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oh, oh my. I'm new here, but better late than never, and clearly overdue. If only for the Molly bit. And the fact I'm Learning To Sew. This Year. Really. Happy to make your acquaintance, Molly

Jo Harrison

Oh, what a lovely surprise ! You don't know me but I have never stopped looking to see if you were back. You were my first blog. I made a lavender baby for my daughter when she was expecting her first baby.That was a surprise too.Now she is expecting another one very soon.It seems perfect that you are back.2009 is over and I wish you a less wierd 2010.x jo


ohhh - i have missed you..
yay - you are back :)
t x


Hoorah! I just checked your blog on the off chance and my tummy actually jumped a little with excitement to know you are okay! Your blog is just such an inspiration! x

Nora Yuen

What a relief you are okay and back. You have been greatly missed.

Pauline Hanrahan

Thank goodness you're back. I've been checking in every now & then looking for inspiration, so pleased to hear you're returning. Hoping 2010 is a weird free zone.xxxPauline


Yay, you're up and about again, great news, hope this year is better for you and that Licky is lucky as well as extraordinarily cute!

Su Morier

yippeee from me too! Love your take on the world and your creations ! bye for now! Su in Canada


Welcome Back! I just love you blog and your posts just really crack me up! Of course your crafting is just amazing. So looking forward to reading new posts. All the best for 2010.


Just can't stop myself from checking what's new on your blog everyday. Love your handcrafted stuff.

melissa h.

So glad you're back!!! Yeah, 2009 was forgettable, so no worries- 2010 has to be better?

Sarah Jayne

No excuses needed - just glad to see you back. ;-)


Oh my gosh! Of COURSE I'm still checking on your blog. I'm so relieved that your OK and just living life. Be well, and blog when you can! Peace.


i'm just glad you're still alive :)

miss aine

Good that you're back.
I nominated you for a Sunshine award on my blog.


Hello from Finland. I'm now 6months pregnant and I'd like to do something cute for the baby. We don't know the sex (baby kept it's legs crossed , unlike it's mum, lol). But something for both sexes.
Do you have any instructions for your cute things like Charlie?

[email protected]


I've been checking periodically-hopefully!-for a new post for a while now, I'm so happy to see that you're back! Happy 2010 to you and Licky.


i was so surprised to see your post!! thanks for coming back-you are a true inspiration! here's to a better 2010!!


I'm still here too....waiting for you to come back out to play. You're so creative and always an inspiration!

Anne Marie

Yes, that will do.

So happy to hear your voice again. Hope that 2010 will be a better year and hope to hear more from you.

Aline Praline

I wish you a happy New Year and hope 2010 will be a better year for you than 2009.
I am glad to hear that you intend to come back because I really like your blog and work!
Take care of you and take your time before you come back!
Best wishes,
Aline Praline

Laura Burch

I've kept checking and hoping that you're o.k. I love your blog, you sound like a cool chick!



I've missed you, good to see you back and here's to a better 2010.


Hoorah!!! I knew you'd come back one day.... Happy newish year.
Lucy x


Glad to see your post! This is my first time commenting, although coming here often since I "found" you last year.
So glad that it was "just" year-weirdness (And, wasn't it? To-ta-lly weird year for me also... SO glad to be in 2010!)
Hope this year is less weird for you, and that you can continue with your lovely crafts. I'll be sure to be checking here often.


Wierd? I'll show ya wierd--Let's compare notes. I got lots of wierd for ya. I still haven't figured out what ever happened to "us". Guess that will remain one of the great mysteries of my life. too bad. It was great fun for a while.


I missed you!

Chase  l  Oh The Cuteness!

We all know the feeling, do not worry! We will wait patiently for your return!


O good! You're still here! Hope your year is going better.


Your Back! I was just really starting to get into your blog. I've had you linked to my updates forever so I was very happy tp see your return. Please write again soon! Feel free to drop by ApronStrung as well.


I've missed you - so glad you're back. Hope 2010 is good to you (a bit late on the New Year wishes, but it was just Chinese New Year's a week or so ago...)

Clair Acres

Welcome back!


Where are ye? We miss your cleverness, your wit, and overall healthy view of the world.......puhlease come back :)


I know you are having a 'quiet time' at the moment but as a little encouragement to keep at it I just awarded you a ‘beautiful blogger award’!. You can have a look here
Jo (Bearpaw)

Linda Owen

I've never left a comment on anyone's blog (I'm just getting into the blogging world), but when I saw your red and white log cabin pillow, I knew I had to make one! It's darling! Can you give me any hints on how you stitched it. I can sew the log cabin strips together, but I don't know how you stitched on top of the strips. Any help appreciated! Love your blog! Linda


See you soon...Courage!


Welcome back! Licky is wonderful! Hope you have a marvellous 2010!

Maira Ferreira

Your work is simply perfect!! Soooooooooo Cute!!!
I Just loved it, loved it, love it!!!
Can I copy aaaaaaaaaalll your stuff?

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom

I saw the link to your blog today over at LollyChops and I'm so glad I stopped by! Your crafts are amazing & your very inspiring. I'm not a crafter but dream of crafting lots some day. I see you're not posting much lately but I'll have fun going through your old posts.. which is what I've been doing for the last hour ;o)


Hope 2010 is proving less weird...unless it's of the *how weird, I just won a million quid* variety, in which case, bring it on!!! And I hope you feel like coming back to the blog one day...miss your gorgeousness, humour and wit. :)


now come on you've had long enough - its nearly april! disclaimer - not to sound too bossy or anything!


Come back soon =) Fingers crossed for a much better year for you. Maybe sewing can take your mind off things..?

Take care!


Do you plan on coming back to blogging? I hope so.


Heeellllooooo? Puhlease come back - love the humour, love the love for lovely daughter (I have a 3 year old after 4 equally delicious boys), and just the general pressure....just know you are loved :)

Sarah in Paris

I miss your beautiful and inspiring blog so much. I hope life is treating you kindly.
Sarah in Paris xxx

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I really think your blog is wonderful.
Licky looks so adorable.
Have a great time blogging!


I miss your posts. I used to check your blog everyday two years ago, I loved how you worded things and your style of crafting. Please come back to us soon!


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ou êtes vous ? Where are you MollyChicken ?
Fabienne from France

melissa H.(lasthippichic)

You're alive!!! :) Well, its June now, so we should hear from you again soon? Just teasing! Everyone has a weird year, sometimes several- here's hoping you won't have several though. I've been in a holding pattern myself- trying to get moving, I feel like my wheels are just spinning. Best to you and it was good to see a new post.


Hej Molly

I really enjoyed watching your blog. It was really inspiring. So I decided to link you on my own blog. I hope that's okay for you.



Hope you will return soon, I enjoyed seeing your lovely little bears, reading your funny stories....


Hope you are feeling okay! I just wanted you to know that there is a shop on etsy that is blatently ripping you off! I don't want to post it's name here but if you email me at [email protected] I'll let you know!
Inspiration is a good thing but blind copying is not! x x


really very beautiful as all your Projects. I'm Italian are 6 months pregnant and expecting a child I have other. help me win because I need a new stroller. vote my photo please

jenny b harris

Oh dear, Lyn... are you okay? I miss your blog postings so much...


Hope you are well! Miss all your supremely cute creations. Hope you are having a better year!!


Le retour bientôt? vous nous manquez!

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