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Mousy Brown

Yay! That proves that it always pays to keep hoping! Yours was the first blog I ever read and you also inspired me to try writing one I kept you on my blog roll just in case! All that waiting paid off! Good luck with your change of career and congratulations on giving up your wouldn't take much to inspire me to do that too at the moment! Welcome back ☺

Ditto Mousy Brown's comment. I've been checking old blogs with my feedreader lately & may even start blogging myself again.

Picture was visible with a click, heading over to Instagram to follow there, too.

Welcome back and good luck with the new routine.


Yours was the first blog I ever read and got me blogging... ten years ago! What a lovely surprise to see this pop up in my newsfeed.


Yes, love your blog! Like the others your blog was one of the first I followed and I loved reading it. So pleased it popped up on my Bloglovin feed today.

Josie G

Hurray! Welcome back! Your blog was always one of my favourites, and I often wondered what happened to you. I'm so pleased you're going to be blogging again.

Jacqueline Craig

Hello yes! Yours was one of the few hibernating blogs I kept on my reader in the hopes it'd come back to life one day - so pleased you're back. Now if only I could get myself blogging again ;)

How nice to see you back. Looking forward to new posts and will look for you on Facebook. Welcome back!


Good to see you back! You are a delight.

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