you also a GREAT (more normal =)) 2010!

X MAureen


So pleased you are back! I have been worrying about you ...
Looking forward to seeing all the things you must have been making (sure you must have been making some things even during a weird time!) xx

Crystal Jigsaw

Happy New Year to you too, nice teddy!

Crystal xx


Thanks for coming back. Simone


Glad you are back. Hope 2010 is a better year.


oh yay!!! welcome back :)

teeny tiny house

glad your back we've missed you x

Sarah Jayne

Really hope to hear from you soon - your work is fantastic and I'm so pleased you've shared so much with us all already - but I'm greedy and would love to see more LOL.


Oh, hello! So glad you're back to blogging. (Well, soonish.) I thought the worst when I didn't see any updated posts for the longest time. Hope that 2010 treats you better. :)


good to hear from you again - here's wishing you a less weird year in 2010!


So glad you're back! Sorry 2009 was weird; I hope that 2010 is much better. And that you're enjoying the snow.

Licky is adorable.

Jo Middleton

Hi, just found your blog and I LOVE it! Looks like I timed it well too - looking forward to reading more posts in 2010. xx

tracey dawkins

welcome back! hope 2010 is good for you. xxx

Priscila Candeloro Herminio

Hi Lynn!!! I'm from Brazil and I don't speak english. Then, I will be short. I love your posts. I love your creations, that so inspire me. I´m so happy to see you here again. I wish you a wonderful new year!!! A abrace for you!!!

Marta Silva

I am also missing your posts. Hope you'll be back soon.

Marta Silva

I am also missing your posts. Hope you'll be back soon.

Paula L.

I'm so glad you're back! I wish you a much better 2010.


SO delighted to find you back again! Here's to putting a weird year behind you and getting on with a really wonderful year filled with all that's best for you!

UK lass in US

Welcome back. Best wishes for 2010. I hope weird wasn't terrible.


yay! I thought you were neeeeeever coming back! so happy to see you and Licky. Happy new year! welcome back.


Oh welcome back - I hope you are OK - you've been much missed. Happy New Year


happy new year! i hope it brings you a good adventure...nice to see you back in this space! Xx


I am soooo glad you are back, I was worried that something was quite wrong... so i am very happy that all is okay and look forward to hearing more from you! Happy new year, too!


Glad to see you back! Happy New Year. I hope it's a better one for you! Teresa x


Oh my Gosh-we missed you too!!! Apparently I am so pathetic and without a real life that I have never given up on your blog!...and now I'm glad that I didn't!
Hope this new year is better to you(and to ALL of us!) soon!


I am so glad to see you are back. you have been greatly missed!!!!
Is this too early to ask if you could possibly do a tutorial of your beautiful log cabbin cushion?? I absolutely love it and would love to have a go at making my own xxxx
missed you x


Happy New Year to you too!!! Glad you are back!!


You're back!! I've missed you so! And I had no one to discuss David's final Dr Who with!


So happy you've surfaced, and soooo happy to see you're still making the best little creatures.
Happy New Year to you too!

Sandy Wilson

I kept checking and was always sad to see the same pink log cabin pattern...until I checked today!! I'm so glad to see you back at it! :)


Glad to see you're back. Happy new year!


Glad to see your back..I've checked ever day(well almost) Hope 2010 is your year...Val


aaahh there you i can get my fix of creative genius again :)
%*_*% rosey

Dawn Thom

Glad to see you're back. Your blog really brightens my day.



I love, love, love your bears. Could you tell me what type of mohair you use? Where do you get it? Thanks so much!


Yay! So lovely to have you back.
Hope 2010 is a better year for you.

Martina Tierney

Oh, just wonderful to find you're back. Doesn't it feel good to know you were so badly missed? Wishing you a very happy new year.... and hope this one's not weird....
Martina x

Sarah Ley

Whoopee !! Wow !! You're back xx
Sometimes life is just no fun,we all understand totally. So good to see you,have a fab 2010 xx


yay - as much as i love that log cabin cushion (and you know how much!) i wasn't sure i could see it one more time! and here you are - new post for the new year- welcome back!!


I whole heartedly agree that large swags of 2009 bit the big one. However....a new year is dawning with a fresh set of possibilities, challenges and rewards. The glass is half full right?! Missed you too!


I'm thrilled to see your back - I don't need your excuses, just to see you here and clicking is fine for me.

and YES ! I also know that "weird" feeling .... it can only better from now on !

Take it steady - we're all here for you ...... no rush. X


Oh wonderful Mollychicken - thank you for being back. I regularly check to see if you have resurfaced and was starting to think the worst.... Here's to a creative and happy 2010.


Glad to hear that you are doing well. You have certainly been missed! I check regularly in hopes of seeing more wonderfulness here. I hope you find your voice again if that would make you happy. Happy 2010!


I think you are such a fabulously creative person and I love your posts--so funny and irreverent. I am so glad you are back and hope you will continue to show us your charming creations.


SOOO glad you're back!!!

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