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December 06, 2006



I want to buy one so much it hurts....argh..... they are all divine, you are a fantastic artist Lyn, and I think they will all be going out to new homes by the end of today. Well done!!!!!


These are all so gorgeous my personal favs are Billy & Daisy, but then there is Violet. Impossible to choose.
Good Luck with the sales, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time at Mollys' school play.


They are all absolutely incredible Lynn.


Wow, absolutely wonderful little critters. LOVE all of them!


Those boys are the cutest ever!
Congrats on the shop!! Can't wait to see what else comes down the pipeline. And if I don't hear from you soon, I'm going to worry or something like it.

Dawn Castro

Oh Man I missed out on the Girls!! I so loved them!! Keep up the great job!!


All sold already?!
I think those bears are quite possibly the bestest toys I've seen in the blogosphere so far.
And xmas-shopping, I've been seeing soooo many bloody crafty/quilty/kooky/felty same-ey same-ey SAME-EY-looking "softies" all over that they've put me into a kind of saccarine-induced coma!! YAWN!
Seriously if I see one more Jess Hutchison rip-off I'll never turn the computer on again.

But yours made me sit up finally and take notice...they have a different quality.
And they are adorable.



so so lovelys!


Words fail me - they are all fabulous. My favourite is Boo - his little shy smile would melt the hardest heart. I'm in awe at the amount of detail in each, the superb quality of your finishing and all the perfect little accessories. They are all so unique and full of character. Amazing!


please put me on your email list for the next time you have Bears for sale. I WANT ONE SO BAD! They are incredible.


Please add me to the list, I wanted a bear as well. sniff


these are AMAZING! so sweet and so cute- AW!


I would really like to be on the list, also! Just lovely.


I think they are possibly one of the sweetest things I ever seen. Please add me to your list!! They are absolutely adorable!!

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